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Travelling Sophie: Leuven part 3, All vegan!

on 23/02/2014

I know you all, read about now, Travelling Sophie, Leuven part 1 & Travelling Sophie: Leuven, part 2 & now, finally, in the end, we have Travelling Sophie, Leuven part 3, an all vegan post! Ha! First, I leave you with a few images of Leuven, in that day:

This is when you come out of the Tiensestraat, onto the Grote Markt!

This is when you come out of the Tiensestraat, onto the Grote Markt! At your right side, The Sint-Pieters church!

My first stop, was this cool vegan organic clothing shop called: Hemp Made  Address? Parijsstraat 14, 3000 Leuven. Open? Tuesday till Saturday from 10h till 18h.

Hemp Made: a cool vegan organic clothing shop, the only one in Leuven!

Hemp Made: a cool vegan organic clothing shop, the only one in Leuven!

This is a very interesting vegan + organic clothing shop. A lot of the T-shirts for women & men, are a bit too normal for me. They look like shirts & pants that you would wair on music festivals when you were 15 or so but I also tried a few one’s on that would be great when you practise yoga. You have a man’s department & a woman’s department. All of the clothes are vegan & organic too. I bought 2 cool female shirts & each one of them costed me 29€. They are both made from bio-cotton & from hemp. They are of a great quality. Here they also sell vegan cloths from the Belgian brand: Uprise!

What is hemp good for, I hear you say?

  • There are more than 25000 products that could be made out of hemp  like paper, textiles, paints, foods & beverages, body products, building materials, eco-plastics, polymers, oils, etc….
  • Hemp grows nearly everywhere, also in Asia & Africa.
  • Hemp was used mostly for about 80% for clothing & in the textile industry, before the roaring twenties!!
  • Hemp can always be ecological grown.
  • Hemp is stronger than cotton, it absorbs water better & it is rigid.
  • Hemp seeds are extremely nutritious! After soy beans, they are very high in proteins, but better digestible! The hemp seeds are rich in omega 3-6-9  & vitamin B.
  • Hemp clothing is very comfortable. Hemp cloths are warm in Winter & cool in Summer!
  • 1 t-shirt is made of van 55% hemp + 45% bio cotton, it can save more than 2500 liter (mostly drinkable) water instead of 1 normal t-shirt made from the normal cotton alone!
The beautiful Town Hall, situated on the Grote Markt!

The beautiful Town Hall, situated on the Grote Markt!

Then, It was time for lunch! I was on my own today so I wanted to treat myself to a nice tasty vegan eco lunch @ The Loving Hut Leuven! Address? Tiensestraat 65, 3000 Leuven. You can’t book a table when you are alone or with 3 persons, only if you are with 4 persons or more!! Open? Monday till Friday from 11.30 h until 14 h & from 17 h till 21 h. Saturday from 12 h till 14 h & from 17 h till 21 h! Sunday’s closed! It is a more smaller tiny longer restaurant. You must order at the counter & pay there too. If you have an EVA card, you will get a discount of 5%. You can take drinks & desserts directly out of the fridge.They don’t sell any alcohol here! They also sell vegan dog & vegan cat foods from the brand Ami. A strange combination, I think! The only downside is that they have cute smaller white sitting stools but there isn’t a back for your back. If you sit there for a while, your back hurts a bit! 😦

Lovely teas that you can drink or buy & lovely vegan organic chocolate chip cookies on the counter!

Lovely teas that you can drink or buy & lovely vegan organic chocolate chip cookies on the counter! To take-away too!

I was really hungry, so what would I choose from the limited Lunch menu? Let’s see,…;) In the evening, they have more choice & it is less-student like! Then, there are suggestions, written on the blackboard! 🙂

I chose the juicy Loving Hut soy burger!!! For just 6€, all vegan & organic too, even the toasted bread roll! Just check it out for yourself, hey, doesn’t it looks fabulous & appetizing too???

A Superb juicy vegan & organic soy burger for only 6€!

A Superb juicy vegan & organic soy burger for only 6€!

Now, let’s deconstruct it & check it all out:

Waw, hey???

Waw, hey???

On the outside of the top bun, were sesame seeds & the bun was toasted, inside of the top bun, was a lovely layer of their home-made vegan sour veganaise, topped with a big slice of fresh organic tomato, a few thinly sliced red onions rings, on top of the soy burger, some thin slices of gherkins, aka pickles, the juicy soy burger, shreded crispy iceberg lettuce, good & much tomato ketchup & a toasted bun! Divine! Superb! Waw even! I was stunned! The soy burger didn’t taste as a soy burger, no soy flavour what so ever! The burger looked like a real meat burger too! I gobbled it up nicely! 🙂 Then, after a while, I was ready for a nice dessert, so what did I chose? Just look & see:

I chose a fresh mint tea & a lovely cake of the day!

I chose a fresh mint tea & a lovely cake of the day!

I chose a fresh mint tea, in a large mug & lovely presented too. It costed me 3.5€. The cake of the day, was this fabulous large piece of airy light cake, filled with a soy crème fraîche & a stunning rich vegan chocolate hazelnut spread. The top ganache was melted chocolate with vegan cream & orange,…The cake slice was huge & pretty amazing, rich but light too! I was smiling all the way for a while,… 🙂

No, no, I won't share it !!

No, no, I won’t share it !!

