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Lentil soup with a Kick!

A delicious nourishing filling soup! It is more a one pot dinner! Enjoy!!!


Want to know, How I made it?

Recipe: For a whole lot of soup


1 medium red onion, peeled & finely chopped

3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely chopped

4 big carrots,Β peeled & chopped into rounds

1 Β x (7cm x 2 cm) ginger, peeled & finely chopped

210 gr (2 1/4 cups) white cut up cabbage leaves

100 gr (1/2 cup) green dried lentils that need 20 minutes of cooking

grins of black pepper

some Maldon sea salt

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

1500 ml hot vegan gluten-free stock

2 teaspoons couscous seasoning


1. Take a large soup pot & heat up on medium-high. When hot, add some drizzles of that fruity extra virgin olive oilΒ in it. Add chopped ginger, garlic & red onion. Fry for a few minutes.Β Add some 10 grins of black pepper & some pinches of sea salt. Stir often. Now, add chopped carrots, chopped white cabbage & green lentils. Stir fry everything round into the pot. Fry for about 5 minutes or so. Now, add 1500 ml of hot stock & boil for about 20 minutes until your lentils are just cooked through & your veggies are just tender. I added some 8 grins of black pepper, 2 teaspoons of dried couscous seasoning & some pinches of sea salt! It has to taste wonderful, very fragrant & at the end that ginger kick!πŸ˜‰

2. Leave your soup to cool down a bit & serve at once with a loved one! I ate my soup, like this, see picture above. You can eat it with some good bread on the side, if you want but you really don’t need it at all!πŸ™‚

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