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Sophie’s speedy mixed berry cake & some latest awards!

A fabulously easy to make fruit cake
Don’t you want to try a yummy slice??
I had leftover ripe raspberries & blackberries in my fridge. I wanted to make a quick cake from them. So, I made this!
Recipe: For 1 cake, for about 13 slices
60 gr wholemeal spelt flour
60 gr normal flour
120 gr of salted butter
135 gr of raw, Demerara sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
220 gr of fresh mixed berries ( I used a mix from raspberries & black berries )
1 large organic egg, beaten
1. Take a cooking pot & put the butter & the sugar in it. Let it melt on a medium heat. Stir often. Do not let the butter & sugar burn! Set aside to cool down.
2. Preheat the oven to 175°C. ( 347 F) for about 10 minutes.
3. Take your fitting bowl from your Kenwood & place the K-paddle in. Add the 2 types of flours, baking powder. Mix.
4. When the butter & sugar mixture has cooled down, add that to the bowl. Mix well. Add the beaten egg. Mix well.
5. Now, add the fruit. Mix well so that all the fruit is mashed into the cake dough. It will turn purple in colour.
6. Pour the dough into a silicon cake tin. When you use silicon materials, you don’t have to grease the tins. If you don’t have those, you will have to grease the baking tin.
7. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. If you use only white flour, you will need only 20 minutes in the oven.
8. When you think the cake is ready, test with a pin. Take it out of the oven & leave the cake for about 5 minutes in the silicon baking tin. This will also give a shine to your cake! Place on a wire rack. After 5 minutes, carefully take the cake out of the silicon tin & place on a wire rack to cool down completely.
Now, for something completely different!!!
A few weeks ago, I received 7 awards on 10 days!! I couldn’t believe it!!
This is the One lovely Blog award!! What a marvellous award this is!
I received this fab award from Gaga @ Gaga in the kitchen.
She is a true home cook & I love her sort of cooking & baking. Check her out!
I also received the same beautiful award from Lisa Michele @ Parsley, sage, desserts & line drives. She takes truly lovely pictures of her food & tempts us with her skills in desserts! I learn a lot from her!
I would like to give this beauty of a fine award to: ( in no particular order )
1. Kat from the food blog: @ Food good to eat. She lives in Tallinn, Estonia & she cooks & bakes mostly healthy food! I learn a lot of her.
2. Joumana from @ Taste of Beirut. She teaches me a lot of wonderful step by step recipes from authentic Lebanese dishes.
3. @ The little Teochew from Singapore. She cooks many different kinds of food & she learns me a lot of Asian style dishes.
4. LK @ Healthy Delicious. She cooks & bakes mostly healthy but also tasty food. She inspires me!
5. Jamie @ Life’s a feast. She is an expat who lives in France. She writes lovely stories & she cooks & bakes her heart out! I always enjoy her writing!
6. Slices of Beauty @ Slices of Beauty because this person has got a blog about all things beautiful.
7. Christine @ Christine’s recipes She lives in Brisbane, I think, Australia & she cooks Asian & Western dishes. I learn a lot from her cooking style.
8. Oyster Food & Culture @ Oyster & Food & Culture. She lives in San Francisco, USA.
She teaches us about all kind of foods from all over the world & teaches us everything about it.
9. Rowena from Hawaii who lives in Italy @ Rubber slippers in Italy. She loves cooking, baking & everything Italian. She writes with enthusiasm & loves to travel. She also is a keen gardener.
10. Anna from Brazil who lives & works now in New York, New York @ Chef wannabe. Her drawings & her food is fab. She takes awesome pictures. I love how she writes.
So, enjoy your awards, dear friends!
Then, I received this creative Blogger award 4 times!!!
Kreativ blogger
I received this award from Jamie @ Life’s a feast. She lives in France & loves writing, cooking & baking.
I also received this beautiful award from Simone @ Junglefrog cooking. She lives in Holland. She is a keen photographer & a true foodie. Her pictures are always fab! Her cooking skills are great!
I also received this award from Christine @ Christine’s recipes. She cooks & bakes all kind of foods , Asian & western. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.
I again received this award from Catherine @ Unconfidential Cook. She lives in Los Angeles & she cooks & bakes her heart out! I love her type of food. She tempts us with her lovely food.
Now, I will have to give this award at least 7 other bloggers & tell 7 things about myself.
I have put together these creative Blogger awards so that I have to pass it on at all of you at one time.
Well, 7 things about me:
1. I adored cooking & baking since I was a kid. My grand mother on my father’s side teached me a lot. I have inherited her cooking & baking skills.
2. In the later future, I want to have a vegetable & fruit garden. My father has a vegetable garden & has fruit trees. He grows a lot that I ask for. I think that there is noting better than fresh fruit, vegetables & herbs from your own garden. Now, I only grow my own herbs.
3. I am a real foodie. I love to travel, eat local delicacies & learn about the food culture of that country or region.
4. I love history too. I love going to modern & authentic museums.
5. I love baking all sort of different cookies. I have more than 120 cookie cutters. I bought 100 of them once in Salisbury, Uk in a cookery shop, when I was there on holiday. When I am visiting a food or cookery shop , I am always on the look out for new cookie cutters that I don’t have. My favourites of this moment are: an elephant, captain hook with a wooden leg & no arm, a clown’s head, a knight on his horse!
6. I am learning to use more whole grains in my cooking & baking. I am experimenting with different sort of wholemeal flours & grains & foods like quinoa, bulgur, chickpeas, lentils,etc.
As you know by now, I like to use wholemeal spelt flour in my breakfast muffins or in desserts. It is much better for your health. But sometimes, we need just butter, sugar & white flour, don’t we? Sometimes, we need to be naughty!
