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A photo trip through Bruges & Sanseveria Bagelsalon!

As you all know by now, Peter & I went on the 3 day tour in Bruges 2 weekends ago. I shall you give a lovely mini photo tour here & will review a lovely place called: Sanseveria Bagel Salon! As a lot of you now, it is not easy to find good cool fun places to hang out, drinking a latte or a nice cup of tea without it being a tourist trap. And you also need to book a table in advance. Normally, in Belgium, being a coffee bar or so, you don’t need to do that at all! That is the downside of being in Bruges. Helas!

Every day, we walked a lot & the last day, after visiting the Groeninge Museum, we booked a table 1 hour in advance at this lovely cosy Sanseveria Bagelsalon! Sanseveria is the type of plant, that you would see, many years ago & still now, at the front windows at houses of grand-parents. It is this plant: 
Nowadays, you see it more & more getting back into fashion. You also see it more in young people’s houses! 😉

We went there to grab a lovely filled bagel & some coffee too. It looked like this from the outside:

photo from their instagram!

Here are my photos:

My bagel was just so delicious & my vegan cafe latte with soy milk too. This is how the bagel menu looked like:

Only 1 vegan option!!!

There is only 1 vegan bagel option, not much, I say! They state there are 2 vegan options but goat’s cheese is not vegan at all! I took the Ron Bgel & my hubby Peter took the Edward Bagel. I chose a vegan cafe latte with soy milk & my Peter took a normal coffee. The quality of the coffee was superb. I never have eaten many bagels before in my life but this was the 1st bagel I really liked! It is very cosy there & prices are more cheap for eating in Bruges. 🙂 They also have another bagel salon in Ostend. Here is their adresse:

Sanseveria Bagelsalon

Predikherenstraat 11, 8000 Brugge


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Boeddhamum Gluten-free: The cookbook!

My dear friend Linda Dubbeldam, from the cool blog Boeddhamumglutenfree who is celiac & is living gluten-free since 2007 has written her 1st real healthy gluten-free cookbook & what a beauty it is! She published it herself & also has a pdf-ebook in Dutch for sale. I review the pdf-book here.

The word boeddhamum comes from that she already practices 25 years of yoga & meditation. She is well-connected with the boeddishe lifestyle & she is also a mum so her blog was named Boeddha Mum & then connected together = boeddhamum! And because she is living gluten-free this blogname came to life: boeddhamum gluten-free! Now, you know! 🙂

My friend is a vegetarian & a lot of her fabulous tasty recipes are vegan. She wanted to create healthy, wholesome gluten-free recipes that are also good for you & your body. The recipes nourish you from the inside out! Normally, her lovely blog is into 2 languages but at the moment, she has written her 1st cookbook for the moment only in her language Dutch.

She has created 148 new gluten-free recipes that she ordered into the 12 months of the year. I think that is a brilliant idea! She cookes seasonal, healthy & wholesome! Not to mention, all of her tested recipes (by me & my husband Peter) & we taste tested plenty, were very delicious & apart too! She also cooks with real natural sugars & more healthy one’s. She doesn’t use ingredients that are too expensive, such as, she uses cane sugar but I replace that with coconut blossom sugar. So, you can change a few ingredients to your liking. But she also tells you which ingredients you can’t change because of the texture & structure of the recipe. She also teaches me to use new ingredients. I learned a lot about almond meal, coconut flour, organic physillium husks that bind other ingredients. And it is great & fun to learn new things & new recipes! I made about 45 recipes up till now & I learned a lot! Every recipe is/was a real success with myself, Peter, my parents & friends! She has a lovely photo for every recipe. And that is rewarding too. Her recipes are really versatile & every category is there, from breakfast, soups, lunches, salads, side dishes, filled hand pies, dinners, desserts, cookies, tarts, cakes, healthy energy bars & even more,…

In the beginning, she welcomes us all. She explains which ingredients she has in the house & which you need to have in your pantry. She also give many useful tips! Then we begin with the month January. There are 11 included recipes with names like carrot oatmeal, that is to die for & tastes like a healthy spiced carrot cake wrapped into a delicious warm oatmeal breakfast! We nearly make it every morning, in the last days! So good!

