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Home-made almond milk & home-made vanilla almond milk!

Tasty home-made almond milk: fresh too!

Yesterday, I made home-made almond milk & a home-made vanilla almond milk, both NOT sweetened! I love my milk that way. You can add a sweetener in a recipe using this almond milk, if you want. If you don’t sweeten it, it is more healthy this way. You all know that a while ago, I made my 2 first ever nut milks: 2 home-made cashew nut milks. You can read all about it : here! You all wanted to know what I could do with the leftover nut pulp after straining the milk through a nut bag. Another tasty recipe, that you can find: here!

I am using the same nut & water ratio. 1 part nuts to 4 parts of water. But I will give you these 2 new recipes in this post.

What is almond milk?

This is a non-dairy, gluten-free & vegan milk, obtained from raw or soaked almond nuts, drained & well rinsed too, 4 cups of water are added. You can add whatever you want with it. You can add vanilla extract, cacao powder or another sweetener like maple syrup or agave syrup. 

Mostly, people on the internet use 1 cup of nuts & 4 cups of filtered water. You can add more water if you like but I love using 4 cups of water because you will end up with a lovely white almond milk, just like a milk consistency.

Most of the time, they tell you to soak your nuts , just add water until the nuts all completely covered by the water, soak them for at least at night or at least 8 to 72 hours in water in the fridge. Why? The nuts become less raw & they are easily digested in the stomach. When these nuts are soaked, then well-drained & rinsed, they become more useful to use in raw vegan cheesecakes, in baked desserts, in muffins or in bread. Or you can make your own vegan cheese or spread.

You can make nut milk from every nut or a mix of nuts that you like & love. I am experimenting with them now. More recipes to come!

What do you need?

a good power blender, food processor or mixer

a large bowl to keep the strained milk in when you are using your nut milk bag

a fine nut milk bag or a cheesecloth

a clean bottle with a fitting lid

How to enjoy?

1. This is a fine drink on its own

2. Pour over cereals or muesli

3. Add a bit of it to your yoghurt : lovely!

4. Make a dessert with it.

5. Make smoothies with it

6. Use it in tea or coffee

7. This is also great used in cakes, muffins & in breads for a more added nut flavour

8. You can use the sweetened or not-sweetened pulp in muffins, cakes, into breads like in banana breads / More recipes on this later/ I am testing recipes on the moment.

Recipe 1: Soaked Almond milk, NOT sweetened ( This will make about 3 +3/4 cups, nearly 4 cups )

The almond milk,will keep about 4 to 5 days in the fridge!!!


1 cup of soaked raw almonds ( soaked in water for about 8 to 72 hours .) When you soak your nuts, place them in a bowl & pour water all over it, until they are all covered up. Place a lid on & place into the fridge for at least 1 night or at least 8 hours. You will see that your nuts will get swollen & are puffed up.  ( I made almond milk with nuts that soaked for 1 night & they tasted much better then soaking for 3 nights! )

4 cups of pure good filtered water


1. First, place your nuts in a sieve, rinse off the old draining water & rinse well with fresh clean water, all over the nuts until they are fresh & well clean. Place them with 1 cup of purified water in a good blender of food processor. Blitz the nuts again & again until they are well chopped up & finely. Add more water & more until all of your 4 cups of water is up. You will end up with almond milk with the pulp still in it. You also can drink it like this, with bits of nuts floating around but I don’t like my milk like this. I like mine strained.

2. Then, I strained the almond milk using my nut milk bag. I placed my nut bag into a larger bowl. Then, poured the liquid mix into the bag. Close the bag with the added string & squeeze  & squeeze until all the juice is out of your nut milk bag & until you end up with only the pulp in the bag & all the liquid into the pot. I had 3 + 1/ cups, not the 4 whole cups. Pour the almond milk in a clean bottle with fitting lid & enjoy instantly or place into the fridge. After being in the fridge, you will see separation of the liquid into the bottle. Just shake the bottle well, before using the milk.

