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Vegan Gluten-free stew with fragrant green lentils & vegan paprika sausage!


Hello all, did you all enjoy Easter? Have you eaten a lot of chocolates & have enough of it? I have! I had some items in my pantry & fridge & had to use them up. So, I made this delicious vegan gluten-free stew with ginger, garlic & ras-el-hanout. I served it with a fried vegan paprika seitan sausage & lovely fragrant cooked green lentils on the side! It was a match made in heaven! :) The stew with green lentils are vegan & gluten-free too. If you serve this with a GF vegan sausage, this complete dinner will be gluten-free all the way! :) MMM! Enjoy!

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Vegan raspberry chocolate vanilla smoothy!


Today, I made these delicious easy peasy raspberry chocolate vanilla smoothies! In used frozen raspberries in here & my favorite vegan aka milk chocolate. They were so refreshing too! :) Read the rest of this entry »


2 recipes of mine are published online! :)

1. 1st publication, online!

Ooh yes, a few days ago, I was contacted by the lovely people of They saw, a recipe of mine, a while ago, on my blog, where I used a raw chocolate product of them. It was this lovely breakfast smoothy:

Remember? You can also click onto the smoothy to go directly to my tasty recipe link! ;)


Read on,…

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Travelling Sophie: Leuven part 5!

I know now that you all loved reading my traveling Sophie: Leuven part 1, 2, 3, 4 & now, there is a part 5,…ooh yes!

The last time, I went there to visit my favorite all vegan shop Shavt, I ate lunch in one of my favorite world cafés, called Coop. Wereldcafé.coop, Joris Helleputteplein 2, 3000 Leuven. It is located at a quiet public square, 1 street away from the busy Parijsstraat, shopping street. Open? Tuesday till Saturday:11AM-11PM/Monday & Sunday: closed!

Kitchen is open from 12 AM till 2 PM & from 5.30 PM till 8 PM.

It looks great from the outside, right?


This cool world café is not just a café, it is a smaller bistro. All the foods they serve here are 80% organic + fair-trade + local! Not all the beverages are organic though. Every day, they serve lunch & dinner.  You have to order & pay at the counter. They have a big black board, where they note down with chalk what there is on the menu. There are several vegetarian dishes on their menu. Every time, I come here, I eat vegetarian. I began with this:


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Travelling Sophie: Leuven part 4!

A few days ago, I went to one of my favorite cities called Leuven. About 1 year ago, I posted 3 traveling Sophie posts about Leuven. I will give you the links below my post! ;)  The city lies in the Flemish speaking part of Flanders, In Brabant & is the capital city of Brabant. Is is about 35 min by train from where I live. Leuven is very well-known for its international Catholic University, In Dutch:  ( KUL )= Katholieke Universiteit Leuven! It is one of the oldest Universities of the Low-Lands. Leuven is also famous for their brewerie, Stella Artois!! Leuven is also a great foodies destination for me & has many cool foodie restaurants, foodie shops & places where also vegetarian eating is possible. You just have to find them! I also like the variety of many tiny, some larger & cool clothing, flower shops, etc!

Here you can find SHAVT!

Here you can find SHAVT!

I went there to go to my favorite all vegan shop called SHAVT. Shavt stands for Simply Healthy And Vegan Things! You can find it on the smaller side street of the Tiensestraat. It is located in the Charles Deberiotstraat 2, 3000 Leuven. Open? Monday till Saturday from 12-18.30 h. It looks from the outside like this:



It is a smaller all vegan shop. All the things they sell here or edible & even non-edible like vegan shampoo, vegan soaps, vegan toothpastes, vegan deodorants, etc. I prefer the edible part, way more! They sell many different vegan edibles like vegan chocolates, vegan cereals, vegan burgers, based on seitan or on tofu, vegan sausages, vegan sliced sausages to put on vegan pizzas or on your sandwiches, vegan cheeses of 4 to 6 different brands like Valio, Wilmersburger, Vantastic foods’s vegan Parmesan, etc & the owner, Kobe, also makes his own cashew based spreadable cheeses. He also sells vegan food bars of the brand Naked! Just see it all for yourself! Read the rest of this entry »


Home-made Vegan white chocolate coconut bars!

