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Boeddhamum Gluten-free: The cookbook!

My dear friend Linda Dubbeldam, from the cool blog Boeddhamumglutenfree who is celiac & is living gluten-free since 2007 has written her 1st real healthy gluten-free cookbook & what a beauty it is! She published it herself & also has a pdf-ebook in Dutch for sale. I review the pdf-book here.

The word boeddhamum comes from that she already practices 25 years of yoga & meditation. She is well-connected with the boeddishe lifestyle & she is also a mum so her blog was named Boeddha Mum & then connected together = boeddhamum! And because she is living gluten-free this blogname came to life: boeddhamum gluten-free! Now, you know! 🙂

My friend is a vegetarian & a lot of her fabulous tasty recipes are vegan. She wanted to create healthy, wholesome gluten-free recipes that are also good for you & your body. The recipes nourish you from the inside out! Normally, her lovely blog is into 2 languages but at the moment, she has written her 1st cookbook for the moment only in her language Dutch.

She has created 148 new gluten-free recipes that she ordered into the 12 months of the year. I think that is a brilliant idea! She cookes seasonal, healthy & wholesome! Not to mention, all of her tested recipes (by me & my husband Peter) & we taste tested plenty, were very delicious & apart too! She also cooks with real natural sugars & more healthy one’s. She doesn’t use ingredients that are too expensive, such as, she uses cane sugar but I replace that with coconut blossom sugar. So, you can change a few ingredients to your liking. But she also tells you which ingredients you can’t change because of the texture & structure of the recipe. She also teaches me to use new ingredients. I learned a lot about almond meal, coconut flour, organic physillium husks that bind other ingredients. And it is great & fun to learn new things & new recipes! I made about 45 recipes up till now & I learned a lot! Every recipe is/was a real success with myself, Peter, my parents & friends! She has a lovely photo for every recipe. And that is rewarding too. Her recipes are really versatile & every category is there, from breakfast, soups, lunches, salads, side dishes, filled hand pies, dinners, desserts, cookies, tarts, cakes, healthy energy bars & even more,…

In the beginning, she welcomes us all. She explains which ingredients she has in the house & which you need to have in your pantry. She also give many useful tips! Then we begin with the month January. There are 11 included recipes with names like carrot oatmeal, that is to die for & tastes like a healthy spiced carrot cake wrapped into a delicious warm oatmeal breakfast! We nearly make it every morning, in the last days! So good!

Another recipe name is this one: buckwheat knäckebrot served with a healthy carrot paté. So inviting looking yum!

The jam cookies were made into minutes & baked. Made with coconut flour, coconut oil & almond flour, filled with jam!  So tasty with a café latte! So beautiful too!

Another example is this glorious winning healthy gluten-free buckwheat bread! A real beauty & so delicious too. I never made & tasted a healthy delicious gluten-free bread like that! You even would not know that it is gluten-free!!! Here is the photo of her beautiful bread boule:

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

Some of our favorite recipes in the next months are:

like in February: Spanish leek tart with home-made romanesco sauce, home-made samosas filled with masala potato stuffing, puffed amaranth nut bars! The names of these winning recipes call my name,….yum yum!

like in March: Tajine with home-made olive-almond balls ( a bit of work but so worth it! ), Almond Cinnamon Rolls, they look so goooodddd! 

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

like in Aprilrecipe names like: Sesam-Nori Crackers, Spring soup with nettles & sweet potato, date banana bread, etc!

like in May: recipe names like: Rhubarb Raspberry Sirup, Yogurt Cake, Gluten-free Foccacia with Rosemary, Black Olives & Garlic: yum: 

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

like in the other months to come: Green Bean, Potato & Cucumber Salad, Falafel with Orange-Tahini Sauce, Courgette Chickpea Burgers, Pita Breads, Buckwheat Pancakes, 3-Seed Wraps, Summer Fruit Tart,….

So, if you can speak aka read Dutch, buy this lovely gluten-free cookbook or pdf @Linda’s Blog Here! 





Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. dearest Sophie,
    I feel so honoured and happy and excited, I am smiling all the time 🙂
    thank you so much dear friend and enjoy the rest of the year’s recipes. I value your opinion very much,
    Namaste, Linda

  2. What a delicious post Sophie!! I would sure love to have one of those almond cinnamon rolls right now! so lovely to have such talented and bright friends! take care. xox

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