Another recipe name is this one: buckwheat knÀckebrot served with a healthy carrot paté. So inviting looking yum!

The jam cookies were made into minutes & baked. Made with coconut flour, coconut oil & almond flour, filled with jam!  So tasty with a café latte! So beautiful too!

Another example is this glorious winning healthy gluten-free buckwheat bread! A real beauty & so delicious too. I never made & tasted a healthy delicious gluten-free bread like that! You even would not know that it is gluten-free!!! Here is the photo of her beautiful bread boule:

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

Some of our favorite recipes in the next months are:

like in February: Spanish leek tart with home-made romanesco sauce, home-made samosas filled with masala potato stuffing, puffed amaranth nut bars! The names of these winning recipes call my name,….yum yum!

like in March: Tajine with home-made olive-almond balls ( a bit of work but so worth it! ), Almond Cinnamon Rolls, they look so goooodddd! 

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

like in April: recipe names like: Sesam-Nori Crackers, Spring soup with nettles & sweet potato, date banana bread, etc!

like in May: recipe names like: Rhubarb Raspberry Sirup, Yogurt Cake, Gluten-free Foccacia with Rosemary, Black Olives & Garlic: yum: 

Copyright ©LindaDubbeldam!

like in the other months to come: Green Bean, Potato & Cucumber Salad, Falafel with Orange-Tahini Sauce, Courgette Chickpea Burgers, Pita Breads, Buckwheat Pancakes, 3-Seed Wraps, Summer Fruit Tart,….

So, if you can speak aka read Dutch, buy this lovely gluten-free cookbook or pdf @Linda’s Blog Here! 




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ZĂŒr Post!

The last few years, Peter & I dine & wine in the 1 Michelin starred restaurant called ZĂŒr Post in the center of Sankt Vith. This is in the German-speaking part of Belgium. This is a smaller cosy modern restaurant located in the center, in the head street of the lovely town of Sankt Vith. We go there once a year in Summertime with my parents. We chose a 1 night stay & have booked the wine & dine arrangement. This includes 1 night in a hotel room included is per person: a 7 course menu surprise + wine arrangement + 1 night in a hotel room + breakfast! There are several arrangements to choose from. This is the chef & his lovely wife:

Chef Eric Pankert & wife Carina! (photo from their own website:)

My mom & I chose not to take the wine with our 7 course dinner but we chose to have a glass of champagne in the beginning. The chef works seasonal & with the best ingredients. He is very modern in his cooking style. His wife is a very charming woman. It is a 1 Michelin starred restaurant & has 16/20 in the guide Gault & Millau. It is worth the money! You can book several different arrangements. You choose, it is up to you. The prices are a bit more high but not overpriced because of his 1 Michelin star! A cool modern interior! It is the best 1 Michelin starred restaurant that I have ever visited!!! A BIG PLUS & A MUST!!! We all had dinner in the lovely garden set with beautiful modern white tables & silverware! 😉

Let’s see what I am talking about in my photo’s!

I haven’t got photos from the champagne & appetizers!!!

1st course! This was raw smoked swordfish on a bed of green lentils, tomato & red onion pieces, a bit of chili & topped with fried rice noodles: very fresh & light! Perfect to begin with! 🙂

2nd course: Salmon Trout flambĂ© from the valley of the Ourthe with a sweet & sour ratatouille & a tomato broth! Delicious! Every flavor goes so well together & is light in the mouth! 🙂

3rd course: Soft Turbot wrapped into kataifi, (this is a very fine vermicelli like pastry normally used for Middle-Eastern deserts) with spring onions, a rhubarb sauce with black pepper.