Yesterday, I invented these delicious vegan  home-made white chocolate coconut milk bars! The topping is super delicious aka it is home-made vegan white chocolate & the cooked cookie base is really yummy too! Between these 2 layers you taste the lovely coconut milk with added vanilla seeds! Really delicious! :)


The topping is not pure white because of the used vanilla seeds & used maple syrup in here! Nevertheless, they are really super! They are not too sweet either! You can really taste the coconut first, then the lovely home-made white chocolate topping & then the tasty cookie base! Ooh yes! One bar is really filling too! Grab one before you go to work or enjoy 1 or 2 with a good vegan café latte or with a lovely coconut tea, why not indulge yourself?  These are fun to make, reasonably healthy & super yummy too! :)


Let’s see how I made them! ;)

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Vegan Winter Vegetable Coffee Stew with home-made vegan cheddar cheezy dumplings!


A few days ago, I invented this lovely vegan winter stew with home-made vegan cheesy dumplings that I cooked into the hot stew! I know that you all will love it too! ;) Check it all out!


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Kale smoothy, number 2!

This morning, I made this lovely Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free delicious KALE smoothy! You know, a while ago, I made this lovely raw minted kale smoothy, aka number 1! You can find this tasty recipe here!


Now, again, I received some yummy grown kale from my friends’ allotment. It is the last kale that they have. So, I invented this lovely kale smoothy! My husband Peter gave it a 10/10! Ooh yes! I drank one full glass as a lovely energizing breakfast & it kept me full for a long while! It really fueled me! So, I know that you will love it too! ;) You need these beauties in your life! Go on,…Grab one!

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Spiced chicken meatballs with home-made tomato veggies sauce & spelt penne!

The spiced chicken meatballs are dairy-free, egg-free & gluten-free too!

Yummy spiced chicken meatballs, all home-made!

Yesterday evening, I invented these tasty spiced up chicken meatballs! The meatballs itself are Dairy-free, Egg-free & Gluten-free too! I spiced up my organic chicken mince, served them on a bed of home-made tomato-veggies sauce & ate them with spelt penne! Ooh yes, this is a lovely flavored well combined delicious pasta dinner! I made enough for 2 days in a row, so for 4 persons! I made my chicken meatballs a few hours before dinner to stiff up a bit in the fridge!

Enjoy! :)



Let’s see how I made it all!:)

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My favorite green juice of the moment!

This is my favorite green juice of the moment!


It is very refreshing & has only 3 ingredients in it!


Lovely 3 layers, hey? Let’s find out what!

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Flower-shaped mini almond butter banana cakes with dark chocolate chips!

Hey folks, welcome to the month March! The weather is getting better, the birds are singing & I feel fine,…How about you? Follow my blog with Bloglovin


A few years ago, I invented this Gluten-free almond butter-banana- flower-shaped cake! It was the best gluten-free cake, I ever invented. You can find the original recipe: here! This is a glorious easy to make winning almond butter & banana combination. I also added dark chocolate chips. It is truly delicious! Whenever I serve this cake, everyone who tasted it, asked me for the recipe! Now, I made smaller bite-sized flower-shaped cake treats out of them! It is easy peasy! ;)

yum yum yum!

yum yum yum!

Read on How I made them! :)

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Creamy dairy-free pasta dish with home- grown oyster mushrooms!

Yesterday evening, I invented this lovely Dairy-free creamy pasta dish! I used home-grown oyster mushrooms in here. A while ago, my husband bought me a DIY package with spawn of oyster mushrooms in it. Home-grown makes all the difference in flavor! So delicious, so good, so meaty-like! :) How I grew them, I tell you all later in a separate post! The first time, we had 85 gr & now, yesterday evening , I had 125 gr! Not bad, hey?