7. I am a true believer & user of the best silicone baking mats, silicone cake tins, silicon bread tins, silicon mini muffin flower mats,… I also love to use silicon baking sheets like Silpat. I think that food bloggers doesn’t use enough silicon materials in baking. They are so easy to use & you don’t need to grease them at all. The cooked dough won’t stick if you leave them for about 5 minutes in the moulds. This will give a nice shine to the cooked dough. Then carefully, remove them out of the moulds & place on a wire rack to cool down.
8. My favourite colours are yellow & mild red.
So, I am giving this award to the fellow bloggers:
1. Koko @ Koko’s kitchen because she is a vegetarian, she cooks & bakes mostly healthy. I am not a vegetarian but my husband & I eat a lot vegetarian because the possibilities are endless. So, I learn a lot of her trough her vegetarian cooking.
2. Diana @ Cookerati because she teaches me a lot about typical American foods, desserts & she cooks recipes with her own grown produce. I like her recipes a lot!
3. Valerie @ The chocolate bunny who lives in Montreal, Canada. She always makes me laugh.
I love her way of writing & she makes great recipes.
4. Donna @ Tasty Treasures. Her writing is entertaining & she always puts a smile on my face!
She makes fail proof recipes!
5. Ellie & @ Almost Bourdain who lives in Sydney, Australia but she is from Malaysia. She cooks outstanding. Her husband is Dutch so all of those influences give a kick in her cooking.
6. Christie @ Christie’s Corner. She lives in Ontario, Canada. She cooks lovely recipes. I also love her writing.
7. Erica & My Colombian Recipes. She lives in the USA but originates from Colombia. She teaches us about her home country & she learns us lovely dishes from Colombia. Her pictures are always lovely!
So, enjoy your well deserved awards!
Then, I received this beautiful award from Esmé @ Chocolate & Croissants from the USA.
She loves writing about cooking, travel & everything French. Check her out!
She makes lovely recipes! This award is all about blogs that make you feel warm inside,..
Ever since I started blogging, I loved every minute of it!! So, thanks again my foodie friends!
Thanks again, Esmé!!
I would like to give this award to the following 9 people:
1. Lisa aka Dandysugar @ Dandysugar because she makes a lot of delicious looking & tasty desserts!! She also bakes a lot healthy!! She teaches me a lot!! Her pictures are always fantastic!!
2. Jacqueline @ Pham Fatale who lives in The San Francisco Bay area. She teaches me a lot about western & asian dishes. She explains a lot. I like her lovely & apart recipes!
3. Angie @ Angie’s recipes who lives in Cologne, Germany. She bakes a lot of breads,etc. She teaches me a lot about western meets eastern recipes.
4. Jacqueline @ Tinned Tomatoes. She is from Scotland. I just recently discovered her blog & so dig her recipes!
5. Rebecca @ Chow & Chatter. She is a Brit who lives in the USA. She cooks, bakes & entertains us. I love her recipes.
6. Katherine @ Smoky Mountain Café. She cooks, bakes & entertains us with her never to fail recipes. She tempts me a lot with her baking!!
7. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She cooks, bakes, travels & goes to food festivals etc. She loves her baking!! She shows us Sydney in reviewing food & tea shops, etc. She so deserves this award! She has become a true friend!
8. Natasha @ 5 star Foodie. She cooks, bakes & entertains us with her fabulous food!! She cooks Michelin starred food! Her skills are excellent!
9. Janet @ Gourmet traveller 88. She is a Hong Kong Chinese who lives in Basel, Switzerland. Her husband is Dutch. She cooks a lot Asian & travels a lot! She teaches me a lot of Chinese recipes!
So, enjoy your well deserved awards!
Later on, I received this Lemonade award from Esmé @ Chocolate & Croissants
Lemonade Award
This is the Lemonade award!
I would like to give this award to:
1. Christine @ Christine cooks. I just recently discovered her blog & she cooks & bakes like I like to eat. She has a vegetable patch for more than 2 acres. Wow! I admire her a lot!
2. Lisa-Michèle @ Parsley, sage, desserts & line drives. She makes a lot of fab desserts & she writes cool!
3. Gaga @ Gaga in the kitchen because she cooks & bakes lovely dishes. She is a homecook with never fail recipes!
4. Zerrin @ Give recipe. She lives in Turkey & teaches us all about yummy Turkey dishes & food. Her drawings are funny & her writing is fab!
5. Dada @ Un déjeuner de soleil. She lives in Paris, France & she makes beautiful food especially desserts. Her pictures are true winners!
6. Selba @ Selby’s food corner. She lives in Jakarta, Indonesia & she shows us typical food from there. She gives reviews of restaurants, etc. Her food is always very interesting & I learn a lot!
7. Allison @ Local lemons. Her food is so lovely & her pictures are awesome!! She cooks like i love to eat.
8. Lo @ Burp! Where food happens! She is from Milwaukee, USA. She makes fab food & I love her writing. She makes me laugh!
So, to all of you, enjoy your well deserved awards!
To all of you, thanks again for those lovely awards!!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Oh my! So many awards and so many food blogs! Your great blog – and YOU – deserve every single one of these awards! I thank you for selecting me (among other great foodies) to receive the One Lovely Blog Award! It thrills me that you love my blog!Second, we are so alike it so many ways. Love to travel and husband and I split our time between museums and food markets and always search out places to eat where only the locals go, and we always search out local delicacies. And cookie cutters! Wow! I'd love to see your collection. I just started!This cake looks so fabulous. I love the color and any cake made with blackberries and raspberries has got to be delicious!Thanks, Sophie and a big hig to you. And now I have lots of new food blogs to discover!

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