4th course: Ravioli filled with Chanterelle mushrooms, duck’s liver & sliced summer’s truffles in a chanterelle broth & sauce. I am not fond of duck’s liver at all so I didn’t eat that. I thought that this as more of an autumnal dish but my parents & Peter loved it all! 🙂

5th course: Veal from the Limousin region with flavors saltimbocca, (perfect in temperature & cuisson), with a lovely risotto with sage oil & with candied tomatoes. A pretty plate & beautiful on the tongue too! 🙂

6th course: My Peter & dad took the cheese platter. It looked like this:

My mom & I received an alternative for this & it was worth it: flammkuchen! It was superb in flavor, a bit salty, with the bacon & melted cheese, sweet with the green grapes & a bit sweet-sour with the mango onion chutney! yum!

Then we all got a lovely interlude to the dessert: small but very rich! It was a sort of delicate filled praline with a praliné ganache on the inside with crushed lime-pistachio flavors on the outside! Waw! Super rich & perfect in flavors! Waw!

7th course: The piece de rĂ©sistance! Ha! A sort of yoghurt with blueberries on a bed of white wine jelly & with an espuma of vanilla! On top of it, were dried apple slices, dried chocolate beetroot slices! This was the best dessert ever! So light too! 🙂 So modern!

Afterwards, we took tea & coffee in the modern salon inside. We got also lovely pralines to choose from. No photo tough! 😩

2 photos from the breakfast the next morning!

So, this gourmet experience was so worth it! The couple & staff are super friendly & kind. the food is out of this world! Light & fine dining! Here is their lovely website in english: ZĂŒr Post!

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East 57!

About 2 weeks ago, Peter & I travelled to Amsterdam-Oost in The Netherlands. I talked about Rum Baba, The Tropenmuseum & Bar Basquiat! Now, I am going to talk about a lovely restaurant were we had a nice delicious dinner in East 57! It is situated, nearby the Transvaalkade in Amsterdam-Oost!

After 20-25 minutes of walking we ended at the restaurant.

It looks like this from the outside:

East 57!

In the back there is also a hotel attached. Hotel casa Amsterdam. There were a lot of American guests in the hotel & also in the restaurant! We went here in the early evening. It was 6 pm & we had no dinner reservations. We were welcome by friendly staff & we could choose where we wanted to sit. This is how it looked on the inside:

A modern cool interior!

East 57 includes a modern restaurant, a wine bar, a coffee shop and a deli. East 57 offers different sorts of soups, salads, sandwiches/burgers, platters and meat and cheese dishes made from fresh ingredients.The restaurant menu has lots of other local delicacies sourced from Amsterdam and its regions. Peter took this lovely East 57 burger: a Black Angus beef burger with paprika onions, lettuce, bacon, Cheddar cheese & a home-made sauce. This was also served with yummy fries & a mustard-mayo. Super yummy juicy burger & the works! it costed 16,95 Euro. MMMMM!

Yum Yum!

I took the vegetarian Dutch Weed Burger! No, no, not weed aka drugs but Seaweed! Ha! It costed also 16,95 Euro. Two grilled sewed buns, that is why, they are green with a burger of seaweed & soy meat, baba ganoush, a slice of goat’s cheese, grilled green courgette & a weed sauce, also served with crispy fries & a home-made mustard-mayo! Delicious!


And inside the grilled seaweed buns:

The portions & sizes of the burgers were huge & that is why, there was no room in our bellies for dessert!!! Peter took a white & tea & I took an Earl-Grey tea. We drank a bottle of sparkling water & Peter a white beer from the local brewery het IJ. The check was nearly 50 Euro. We will come back! 🙂 Then we walked back via the Transvaalkade to our car park & went home.

You can find this lovely restaurant here:

East 57, 

You can also find my review of East 57 here on Google maps! 

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The Tropenmuseum & Bar Basquiat!


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Tropenmuseum & Bar Basquiat!

Hello lovelies!

