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Oil-free Vegan Wholemeal Oat Plum Muffins! A healthy snack! :)

on 30/08/2015

Today, I invented these lovely wholemeal oat & oat bran flour muffins. I still has some leftover red plums from a friend’s garden. I needed to use them up! Let’s face it, how many can you eat straight away?


Just look at this lovely yummy inside! 😉


These lovely muffins are not so sweet either, just the way, we like them! 😉 These are healthy tasty breakfast or snack muffins on the go! Either way, they are freaking delicious,… ooh yes!!!

Recipe: For 9 larger flower-shaped muffins


Dry ingredients:

1/4 heaped cup (50 gr) vegan dark mini chocolate chips

1 cup (150 gr) wholemeal stone ground oat flour

1/4 cup ( 37 gr) stone ground oat bran flour

1 teaspoon + 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Wet ingredients:

1 ripe large banana, peeled & mashed with a fork

1/2 cup (155 gr) unsweetened apple sauce (compote )

1/4 cup (60 ml) unsweetened soy milk

1/4 cup (60 ml) maple syrup

1 cup (175 gr) cleaned, pitted dark plums, cut up finely


1. Preheat your oven to 180°C (350 F ) for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, take a large bowl & ad dry ingredients in it. This means oat flour, oat bran flour, baking powder, baking soda, mini chocolate chips & cinnamon. Mingle well with a spoon.

2. Take a smaller bowl & ad wet ingredients. This means, mashed banana, apple compote, soy milk, maple syrup & plum pieces. Mix well with a whisk or spoon. Now, add bowl of wet ingredients to the bowl of dry ingredients. Mix it with a spoon. Do not over mix!

3. Take a cool oven rack & place a Silpat on it. Fill your flower-shaped silicon holes for 3/4 with the batter. Place them onto the Silpat oven rack into the center of the hot oven & bake for about 23-25 minutes until browned & cooked through. I tested it with a smaller pin. Take out of the oven & leave the tasty muffins into their silicon moulds for about 15 minutes. This way, they get their lovely shine & pattern. When they are a bit cooler, carefully, with help of your hands, take them out of their casings. Leave them on a wire rack to cool down more. My husband & I ate on when it was still warm. This way, you could taste the chocolate more. When we devoured another one, when the muffins were cooled down, you could taste the plums better! 😉  Enjoy, sliced open, just like that or with a good cup of fresh coffee! DIVINE either way! 🙂 MMM,….Enjoy, sweeties! ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!


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23 responses to “Oil-free Vegan Wholemeal Oat Plum Muffins! A healthy snack! :)

  1. Wow Sophie, that muffin has everything, it’s super food. I love it!!! Would be great meal on the go and you can rest assured you are doing your body good.

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    They look wholesome, Sophie. A lovely treat!

  3. Jim Brennan says:

    Oat plum muffins. Never heard anything that sounds so delish. You are an artist in the kitchen, Sophie.

  4. hotlyspiced says:

    These muffins are packed with flavour and I do love plums in muffins, it really does bring out their sweetness xx

  5. Starr says:

    Your muffins sound really lovely Sophie. Love the plum/chocolate combo!

  6. April @ The Balanced Vegan says:

    Oh wow these look so good, really great combination and I have loads of plums!!! Thank you!

  7. lou says:

    Hello Sophie,
    Your muffins look gorgeous and they are healthy too. I’m looking forward to taste one of them, if possible?

  8. Love it! I’m bookmarking it to make for Pete!

  9. Sean & Linda says:

    Waw, these no-oil muffins look the max!

  10. Koko says:

    I love how these look inside!! I have some plums right now, too!

  11. Johan says:

    Amazing wonderful good-for-you healthy filling muffins!
    What is not to LOVE here? x

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