These sort are blue oyster mushrooms! They look cool, right? Now, on to the lovely pasta dish! Read the rest of this entry »


Raw Goji berry brownie tartlets!

Yesterday evening, I invented these tasty beauties! Check them all out! I soaked a lot of cashews in the early morning & used them well rinsed & drained at night! Make these tasty raw goji berry brownies tartlets now! No guilt! ;)


Yum Yum Yummmm & Good for you too! :)


Read on how I made this lovely recipe,…

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People,…It’s a wrap! :)


Today, I invented these tasty beauties! Ooh yes,…It’s a wrap! These lovely dark yellow wraps are Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free, Corn-free, Soy-free, Egg-Free Dairy-free curry coconut wraps! They are just AMAZING!!! I found mine in a tiny vegan shop in the city center of Leuven, called SHAVT. This stands for Simple Healthy & Vegan Things!


Read on for more cool information & How I made these tasty filled wraps!

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Vegan Gluten-Free Cumin roasted vegetables: A lovely side dish!

Yesterday evening, I invented this lovely side dish! A mix of cumin roasted vegetables including cut up Brussels sprouts. A while ago, I roasted them for the 1st time & thought that roasting them, bring out, their sweeter flavor!!! I loved it. Now, I tested them with ground cumin. The Brussels sprouts loved it & so did we!

Yum! A lovely Side dish!

Yum! A lovely Side dish!

Cumin roasted veggies!

Cumin roasted veggies!

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Raw chocolate goji berry banana smoothy! Raw, Vegan & Gluten-free!

Today, I made a lovely Raw, Vegan & Gluten-free breakfast smoothy with raw chocolate covered goji berries, a ripe banana & unsweetened home-made almond milk! It was the best raw smoothy, I have made in ages! It looks like a carrot smoothy but I promise you it tastes like something heavenly! First, you taste the raw chocolate then the goji berries, then a hint of banana & almond.



I made this by using my new favorite raw chocolate covered goji berries. They look something like this:


The yummy inside!

The yummy inside!

Read on for more info on this raw chocolate & how I made this delicious smoothy:

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10 Tasty Valentine Treats!


Because it is nearly Saint-Valentine, I will give you 10 tasty treats from my blog to choose from & to serve 1 or more of them to your beloved! Check them out! Just click onto the pictures to go directly to the yummy recipes! Enjoy! ;) xxx


1. Vegan Gluten-free 4-ingredient puddings with a secret ingredient!


2. Vegan spelt pancakes with cardamom  scented fresh sticky caramelized figs!



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Vegan love scones! ;)

A Vegan Love Scone!

A Vegan Love Scone!

Now, I got you attention, right? These scones are one of the best, I ever invented! ;) I call them love scones because they have everything in here that I love,…Yum!

Now, what else did I stuff in them? Can you guess,…???

Fresh from the oven,..

Fresh from the oven,..

Yes, …You are right,…vegan chocolate,…almond flakes,…almond milk,…maple syrup & a maple glaze! Ha!

Don’t you want to come over for tea & have a scone or 2 together???

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Vegan Gluten-free Seasonal salad with black radish & tofu!

This evening, I invented this lovely salad with shredded black radish, carrots, soaked big raisins & lots more,.. I made a simple balsamic vinegar dressing & served it with fried tofu bits. It was a super delicious salad that was also Seasonal! Yum yum yum! It was very tasty! :)


And the special ingredient in this lovely shredded salad is: yes,…Black radish!


Read on what black radish is & how I made it! :) Read the rest of this entry »


Vegan veggie pasta sauce with seitan on a bed of spelt spaghetti

Yesterday evening, I made this tasty vegan pasta sauce. I served it with semi-wholemeal spelt spaghetti. I added some veggies too, of course! Instead of real mince, I used vegan seitan mince. I love seitan mince over real pork & veal mince anyway. So, this is how I did it:

Yumm! All vegan! It looks just like the real thing!