You know that I wrote in the last post about Rum Baba in Amsterdam-Oost! We went to visit Amsterdam for 1 day. Here is a map to have an idea  how big it is:


We were going to visit the Tropenmusem to see the latest exhibition of Body Art! Then, we were going to explore the region of Amsterdam-Oost. We walked 11 km that day! Through our friends, we heard that this part of Amsterdam, is the part that is up & coming! Well, then it is really up & coming in a few years from now on, we would say. A few photos of the exhibition!

The Tropenmuseum is in restoration!

This is a beautiful big large building from the outside. Inside, the staff behind the desk were all very friendly & helpful. This exhibition costed 15 Euro per person.

It was situated at the 2nd floor. You could reach it directly with an elevator. Easy!  Body Art is about body decorations in the broadest sense: from make-up and tattoos, to implants under the skin and surgical alterations, through the ages and across cultures. The key question is, why do people alter their bodies?

It was a cool decent very informative exhibition. You could read more info in their little folders that you could read & then, put back without any cost. Peter & I were there for 2 hours. It was worth the 15 Euros. Here are some photos:

Afterwards, we were a bit tired & we went to look for somewhere nice to eat, to have a late lunch. We went to Javastraat in Amsterdam-Oost. It is also called the Indian area. (Indische buurt) This part of town is known for many eateries, bars, cafés. This part of town is up & coming. We stopped here:

Cool, right?

Bar Basquiat is a lovely place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have many lovely sitting banks in front  & on the side of this cool place. We came here to have a late lunch & we were hungry. It says that this place serves Vietnamese street food but the menu said otherwise. They are also famous for their cocktails! We chose these lovely dishes of food:


I had the grilled spiced chicken salad with spiced chicken, different lettuces, rocket leaves, apple slices, fennel pieces, pumpkin seeds & raddichio with 2 toasted spelt bread slices. It came at 9.95 Euro. I also had a Heineken Beer. That was 2.80 Euro. It was super delicious & so fresh too! Peter took this:


It was the vegetarian falafel with a side salad, pita bread, red onion & some feta with a dip. He took a local beer from brewery Het Ij. It was a wit bier. A white beer. That is refreshing in this hot weather! It was also very tasty indeed. Even that the beer is local, it costed a lot, like: 5.25 Euro. The falafel costed 7.95 Euro. All by all it was a lovely place to sit & let the world go by & the food was very good! This bar has a good vibe, nice cosy interior with a lot of wood that is used here, cosy outside banks, lovely plates of food of good quality & fresh produce!!

I will drink to that!

You can read my 2 reviews also here on Google Maps:

  1. Tropenmusem
  2. Bar Basquiat

So, I hope you enjoyed this post & till next time! 🙂

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Rum Baba!

A few days ago, Peter & I visited Amsterdam-Oost aka in Amsterdam-East!  We came here to sit down & relax,… and to have some good coffee & cake, of course!

Rum Baba!

This is one lovely, cosy cool coffee bar! As you see, you have a small side & front terrace. We came here around 4 pm. It was very hot outside so we sat inside on a long lovely crafted wooden table with fun colorful chairs. You must order & pay at the counter. I had a lovely latte macchiato with soy milk & a lovely friand with pistachio, blueberries & almonds. It was superb but a bit too sweet for me.  The barista told me that the bakery is specialized in American styled cakes & pastries. So, that explains a lot! My husband had a normal coffee & a slice of red velvet cake, also very yummy but also super sweet. We paid 11.70 Euro in total. The bar has a lovely cosy atmosphere & the woman barista is also very friendly & kind! A must! They also have a coffee roastery & bakery of these American styled cakes & pastries in the beginning of the same street! 🙂

our orders!

So, the next time, you are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in Amsterdam-Oost, go there & enjoy your coffee & some cake. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Rum Baba, Pretoriusstraat 33, Amsterdam-Oost.


Monday -Friday: 08 AM till 06 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 09 Am till 06 PM

website: Rum Baba

I am also a contributor on Google Maps in English! 

