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I just made my 1st E-Book called Healthy Vegan Christmas! Subscribe to my blog to get it!

on 24/12/2016

Hello dear readers,

I just made my 1st E-book called  Healthy Vegan Christmas! You just have to Subscribe to my blog to get it!

They are all 10 new unpublished vegan recipes & 8/10 are also gluten-free! Ooh yes! It was a whole lot of hard work inventing & creating them but it was all worth it! I hope you all enjoy them!

When you subscribe to my blog, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription & then, you will receive a final thank you email where you can download the recipes in the format that you want.

I have a version for a Mac, iPad, iPhone.
I also have a version in PDF-format.

So, enjoy, my sweets! Merry Christmas & have lots of fun in making & eating my new recipes! Yay! 🙂 Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now & get my 1st E-Book: Healthy Vegan Christmas now! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!


43 responses to “I just made my 1st E-Book called Healthy Vegan Christmas! Subscribe to my blog to get it!

  1. fravitch says:

    Wow!! Great!!! 🙂 I am excited about that!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Congratulations Sophie, how wonderful that you have done an e book with your delicious recipes. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Congratulations. Happy Christmas to you.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 to you, Sophie.

  5. Nora says:

    Waw, Sophie! That is exciting news! I just subscribed & downloaded it for iphone! What a treat for us! The photos & lay-out is excellent & the recipes are looking unreal & oh so delicious too! Waw! xxx

  6. Thank you so much for this, Sophie! The salad looks gorgeous, and I love the idea of using buckwheat in the granola (I’m a big fan of buckwheat anyway).

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season, and a fantastic 2017! xx

  7. paintdigi says:

    Merry Christmas
    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  8. Ina Gawne says:

    Merry Christmas Sophie…congratulations on your new e book!

  9. Karen says:

    Congratulations on your ebook. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Oh hey! Congrats on the ebook!!! And a belated merry Christmas!

  11. boeddhamum says:

    Thank you Sophie for the nice Christmas gift!!
    Happy days to you too and I am excited to get the e-book ❤

    XO Linda

  12. Sumith says:

    Congratulations Sophie!! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!!

  13. Congratulations, Sophie!! I am so happy for you publishing your first e-book 🙂 I can’t wait to check it out!! Bravo!

  14. Nora says:

    Waw, Sophie! what a treat for us! I also links within the pages! waw!
    So many lovely photos & I also like the chapters made out of cookies! You have put in a whole lot of work but we thank you for that! xxx

  15. Seabastian says:

    O am a new subscriber! Your fab E-Book is just stunning & of excellent quality too! I downloaded it for Mac! I love the links in here too! Fab photos! Waw! xx

  16. Sarah says:

    I just downloaded it for my mac! Divine E-Book! xxx

  17. elliebleu says:

    Yay! I cant wait to try all of your recipes out. What a gift for the holidays. Thank you! -Ellie

  18. So exciting Sophie!! Well done! Glad you made the extra effort to put this together!! hugs hugs!

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