Yumm! All vegan!
It looks just like the real thing!

Yummm! Don’t you want a big plate full?


Can you guess the ingredients in this lovely red sauce? Read on to find out, if you were right!

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Vegan Gluten-free spiced dinner!

Yesterday evening, I made this lovely Vegan & Gluten-free spiced dinner! All of the flavors were just right & tasty combined! Check it all out! :)




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Gingered vegetable soup with green lentils!

Just now, I made this lovely gingered mixed vegetable soup with green lentils! This is a one pot dinner! I have a cold so I needed a comforting healthy soup with fresh ginger in it to bring me back at health! ;) MMM!



Want to know, How I made it?

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Sophie’s salsa verde with pan fried haddock pieces!



This my version of the good & tasty salsa verde. It means a green sauce. Salsa verde is a great sauce to make. You eat it cold. You can easily make it in your beloved food processor.

I served my salsa verde with pan-fried haddock pieces & oven baked potatoes. It is great to use as a simple cold sauce in pasta. You could also stir it through mashed potatoes.

It is great to use a big dollop on jacked potatoes. It is great in a salad too. You could also use it on top of grilled pork: a divine combination!

Now, my recipe, it is easy peasy!

But wait, there’s more!


Home-made nutty quinoa oat granola! Vegan & Gluten-free!


This morning, I invented this delicious tasty nutty quinoa-oat granola, all home-made of course! :) This is also Vegan & Gluten-free too! I added lots of good stuff to it, just wait & see!

This granola is not so sweet, just the way I like it. My husband thought this was the best granola, I ever made! He gave it 10/10! xxx This would be an ideal food gift!

I love it with cold soy milk, straight from the fridge. Yum yum yum!

But wait, there’s more!


Vegan spelt pancakes!

A few days ago, My husband made these delicious easy to make spelt pancakes! Just see for yourself, don’t you want 1, 2 or 3?


These pancakes are very tasty & very easy to devour too! Enjoy! :)

But wait, there’s more!


Raw Vegan Gluten-free lemony hemp protein smoothy!

This morning, I made this delicious Vegan & Gluten-free Lemony Hemp protein smoothy! I added a few other healthy things & drank 1 big smoothy as a nice drinkable healthy breakfast! You see?


What is Hemp protein, I hear you say?

Raw 100% organic hemp protein powder is a raw powder from hemp seeds. After the raw hemp seeds are cold pressed & gently milled, the resulting fine green powder can be easily added into your daily breakfasts, smoothies etc.


Hemp seeds are very healthy & an excellent source of minerals, fatty acids & proteins. It is also a healthy source of dietary fiber, chlorophyll, and minerals including magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. This finely milled powder has a rich, nutty flavor that is ideal for smoothies, baked goods or any recipe that could use a protein and fiber boost.

But wait, there’s more!


We have got an allotment! :)

Yeahh! My husband & I got an allotment! Yes, yes! It is situated at the outskirts of Mechelen, into the full countryside! :) It is nearby where we live. Our beloved friends are in the same allotment. We got the plot since November the 1st 2014. It is a really good size, about 110-120 square meters. We have sun early in the morning, in the afternoon & at the west-side too. We have clay-loam ground. On the left-side of our plot, there is a water-well. Great, right?


There is a beehive at the end of our plot, on the left! :) Great for future blossoms, veggies to be, plants & flowers!

Like you see above, it was hugely overgrown with weeds & can you see what type of plant,…?

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Vegan Gluten-Free Fridge tofu scramble!

This morning, I wanted to make a lovely breakfast tofu scramble! I had to use up a few veggies from my fridge! That’s why I call this a Fridge tofu scramble! I added a few spices from my pantry & to keep it vegan & gluten-free, I added a bit of nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor! ;)


Don’t you want a full plate & join me?

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Sojami: Tartimi spread with garlic & 5 sort of peppercorns: review!