You can also find my review of this lovely coffee bar in English on Google Maps HERE!

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These are a few of my favorite things!

These are a few of my favorite things at the moment!

My favorite tea at the moment!

Shotimaa: Green tea, orange & cinnamon: Loving


This is a lovely green tea with herbs, spices & with plant extracts. The ingredients are: green tea bancha (65%), anise (5%), barley malt, bergamot orange extract, elderflower, cardamom, linden flowers, ginger, cinnamon extract, black pepper, cloves. More than 3/4 of the ingredients are organic.

I love this tea because it resembles Fall in all the way. It has good green tea in it but the tea is not bitter when it is steeped for 4 minutes in my favorite mug! It is like a soothing comforting healthy tea. I love the flavors so much. I think that you will too. I buy mine in my organic food store: bio-planet. One package with 16 tea bags costed me: 2.99 Euro.

My favorite vegan filled chocolate at the moment!

Wiloco, special chocolate, made in Belgium! This is a Belgian sub brand of lactose-free chocolates. Now, they created also a Bio vegan gluten-free chocolate. The producers are: Montserrat. This one is a white one filled with a delicious hazelnut pralinĂ©. I love that hazelnut pralinĂ© & that white coating, darker chocolate because the chocolate itself is sweetened with mostly coconut sugar. So it is not that real white color! 😉 They call this color: tropical white! ha! They are right! I love to savour it just like that or I love to drink a lovely vegan cafĂ© latte with it! It is tasty, tasty, tasty this way!

These are the ingredients: coconut sugar (36 + 1/2 %), cacao butter, unrefined dehydrated rice syrup, hazelnuts, cacao mass (at least 32%), natural aroma, vanilla, soy lecithin. 1 packet, this packet of 90 grams costed me: 3.60 Euro. That is a lot but normal vegan chocolate is still very expensive here in Belgium. You can really taste the lovely warm depth of the coconut sugar & the yummy hazelnut flavor! Yummm!

My favorite Champagne at the moment!


This is my favorite Champagne at the moment. It is lovely enjoyed with many tasty appetizers from my blog, especially, these lovely one’s! Vegetarian red currant ricotta appetizers!

Since 1859, the Duval-Leroy family have perfected the quality of their non-vintage Brut, balancing their passion with an aesthetic sensibility.

It is in this product that one can feel the unique power and character which marks out a top-of-the-range champagne. Consistency, expertise and a creative spirit ensure a success which needs no further demonstration. The Maison Duval-Leroy revels in the art of blending Pinots and Chardonnays. Enriched with around fifteen crus and generous quantity of reserve wines, Duval-Leroy Brut confirms its complexity and is recognised for its consistency.

Providing a perfect balance  between finesse and power, it draws out flavours of dark chocolate, cinnamon and roasted yellow figs, expressing its subtle, melt-in-the-mouth vinosity. 

It was the only Champagne recognised by Wine Spectator magazine in its Top 100 classification for 2008. 

Grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Bottle sizes: 20 cl, 37.5 cl, 75 cl, 150 cl, 300 cl, 900 cl

Prize in Delhaize: 25.99 Euro

How to enjoy it: Serving temperature between 8° C and 10° C. Ideal as an apéritif wine, it also provides a subtle accompaniment to white meats & other tasty appetizers like Festive cheesy, ham & pesto appetizers,//  tasty ricotta appetizers, // 2 lovely festive appetizers!

My favorite vegan yoghurt of the moment!

This lovely vegan plant-based yoghurt is my favorite at the moment. I love it pure or eaten in a lovely bowl with a sliced banana, topped with just a sprinkle of coconut sugar. Yummmm! I can’t get enough of it. This is also great to use in a vegan cake for added coconut flavor or enjoyed with home-mad granola & fresh fruits. I also am experimenting to use it in smoothies!

