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Travelling Sophie: Leuven part 4!

A few days ago, I went to one of my favorite cities called Leuven. About 1 year ago, I posted 3 traveling Sophie posts about Leuven. I will give you the links below my post! 😉  The city lies in the Flemish speaking part of Flanders, In Brabant & is the capital city of Brabant. Is is about 35 min by train from where I live. Leuven is very well-known for its international Catholic University, In Dutch:  ( KUL )= Katholieke Universiteit Leuven! It is one of the oldest Universities of the Low-Lands. Leuven is also famous for their brewerie, Stella Artois!! Leuven is also a great foodies destination for me & has many cool foodie restaurants, foodie shops & places where also vegetarian eating is possible. You just have to find them! I also like the variety of many tiny, some larger & cool clothing, flower shops, etc!

Here you can find SHAVT!
Here you can find SHAVT!

I went there to go to my favorite all vegan shop called SHAVT. Shavt stands for Simply Healthy And Vegan Things! You can find it on the smaller side street of the Tiensestraat. It is located in the Charles Deberiotstraat 2, 3000 Leuven. Open? Monday till Saturday from 12-18.30 h. It looks from the outside like this:


It is a smaller all vegan shop. All the things they sell here or edible & even non-edible like vegan shampoo, vegan soaps, vegan toothpastes, vegan deodorants, etc. I prefer the edible part, way more! They sell many different vegan edibles like vegan chocolates, vegan cereals, vegan burgers, based on seitan or on tofu, vegan sausages, vegan sliced sausages to put on vegan pizzas or on your sandwiches, vegan cheeses of 4 to 6 different brands like Valio, Wilmersburger, Vantastic foods’s vegan Parmesan, etc & the owner, Kobe, also makes his own cashew based spreadable cheeses. He also sells vegan food bars of the brand Naked! Just see it all for yourself!

Yummy vegan burgers, sausages, seitan steaks etc!
Yummy vegan burgers, sausages, seitan steaks, vegan butters, vegan spreads, vegan sausage slices to put on your vegan pizza or sandwiches, etc!
yum yum yum!
yum yum yum!

And what about vegan chocolates, I hear you say? They well my favorite vegan chocolate brand of Vantastic foods, yum yum yum! They also sell more darker vegan chocolates, raw chocolates & even Plamil bars. You could even buy vegan Easter chocolates. They also sell the Vego bar with nuts! 😉 Ooh yes!


I reviewed my favorite chocolate bar, a while ago, You can read it here! Can I tempt you with these tasty vegan chocolates?



And what about these lovely products? Tasty vegan & some of them gluten-free edibles! I buy my vegan, gluten-free, raw coconut wraps & coconut curry wraps here. I reviewed them a while ago, you can read it all here & invented a recipe to go with it!


And what about these cool vegan brands & different products?



They sell a lot of different vegan products & some of them are gluten-free too. You can even order a lot of Gluten-free products here in this tiny shop! How cool is that? Here you see the vegan cheese counter with on top a few vegan candies! Cool, right?


Vegan candies & vegan food bars from o.a. Naked!
Vegan candies & vegan food bars from Naked, Bonn Bars, Clif builders’s protein bars, Trek, etc!
This is the cool owner Kobe!
This is the cool owner Kobe!

Shavt also sells vegan ice-cream,…ooh yes! This is vegan rice ice-cream, locally made by an ice-cream shop nearby SHAVT. They make vegan ice-cream based on rice milk. Shavt sells 3 different flavors. You can but 500 ml pots & smaller coupes, made out of plastic. The 3 different flavors are: Very Vanilla: 8€, Chocolate Stracciatella: 8.25€ & Decadent Cherry: 8.50€ also for 500 ml! Just see for yourself!



For the smaller coupes, there are 2 different one’s: Very chocolate: a combo of very vanilla & chocolate stracciatella: 4€ & the second one: Decadent Cherry Chocolate: a combo of decadent cherry & chocolate stracciatella: 4.25€! I need to try them all out in Summertime! 🙂 MMM!


So, like you see, the next time you are in Leuven, pay a visit to this cool all vegan shop! It will be worth you while! 🙂 ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!


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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. What a cool little shop! I like the creative name, too. I remember your posts about Leuven previously. So many tempting and delicious vegan things!!

  2. Agree with Delicious Pea of Mind, this shop is vegan heaven. Bet you stocked up with tons of goodies to take back home.

  3. Thanks for taking us on your foodie trip with you, Sophie. I look forward to more of your adventures.

  4. That smaller all vegan shop looks like paradise to me! 🙂 Waw! Those vegan ice-creams look great & pretty inviting too! x

  5. This is a brilliant post! I visited Leuven for the first time last week and had a wonderful time – such a fantastic place! 😀 I was really happy to visit Shavt 🙂 and stock up on chocolate, sweets and biscuits for my travels 😀

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