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Sourdough Rye Bread! A thing of beauty!

Yesterday, I made this delicious rye sourdough bread! A thing of beauty! I also used my own rye sourdough. My bread came fresh out of the oven & it weighted 919 gr! Ooh yes! My rye sourdough bread was a bit more tangy, that typical sourdough flavour! I think it is because my rye sourdough has aged well. With my first 10 sourdough breads, the tangy flavour wasn’t really there but now, when every sourdough is maturing well, it becomes more sour & that is the way, my hubby Peter & I like it! 🙂 The rye flavour gives it more depth & flavour too! Perfect with butter & cheese, I say or with a slice of good smoked Spanish ham!

Check out my beauty:


It is a very straightforward & easy recipe. You just have to active your rye sourdough the day before & feed it. The next day, you just have to mix the ingredients in your Kenwood with dough hook. Mix for 7 minutes or so & then, knead it for 2 minutes more by hand & let it rise 2 times. Then, bake it with steam & ready! Recently, I discovered that for the 2nd rise, I floured my banetton with wholemeal rice flour & that it works a charm! I read that normal rice flour also works but I have never tried that, also I don’t have that in the house & never use it. 😉

A lovely crumb!

Now, let’s make this recipe!

Recipe: For 1 large bread of 919 gr!


150 gr of very active bubbly rye sourdough

250 gr organic white flour (T 65)

250 gr organic rye flour (T 130)

330 ml warm water

7 gr salt


  1. Take Kenwood machine & place dough hook in. Add all ingredients in this order into your fitted bowl & turn power on & knead the mix onto low-speed. I put it onto number 2 for 7 minutes. Stop machine from time to time to scrape the sides. Then, with dough scraper, scrape dough out of the bowl & flour your kitchen counter a bit with T 65 flour & your hands too, to prevent sticking! Knead the dough with a few stretch & folds to strengthen the gluten within! The dough is very wet!!! Oil a big bowl & put dough in it. I place a closed plastic bag over it & let it sit in a warm place to double in size. This took my dough 4 hours. The dough is still wet! Use dough scraper to help you! Scatter your chosen banetton with wholemeal rice flour, all over & on all sides & also onto the bottom to prevent sticking from the dough later & also to form the lovely lines on the top & sides of your bread!!!  Form the dough into the shape of your banetton to fit it. Place the seam upside in your banetton. Place it again it a closed plastic bag in a warm place & let it double in size. This took my last rise 3 hours.
  2. Preheat your oven to 225°C (437 F) for 10 minutes. I also poured boiled water in a oven proof pot to create steam in your oven. Open plastic bag & place a bread silpat on your oven rack. Carefully turn your bread upside down out of your banetton in one quick movement. Now, your bread dough is lovely patterned on top & on the sides. Make slashed into the top of the dough, just like you want! 🙂 Place into the hot oven & bake for 35-40 minutes until browned on all sides & cooked though. Check oven often to prevent burning. Lower your oven temperature if you need to.
  3. When your bread is ready, risen & golden, your house will smell absolutely amazing! My dough was 919 gr! Put onto a wire rack to, cool down completely! Slice & munch! Store in an organic bread bag!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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