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Vegan Gluten-free Café Latte with NuNaturals Nustevia Chai Spice Syrup!

Yesterday, I made this lovely Vegan Gluten-Free Café Latte & added some NuNaturals Nustevia Chai Spice Syrup to it to give it a nice added kick to my palate! This way, I thought it was Christmas! I am all new to stevia flavored products so I needed to invent recipes with them. This is one of them:


I am a big fan already! This special syrup is something special.

NuNaturals Nustevia Chai Spice Syrup is a healthy syrup that has a few ingredients in it: glycerin, water, stevia extract, chai blend ( extracts of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, nutmeg, allspice), organic acacia gum, organic guar gum & xantan gum. So, each sugar-free flavored syrup is created from natural stevia extract, glycerin, spice extracts, and water. All syrups are vegan, gluten-free & GMO-Free.

When I first created this recipe, I used too many of this syrup (1 + 1/2 teaspoon) & it had a bad aftertaste. Now, I reduced the amount & it tastes great! Now, I used 1/2 teaspoon & it tastes awesome! 🙂 It is all about experimenting!!!

Recipe: For 1 big Christmas mug


450 ml unsweetened soy milk

250 ml or more to your liking, fresh brewed coffee

1/2 teaspoon of NuNaturals Nustevia Chai Spice Syrup ( The flavor is strong enough for this amount of liquid!!!)


1. Pour soy milk into fitted cooking pot & heat up on medium-high. With a small whisk, whisk soy together to get a lot of foam: as little or as much as you want. When nearly hot, pour in here your hot coffee. Whisk together. Just before serving, add stevia chai blend. Whisk together & pour into your mug. Top with the foam & enjoy with a big sip!!! Enjoy, sweeties! 🙂 Mmm! A spiced up café latte!