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Traveling Sophie: Leuven, part 1!

Today, I went to one of my favourite cities, called Leuven.The city lies in the Flemish speaking part of Flanders, In Brabant & is the capital city of Brabant. Is is about 35 min by train from where I live. Leuven is very well-known for its international Catholic University, In Dutch:  ( KUL )= Katholieke Universiteit Leuven! It is one of the oldest Universities of the Low-Lands. Leuven is also famous for their brewerie, Stella Artois!! Leuven is also a great foodie destination for me & has many cool foodie restaurants, foodie shops & places where also vegetarian eating is possible. You just have to find them! I also like the variety of many tiny, some larger & cool clothing, flower shops, etc!

Here a few impressions of my afternoon there:

The Bondtgenotenlaan, with in the end, The beautiful Town Hall!
The Bondgenotenlaan, with in the end, the beautiful prestigious Town Hall!
Mok Leuven: A tiny Micro-roasterie since 1992 & a cofeebar too!
Mok Leuven in Diestsestraat.This is a tiny Micro-roasterie since 1992 & a coffee bar too! I have yet to discover this cool tiny coffee bar! 😉

Keep on reading,…

First, I went to the famous IMS-Store, situated in the Diestsestraat 131, 3000 Leuven. This is a large Internationally Magazine Store, hence the name: IMS! This large shop sells an enormous sort of different international magazines. In total, they sell more then 10.000 titles! These IMS-stores are situated in many larger Belgian cities, like in Leuven or in Hasselt, Antwerp, etc. You can get more than 75 culinary magazines , the one more expensive then the other with names, like, Saveur, Donna Hay magazine, Olive, Delicious-magazine,…You can read them of my pictures! See below!

The Culinary department!
The Culinary department! Already 37 different internationally culinary magazines! Do you know a few of them?
And even more,... Do you know a few of them?
And even more,…
And even more,...:)
And even more,…:)

Which one’s of them, do you read? Often, when I visit the IMS-store, I buy the Vegetarian Living, a Uk based monthly, vegetarian & vegan food magazine. It is a really good one. Often, I also buy another Uk-based vegetarian monthly magazine, called Cook Vegetarian. I have an IMS-card, with that card, I get 10 to 12% money reduction on Uk based magazines. It is worth it, you know. I got more than 1€ off per magazine. So, it was more than 2€ less then without a card. You can use your card in any IMS-shop, also in Breda, The Netherlands! 😉

So, if you are in the area, you should visit this cool store. They also sell more than 6 yoga magazine! Yes, yes! 🙂

3 cool yoga magazines!
3 cool yoga magazines!
After buying, my 2 cool vegetarian cookery magazines, I wanted to go to my lovely Bookstore called : ” De Dry Coppen “, translated: ” The 3 mugs This cool & cosy bookstore sells Dutch literature, Dutch Poems & also other cool books about all cool things in life & real art books too. There is also a top floor where the cooking books are. But they don’t sell the cookery books I long for. They are also a coffee bar! So they like to call themself a Book cafe! Here are a few pictures to lure you all in,…
Cool, hey?
Cool, hey?
Tasty desserts!  Not Vegan though!
Tasty desserts!
Not Vegan though!
Yummy hot & cold drinks to drink! :) Now, how to choose?
Yummy hot & cold drinks to drink! 🙂 Now, how to choose?

You can borrow the books & read them while you enjoy from your daily cafe latte but if you damage them, you must buy them, okay? On the menu board, its isn’t mentioned, but you can replace the cow’s milk with soy milk, but it is an added cost of 0.30€ cent. The first hot drink, I tried was the normal Latte macchiato with soy milk. It costed me 3.30€. I received it in a larger see through glass & they serve alongside your coffee, a lovely individual wrapped praline. Yum Yum Yummm! The praline is not vegan!!! 😉 See for yourself, how good is looks:

Yummm! A lovely Latte Macchionata with soy milk!
Yummm! A lovely Latte Macchiato with soy milk! The praline looks tasty too, hey?

The coffee is really good, intense but not too strong. Lovely, lovely, I say! This is my favourite book café. There is always good music on, in the background & they have an international clientèle. A few other pics:

Then, I ordered another tasty coffee, called Coffee Nocciolato, a coffee with on the bottom hazelnut syrup, then hot steamed soy milk, some chocolate, then hot coffee, topped with soy foam & smaller bresilienne nut pieces,…Yum Yum, It costed me: 3.80€, just see for yourself:

Relaxed reading  &sipping from a cofee Nocciolate at the same time!
Relaxed reading & sipping from a special coffee at the same time! 🙂
Yum,... Beautiful!!!
Yum,… Beautiful!!! You see?

All the coffee, they use here is from The Dutch coffee roasterie & tea house called: Blanche Dael. They exist since 1878! That company is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Their coffee is really good! MMM,…:)


De Dry Coppen, Schrijnmakersstraat 11, 3000 Leuven

So, my friends, I hope you enjoyed this post! This will be the end of part 1: Traveling Sophie! More posts to follow later in the week! 🙂 See you all then! xxx

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    1. Oh sorry, Susan, I spelled it wrong,… I will change that!

      I am so happy that you loved it too! In the future, there will be sequals, because I heard there is a whole tiny plant-based breads aka baguettes shop, that has just opened,… 🙂

  1. Awesome! I love traveling but don’t get to do much of it, so it’s so nice to experience it through your photographs. What a lovely afternoon to sit in a coffee shop and read cooking magazines! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I would sip my coffee in that lovely shop and read my SAVEUR, Sophie. What a treat to “be a bird on your shoulder” and travel around with you.

      1. yes, yes! I also love the loving hut, I did go there many times but never for my blog! x

        One time, we should meat! x

  3. Realiseer me net dat ik nog nooit in Leuven ben geweest :-/ Schrik! Ik zie dat ik ook heel wat aan het missen ben. Binnenkort dan toch maar een klein tripje plannen 🙂

  4. Hello Sophie
    Traveling Sophie has very nice photos. The information is also interesting and delicious, too.
    Thanks love.

  5. Ah, one day I’m going to come visit you Sohpie & we can go to Leuven, what a charming place for foodies! I’m loving these travelling Sophie posts! xo

  6. I’d love to try that Latte macchiato – it looks sooo good. I’ve actually never had a macchiato, I’m mostly a plain latte girl, but you need to change things up once in a while. Looks like you’re having a blast chica! Celeste 🙂

  7. Thank you for taking me along to this wonderful trip Sophie. Wish I will have a chance to visit. 🙂
    Warmly, danny

  8. What a cute little city – I would love to explore other Flemish cities one day! I’ve only been to Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges so far…and Antwerp is my favorite so far! Pretty travel photos, Sophie and interesting collection of magazines 😉 I wish the desserts are vegan though! The cafe seems pretty laid back and cozy!

    1. Thanks, Rika but my travelling sophie: Leuven part 3 will be about all things vegan!!!! I will post it tomorrow, I think! xxx

  9. Neat!! This place looks like such a funky and artsy little city. That magazine store is amazing! I love reading magazines!

  10. My dear friend Sophie,
    well, that town looks worth while visiting. Thank you for introducing us to Leuven with such beautiful pictures.
    Lots of love
    Klausbernd 🙂 xx

  11. Sophie– love, love your travel posts!! I have to admit I was pretty jealous peeking at your pictures of the magazine store– what fun! I splurge on imported Donna Hay now and then. — And we were in Leuven –gosh, years ago for a conference. We were real tourists and had ice cream Belgian waffles and found a cook kitchen shop. anyway, thanks for the fun post.

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