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Do you want a slice of Vegan spiced tofu quiche?

Yesterday evening, I invented this fabulous Vegan Spiced Tofu Quiche! I had a leftover organic vegan puff pastry that I needed to use up. Check it all out!


Come on over @ my house & I will serve you a big slice, if you want! ;)


I had a new square non-stick pastry tin that I needed to try! It really worked out well! I just had to grease the tin, sides & removable bottom & the Quiche came out perfectly! It was the 1st time, I created a vegan Quiche using drained & Vitamixed silken tofu! My husband & I ate 2 pieces each. In the pst, I made Vegan Quiche tartlets using a home-made spelt oil pastry & using soy cream in my tartlets! You can find the recipe: Here!

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Chicken served with a cranberry orange port sauce served with oven roasted parsnips, red onions & sweet potato fries!

Yesterday evening, I invented this festive chicken with a home-made cranberry-orange-port sauce with a hint of cinnamon! I served it with a lovely oven roasted side dish: oven roasted parsnips, red onions & sweet potato wedges! This is a festive & very delicious dinner!


You have to know that this is my special to go home-made cranberry sauce that has had a lot of success the past years. every time, I made it at dinner parties for my friends or family, people asked me for the tasty recipe! It is an oldy but a goldie! ;)


But wait, there’s more!


Mustard-dill glazed salmon on a bed of deliciousness using A Belgian product of the region: Mustard De Ster!


Yesterday evening, I made this delicious invented salmon dinner! I made a lovely glaze for my salmon fillets using a combo of fresh dill, some oil, pepper, sea salt & a special Belgian product of the region called: Mosterd De Ster. ( Mustard The Star! ) Now, you are wondering, what the hell is a produce of the region aka streekproduct? A Streek product is a well-known & well-certified product of a specific region in Belgium. Streek = Region. You know them by this labelling:


Here is their website only in Dutch though.

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Raw breakfast smoothies! Vegan & Gluten-free too!

This morning, I invented these tasty RAW breakfast smoothies! They are also Vegan + Gluten-freeI had leftover fresh cranberries, a few other things in my fridge & had to use them up! So, I made these beauties! The ginger in here gives you a big kick to your brain that you need in the morning,…right? One glass of 500 ml really fills you up! And that is what you want, hey?


But wait, there’s more!


Got leftover fresh cranberries? Make this Vegan Gluten-Free Quinoa porridge!

I got leftover fresh cranberries that I needed to use up so I invented this Vegan & Gluten-free Warm Quinoa Porridge!


t is such a lovely, warm, quinoa flakes porridge! You can add whatever you want, but I made it like this. The key is to make it not too sweet! ;)

But wait, there’s more!


Vegetarian cheesy spelt pasta!


Yesterday evening, I invented this lovely vegetarian cheesy pasta dish! I had some leftover sheep’s cheese in my fridge. That was leftover from making the spelt flatbread, see earlier post: here! I had to use it up.

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Seasonal spelt flatbread!

My husband invented this Seasonal Vegetarian Spelt Flatbread for a New Year’s Dinner party that we hosted for my beloved mom & dad!



Can you guess the ingredients?

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Vegan Pecan Pie Smoothy!!!

Hello folks,

Happy 2015 to you all! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas Season, many presents at Christmas & New Year’s Eve too! :) During these festivities, I ate,…a lot,…and you? Now, I need to slim down,… a bit,…how about you? So, you all know, that I only recently created a fabulous easy vegan spelt pecan pie,…and now, I wanted to recreate that pecan pie in a smoothy aka dessert aka breakfast! You even can name it a glorious dessert because it is spoonable,…or drinkable,…Check it all out for yourself, right?


But wait, there’s more!


A Happy New Year & Top 10 most viewed posts of 2014!!!!


I wish all of my readers from all over the world: A Happy, fun & healthy 2015 filled with joy, great new discoveries, many culinary adventures, many friendships & fabulous recipes also here on my blog! :) Yes!