Place the leftover nut pulp in a pot with fitting lid & place into the fridge for later use in cookies, smoothies, banana breads & muffins! You can see a lovely recipe of mine, using the leftover cashew nut pulp over here in vegan pear & cashew nut pulp spelt muffins!

See pictures below for more explanation:

Mixed almond nuts with water, all finely mixed up! Ready for straining!
Placing the nut milk bag in place in a fitting bowl & pouring the almond milk mix into it!
squeezing & straining more!
straining more & more!
Beautiful home-made almond milk! Yeah!

Recipe 2: Home-made soaked vanilla almond milk, NOT sweetened:( This will make about 850 to 900 ml )

The almond milk,will keep about 4 to 5 days in the fridge!!!


1 cup of soaked raw almonds ( soaked in water for about 8 to 72 hours .) When you soak your nuts, place them in a bowl & pour water all over it, until they are all covered up. Place a lid on & place into the fridge for at least 1 night or at least 8 hours. You will see that your nuts will get swollen & are puffed up.

4 cups of pure good filtered water

2 teaspoons of a good vanilla extract/ I use home-made. MY recipe comes from my friend Celia’s blog. You can find her recipe: here!


The same method as above.

1. You take your food processor & add the well-drained & well-rinsed almonds. You add 2 teaspoons of your vanilla extract. You add 1 cups of water & blitz & blitz until the almonds are well chopped finely. Add bit by bit more water to your processor until all the water is used up, the almonds are chopped up finely & it becomes one beautiful almond milk with bits floating around.

2. Then, use the same method as above, using your nut milk bag. See pictures above, your step-by-step guide!!!

Your almond milk will be a bit darker in colour because of the added vanilla extract.

Pouring home-made vanilla almond milk! Yeah!
Tasty vanilla almond milk! Yum!

This recipe was featured on the main home page of the website on October 19th, 2014!! Yeahh! This post had in 1 day already 1,700 views alone!  Now it has been viewed 2,103 views on instructables! Yeahh!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

52 thoughts on “Home-made almond milk & home-made vanilla almond milk!

  1. Have you ever tried to make almond milk yogurt? I’ve tried almond, hemp, and coconut yogurt but have not had much success.

  2. Beautiful, Sophie!! I just made my own homemade almond milk about a week ago! My recipe was very similar. I really need to get a nut milk bag though….I don’t like the chunks either!!

    1. Walnut milk: now, that’s a great idea! I think it is about the proportions ratio. If you use 1 cup of nuts against 4 cups of water , it will be fine, I think! If not, add a few cups of extra water but not too much, for real walnut flavour! 🙂

  3. This is a great idea, especially for those who are vegans or wanting to be dairy-free. I’ve seen almond milk at the supermarket but I think it’s so much better to make it yourself as I’m sure it’s a lot less expensive. Your milk looks very inviting.

  4. Sophie – I really want to try this – looks so good! I must try to find a nut bag, maybe the health food stores sell them? 🙂

  5. I don’t know if my previous comment went through…anyway, I never tried almond milk let alone making it, only soy milk and from from post I gather that the process is very similar…I will definitely try this one of this day. Thanks for the tips Sophie and hope you are having a wonderful week 🙂

  6. Isn’t it great? I discovered this about two years ago and I rarely use cow’s milk now. I think this is better for us.

  7. I basically drink almond milk 80% of the time.
    I remember once making almond milk and from memory, it hadn’t really turned out satisfactory. I shall try again. Your post inspired me to give this another go ;o)

    Have a great weekend Sophie.

    Flavourful wishes,

  8. Thanks for sharing, Sophie! I’ve been wanting to make nut milks myself at home for while, since the stuff in the market is always sweetened. Will try it out soon!

  9. This is so cool, I love that you made your own almond milk! Hope your pudding turns out lovely too, I’m pinning this for the future 🙂

  10. I’ve just bought myself a Hurom 500 slow juicer which makes wonderful nut milks without having to strain out the pulp. Although I love nut milks I was finding the need to strain the milk rather tedious and messy and so was not making them as frequently as needed. My lazy streak showing itself I’m afraid.

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