There were other tasty looking desserts in their fridge like personal chocolate mousse pots, portioned tiramisu’s, a darker more heavy-looking chocolate tart & my cake! 😉 Yummmm! They all look delicious, just see for yourself:

Tasty yummy vegan desserts!

Tasty yummy vegan desserts!

I also looked at a new vegan baguette eaterie that recently opened in de Vital Decosterstraat 31, 3000 Leuven, called, V-Rex.( Veganosaurus Rex!! ) Open? Monday till Saturday from 10.30 h till 17 h!

V-rex! Vegan bgaguettes!

V-rex! Vegan baguettes!

This is a tiny all vegan plant-based smaller bread shop, where you can eat at Midday or just till 17 h in the afternoon, your vegan sandwiches or vegan baguettes. I wanted to go there @ about midday , but there wasn’t anyone at the moment. I peeped through the window & it didn’t look cosy or cool at all. There was a light grey seating area with the same colour tables, all made of wood. When I walked past here again, at 16 h in the afternoon, there wasn’t anyone either,…Maybe next time, when I am visiting Leuven with a friend or with my husband, we will check it out!

So, my dear beloved friends, I hope you liked this last post, all vegan, about Leuven! If you are ever in the area, call me or give me a shout on my blog that you are coming to Belgium & we should meet in the loving hut or in de V-rex! xxxx 🙂

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53 responses to “Travelling Sophie: Leuven part 3, All vegan!

  1. Loving Huts are sooo good. I’m so happy they’ve started popping up in the US!

  2. afracooking says:

    I want to go and pack a bag right now, but I think they will not appreciate it if I do not show up at work tomorrow 🙂

  3. katrina berg says:

    Oh the town hall & mint tea are my favs. Enjoy Sophie! xo

  4. I’m struck by how clean and neat everything looks. Cities in the US tend to be much more messy and trash-strewn, in my experience.

  5. What a great tour Sophie! I want that burger :).
    When I worked in garment industry, 13 years ago… Hemp and tensil were coming out at that time as a more desired fabric use in clothing.

  6. Stunning architecture!

  7. lucylox says:

    What a great vegan destination – and such a pretty place too! Hope you had fun xxx

  8. jefboven says:

    What a stunning series of informative and very interesting posts, Sophie!

  9. lou says:

    Hello Sophie,
    The Loving Hut,nice place and delicious food. I’m looking forward to have lunch, there with you.

  10. I had hours of layovers in Brussels airport. That is all I have seen of Belgium. Now, you made me think, I need to planan actual trip to your beautiful and delicious country. 😀

  11. Such a nice tour! Thank you!

  12. I am thirsty for some mint tea right now! Love your travel pictures!

  13. hotlyspiced says:

    What a beautiful town. I love how so many people get around on bicycles – that doesn’t happen here – too dangerous. I love the architecture. It looks so old and European architecture is my favourite xx

    • Sophie33 says:

      Leuven is very student like, so many cheap bikes are out there! In Brussels, you can’t do that, too dangerous!
      Can’t you cycle in glorious Sidney?

  14. The dessert options sound good!

  15. boeddhamum says:

    I love Leuven!! It has been a while, but after viewing and reading I am totally tempted to bring another visit. Thanks so much for all the great tips!!
    You are so lucky to live in Belgium, I love Belgium, the people, the different regions, the food, the rhytm and the language, etc.

    xx Linda

  16. Ina gawne says:

    Great vacation tour Sophie. The food looks fabulous, but I love the old cathedral and town hall the best – absolutely beautiful!

  17. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures.

  18. Ah, so cool! I just had my first Loving Hut experience here in Hawaii, too. Fascinating how much the menus vary across the different locations! The Honolulu branch doesn’t have burgers, but they do serve banh mi. 🙂

  19. offmotorway says:

    Loving those desserts! And what amazing buildings! Great post.

  20. Wow – looks like you are having an amazing time there! Such a gorgeous place =)
    And the food…
    We have Loving Huts near where I live, such a great veg place to eat!

  21. Never seen any sort of western based vegan restaurant instead chinese buddhist vegan restaurant before Sophie,
    the burger is totally devine!!!

  22. laurasmess says:

    Loving your travel posts Soph, they’re so interesting! We have the Loving Hut here in Australia too, I’ve been there… I had no idea that it was an internation business! Yum yum yum… the soy burger looks amazing. Definitely need to go get one very soon. Glad that you’ve had a blast travelling around! xxx

  23. Liz says:

    I love the photos of the church and the town hall. Made me even forget about the food. I also love the hemp made idea. I didn’t know there were so many hemp products. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Koko says:

    What stunning architecture!!! We have a Loving Hut in Vancouver, although I haven’t tried it yet. It looks like I should, when I get back home!! That clothing store looks so cool! I would love to buy some hemp clothes from there!

  25. Klausbernd says:

    Dear Sophie, my dear friend,
    here I am. Great pictures of Leuven. Now I know how to go from Norfolk to Germany – via Leuven the next time. Thanks for all the three blogs about Leuven and telling us where to eat and shop there 😉
    Have a GREAT weekend
    Klausbernd 🙂 xx and his beloved Bookfayrie Siri 🙂 xx

  26. Beautiful Sophie!! I remember that Town Hall from our day in Leuven– so beautiful. You live in such an amazing part of the world. Thanks for passing it on to us.

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