And now my top 10 most viewed posts in 2014!!! Ooh yes! :) I will begin at number 10 to 1! Just click onto the pictures to go directly to the tasty recipes, reviews & traveling posts! ;)

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Festive Cheesy, ham pesto appetizers! Only 4 ingredients!



Hey folks!

I hope you celebrated a lovely joyful Christmas with your family, friends & loved one’s! I want to give you this festive easy to make appetizer that always is a great hit wherever I present these tasty beauties! :) Yum yum yumm,…Excellent with a good glass of Prosecco brut, Cava brut or real Champagne Brut! :)

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Spelt chocolate ricotta muffins with dark chocolate chips!

Go on,...Indulge yourself!

Go on,…Indulge yourself!

Yesterday, I made these festive Spelt chocolate ricotta muffins with dark chocolate chips! They are incredibly amazing & wonderfully delicious in the mouth! I used fresh sheep’s ricotta in them! :) Go on,…Indulge yourself,…You so deserve it because of all the Christmas gifts packaging & decoration! ;)



The muffins make an ideal breakfast & are not too sweet either! Just the way, I like them! They really fill you up! A lovely breakfast muffin!

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Can I serve you a glass of chocolate hazelnut milk? Vegan + Gluten-free!

A Delcious home-made Food Gift! x

A Delcious home-made Food Gift! x

But wait, there’s more!


Vegan spelt crunchy double chocolate cookies!

Yesterday, I made these divine wonderful cut-out cookies! They are very simple to make! They are crunchy cookies & I added chopped vegan white chocolate & chopped vegan milk chocolate to it all! So they are like Heaven!



Don’t you want a few of them with your coffee?

But wait, there’s more!


Pecan Chocolate Cake Slices!



Every year round Christmas, I make these delicious easy to make Pecan Chocolate Cake Slices! They are always a success wherever I bring them! :) So, now you can enjoy them too!  They are a Great Tasty Food Gift! 

But wait, there’s more!


Vegan maple scones with pecan & cranberries served with maple’s butter! :)

Today, I made these Festive Vegan Maple scones with pecans & cranberries! The scones itself are Vegan!! The maple’s butter is not! Maple butter is pure maple syrup with some added unsalted butter that is boiled, cooled & whipped into this tasty Canadian spread! Very rich but surely delicious! It is very sweet so it is good that my scones are not! ;) So use it for a long time in small portions!

Vegan Deliciousness!

Vegan Deliciousness!

I just looovvveeee these tasty scones! I used white spelt flour in them & vegan margarine! They are also topped with a maple glaze! You will love them too, even as a nice breakfast in these lovely cold days before Christmas,…or they are great eaten as a nice brunch on Christmas day,…;)

Canadian Maple Butter!

Canadian Maple Butter!

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Vegan Christmas stollen, my way!

Hey folks,

I just love the few weeks before Christmas, don’t you? It is my favorite time of the year,…ho,..ho,..ho,..!! How about you? T’s the season to be jolly,…falalalalaaaa,,,,..laaa! :) I put on some great old Christmas songs of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole of Ella Fitzgerald,…In Belgium, we didn’t grew up with these cool old-fashioned great Christmas songs! :(

Every year, my husband Peter & I get a real cool Christmas tree & we decorate it with gold & red balls of glory! Last year, we got this new wooden crafted Christmas Stable,…Just look at it: pretty cool, hey?

My new ecological wooden carved out Christmas Stall!

My new ecological wooden carved out Christmas Stall!

This fantastic home-made Vegan Christmas stollen was all invented by me, myself & I aka 2 years ago, but because it is so delicious & amazing, you all must make it this Festive Christmas Season! Even, if you are not a vegan, you will love it! It is a more healthy recipe with a bit of a twist! ;) A little bit naughty but nice,… Like you all know me!

An excellent food gift!

An excellent food gift!