Benefits are:

100% plant-based and rich in plant protein

Low in sugars

Naturally lactose free & gluten-free

Source of calcium, vitamins B 12 and D 2

These are the ingredients: Water, Hulled soya beans (7.8%), Coconut milk(4.3%) (Coconut cream, Water), Sugar, Calcium (Tri-calciumcitrate), Acidity regulators (Sodium citrate, Citric acid), Stabiliser (Pectin), Natural flavouring, Sea salt, Vitamins (B 12, D 2), Antioxidants (Tocopherol-rich extract, Ascorbyl palmitate), Yogurt cultures (S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus)

There is 2.1 gram sugar on 100 ml based coconut-soy yoghurt. That is not so sweet, just the way, I like it! It costed me, per pot = 5oo gr: 2.39 Euro.

My 2 favorite unsweetened plant-based milks of the moment!



I drink this one, every morning, 1 full glass! I also enjoy it in my daily vegan café latte. It has a lovely flavor. There is only 0.1 gram sugar per 100 ml. Ooh yes! That is what I want. The ingredients are: Water, Hulled soya beans (6.5%), Acidity regulators (Monopotassium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate), Calcium (Calcium carbonate), Maltodextrin, stabilizer (Gellan gum), Vitamins (Riboflavin, B12, D2). Contains soya. Naturally lactose free & dairy free. Gluten free. It costed me: 1.85 Euro.

I also use it in many recipes on my blog like in many SMOOTHIES , such as this one: Fruity Flax smoothy, or this yummy one: Vegan Gluten-free Banana Peanut Butter Smoothy. I also use it in PANCAKES like these one’s: Vegan whole grain spelt oat pancakes with spiced plum compote!

I also like to use it in tasty MUFFINS, like this one: Vegan spelt chocolate chip pumpkin muffins! 

I even use it in DESSERTS like, this tasty one: RAW Chocolate pudding with a pink swirl on top!

I love this unsweetened almond milk a lot. If I don’t make my own almond milks in my Vitamix, then I choose & use this one. It is convenient & easy to buy in our local supermarket. I don’t like this one in my morning cafĂ© latte because the flavor is too overpowering. This has a lovely almond flavor. The almonds in here were roasted. Then turned into almond butter & then water was added. Yum! I like it to use in SCONES like Vegan love scones, in PANCAKES like, Vegan 5 ingredient pancakes, in BREAKFASTS, like, Can I serve you this hot oatmeal?, in SMOOTHIES, like cha-cha-cha or chai latte smoothies? that means in everything but not in my coffee! 😉  It costed me: 2.39 Euro. Benefits are:

  • Enjoy the refreshing roasted taste of Almond Unsweetened
  • 100% plant-based
  • Naturally low in fat
  • 13 kcal per 100 ml
  • Source of vit. E which is an antioxidant. It contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress*
  • No added sugars

There is only 0.1 gram of sugar per 100 ml. Cool, right? The ingredients are: Water, Almond (2%), Calcium (tri-calcium phosphate), Sea salt, stabilizers (Locust bean gum, Gellan gum), Emulsifier (Sunflower lecithin), Vitamins (Riboflavin (B 2), B 12, E, D 2)

This has a lovely milder almond flavor. The almonds in here were roasted & turned into almond butter & then water was added & a few other ingredients, like you read above.

And to end this cool post, this is my favorite alcoholic drink of the moment!

Can I serve you a nice small glass?
Can I serve you a nice small glass?

This is my favourite Speculaas Liqueur of the moment! Every year, near Sinterklaas, we buy it in a lovely tea & coffee shop called Simone Léevelt, here in Mechelen. This is a really good one! It is from the Dutch brand: Zuidam. It costed me: 14.15 Euro. You can sip it in lovely small liqueur glasses, add it to your fresh cup of coffee, add it to cut up fruits, to let them marinade a few hours in it or to put it into these tasty PUDDINGS like this one: Vegan carob chia puddings with a special ingredient!

So, I hope you enjoyed this lovely post! 😉 See you all later! xxx Follow me on Facebook too! 🙂

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