Normally, a Christmas stollen has dried glacé cherries, nuts, candied peel & dried fruit like sultanas in them. I don’t like a lot of these ingredients so I had to make & invent one, my way. Every Christmas, I have to make this for my hubby Peter & family members,…It is not a request, it is a necessity!  I know that you all will love it too!  :)

Normally, a Stollen is a fruit cake, more like a bread, containing dried fruit and often marzipan and covered with sugar or icing sugar. The cake is usually made with chopped candied fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts and spices. Stollen is a traditional German cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season. It is made with yeast, water and flour, and usually with zest added to the dough. Candied orange peel and candied citrus peel, raisins & almonds, and different spices such as cardamom & cinnamon are added. Other ingredients, such as milk, sugar, butter, salt, rum, eggs, vanilla, other dried fruits, nuts and marzipan can also be added to the Stollen dough. Except for the fruit added, the dough is quite low in sugar. :) The finished cake or bread is mostly sprinkled with icing sugar. The traditional weight of a Stollen is around 2 kg, but smaller sizes are now available. I didn’t add icing sugar on top! I did it this way:

Vegan Deliciousness!

Vegan Deliciousness!

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It is time for,…


Yesterday afternoon, I made this Warm







I received some fresh stalks of curly kale ( boerenkool in Dutch ) from our friends’ allotment. ;) This is a spiced up filling good-for-you soup filled with vegan gluten-free goodness! It is more a meal then a normal soup! I didn’t mix the soup! Enjoy! :) You will love it too!


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Vegan spelt pecan pie!


This morning, I made my first invented pecan pie! I saw many unhealthy recipes on the internet & on other blogs so I tried to make it much healthier & I think I succeeded! The only not so healthy ingredient in here is vegan butter! ;) This is a pure sweeter indulgent of a fine dessert, something new in flavors for Peter & me! I didn’t make it too sweet. I don’t like my tarts to be too sweet. Instead of corn syrup I used maple syrup, grade C!

The next time, I will make it into a tartlet tin with loose bottom, much easier in getting the pie aka tart out of the pan!



Make this fantastic delicious vegan spelt pecan pie right now!

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Travelling Sophie: Mechelen, part 2!

Hey, folks! A while ago, I gave you Travelling Sophie, Mechelen, part 1. You can read all about it here!

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-03 om 3-12-14 om 21.15.44 u

We will start in De Hoogstraat. It is one of the stress that lead into the center of the city.  From where I live, this is the way, into the city center. We have 2 African shops here, close to each other. Just before going in De Hoogstraat, you can find this African Asian shop. Here you can buy your chili peppers, kilo’s of rice, manioc, spicy sauces, etc.


Here is the mini-competition:


On the other side of the street, is a new candy shop! But they don’t have any vegan candies though,…:(


Yummy unhealthy candy!

Yummy candy!

Snoep Goed, Hoogstraat 84, 2800 Mechelen. Open? Monday till Saturday from 10 AM till 5 PM. This candy shop has old-fashioned candy, bio or organic candy, sugar-free candy & special candy.

We are walking further in the road. Here on the right side, you have a really good butcher! :) What a beautiful building too! Hoogstraat 25, 2800 Mechelen.



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My favorite vegan chocolate!

Hey all, this is my favorite vegan ” milk chocolate” with whole nuts! I first met this tasty chocolate 2 years ago, when traveling in Berlin, the vegan city! ;) I bought this lovely vegan chocolate aka ” milk” chocolate in the vegan supermarket called Veganz! I love all of their chocolate products! I know that you would like them too! But they are hard to find here in Belgium! I bought it @ Shavt! This is a tiny all vegan shop in the city center of Leuven. Shavt stands for Simply Healthy And Vegan Things! I was there yesterday. In a future post, I will review this tiny cool vegan shop.

On one side it will look like this:


On the other side like this:



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Happy ThanksGiving!

I wish my readers all over the world, who celebrate ThanksGiving, a lovely happy one! :) Yeah! Enjoy it with your beloved family & friends! :)




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