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I am now on Instagram & some other news,…!!!

Hello everybody,

Since 2 weeks or so, I am now also on Instagram! Ooh yay! Come on over, like & follow me! 🙂 This is how it looks like on my iMac, ipad! Click onto the photo to go directly to my Instagram page! 🙂

Cool right? Here is my direct link:

And now for some more news: I have reached more than 500,000 photo views as the local guide Sophie’s Foodie Files on Google Maps! ooh yes! See here the proof: Just click onto the photo to go directly to my local guide page! 🙂

+500,000 photo views!

So, I will pop open a bottle of fine champagne to celebrate this last news! So exciting too! 🙂

I am featured again on the Kris Carr’s website under recipes with my recipe of Cashew Chocolate Pumpkin Spread! Ooh yes! I am so happy! 🙂

rsthrhfghthJust click onto the photo to go to her website & my recipe page! 🙂

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Featured again 4 times in a day @ Instructables!

Yesterday, I added 4 recipes of my  log with photos on Instructables site! This morning, I read that I am featured 4 times, yet again! Now, I am featured 20 times in total on Instructables! That makes me very happy! 🙂 Just click onto the photos to go to my recipe on Instructables!



This makes me very happy! 🙂 Yay!


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Some news,… And A Smoothy!

Hey sweeties!

Are you all enjoying the lovely spring weather? I know, I am!

Peter & I have walked a lot lately. Everywhere we go, we have seen a lot of these beautiful flowers:


And I also got some news! I was featured 2 times on the website of Kris Carr! I am a big fan of her! I have 2 books of her. All 2 recipes of mine, were in their breakfast section. Just click onto the photo below to go directly to the recipe on their website! Number 1: Spelt Vanilla pancakes!

My yummy pancakes!
Number 2: Nut Seed Granola! They rewrote my recipe for their American readers!
My Nut Seed Granola!

I just found out that BritMums, featured a recipe link of me, a few years ago:“Can’t quite let go of some things on your new regime, like a big fat juicy burger for example? Well look no further than SophiesFoodieFiles Smoked Tofu Burger perhaps?”

Great, hey?Now, this news makes me very happy! Now a lovely smoothy to celebrate my news with:


Recipe: For 2 big smoothies
2 ripe pears, cored, well cleaned & washed, pad dry, Unpeeled, cut up into 4 pieces each
300 ml coconut water
2 tablespoons raw chia seeds
100 gr, raw, fresh cleaned, spun dry kale leaves, big stem removed, each leaf torn into pieces (My kale leaves were from our garden)


1. Take your Vitamix container & place every ingredient in this order in it. Place tamper into fitted lid & blend until completely smooth & on high-speed too. This will take about 10-15 seconds, using the tamper to push your ingredients into the running blades. Pour into 2 lovely smoothy glasses & sip straight away with a big smile on your face! 🙂MMM …Enjoy, sweeties! 🙂

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I am back & was featured a few times!

Hey sweeties,

I am back! Yay! I know that it has been more than a month of me going everywhere but being here.

Now, I am back into full swing!

Since I was away from my blog I discovered that I was featured 4 times on Instructables!

That made me very happy! It was these 4 yummy recipes! Just click onto the pictures to go directly to the pages themselves! 🙂


And finally:


My famous Jerusalem Artichokes Latkes were featured on an American website, to celebrate Hanukkah, on December 22nd 2016!!! 🙂

Just click onto the photo to go the article! 🙂 Yay!

So, you might be wondering, what I have done the last month & a half? I have baked a lot recently. I baked many breads that I invented myself & others that I made from other people. I also bought 2 cookery books where I am making dishes out off. Reviews are coming later!

These are 2 of my invented breads: The 1st: Vegan Hazelnut Bread! Soon on the blog + video!

And I also invented & made this lovely bread:

2nd: Vegan Spelt Bread topped with spelt flakes! (Soon on the blog!)


So, this was a quick update & see you all later on the blog for more creative recipes from ME to you all! I also have to say that my E-book: Healthy Vegan Christmas has been downloaded more than +500 times & that everyone loves the unique lay-out & recipes too! So thank you all a whole lot of making me so happy! So, if you like to stay updated & receive my new latest posts through cool email newsletters, Subscribe now by email. It is free! Join 1,850 email subscribers! Get my free E-Book: Healthy Vegan Christmas too!

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I have got some news, recent harvests from our allotment & a sweet-sour gherkin canning recipe!

Hello sweeties,

A while ago, you all raved about one of my recent yummy posts like this one: Vegan spelt pancakes with passionfruit glaze, remember?

You know that I am a member of Instructables, right? Again, one of my posts has been featured on the main food page of Instructables! Ooh yes, that news has made me so happy & proud! Just look at this & CLICK ONTO THE PHOTO BELOW to go directly to the featured page:

And another post, the one that has been Featured for the 1st time on Instructables, has reached more than 2,000 views alone! Yes! Just 2,846 views! Nearly 3,000 views! woehoe! It is this one:


Now, for something completely different! The latest many harvest from our garden: Click onto the photos to see it all more clearly! 🙂

Harvest of 1 day!
Harvest of 1 day!

So,…what did we do with it all? More recipes on how to use them up later on in the next weeks,…

Up till now, we made 2 different recipes for sweet-sour gherkins!

1st recipe for sweet-sour gherkins:

sweet -sour gherkins
sweet sour gherkins, when it is just made!

Recipe: For 3 canning jars, each 440 ml.


For the 1st night:

about 500 gr of fresh gherkins, ( I had 538 gr) washed under a running tap of water, pad dry, left whole

1500 ml of water + 37,5 gr of salt

For the 2nd day, the next morning:

400 ml white wine vinegar

300 ml water

300 ml white wine, a cheap one, I used Cabernet Sauvignon that only cost me 3 Euro

100 gr white sugar

4 whole green chili peppers, cleaned, dept dry, left whole

40 black peppercorns

1 tablespoon yellow mustard seeds

What else do you need?

2 cooking pots

a canning funnel, sterilized, for day 2

3 canning pots & lids, all sterilized for day 2

a small soup ladle to help you

clean towels


Day 1, the evening before you go to bed. Place your fresh clean gherkins into a pot, all besides each other. Take a cooking pot & add 1500 ml of water & your salt. Bring to the boil & pour this over the gherkins in the other pot. The gherkins must be covered with all the salted water. They may float a bit on the water. Place fitted lid on & place into the fridge for the night being. This way, the gherkins will be softer, the way through. The salt will remove any dirt etc. And also the gherkins will absorb better the flavors of the next day, this is the sweet-sour marinade, of course!

Day 2: Remove excess of salted water & slice them the way you like it. Pour salted not so clean water of the gherkins. Rinse them under clean running water & dep them dry. you can really feel that the gherkins are softer now. Now, you can easily remove the black tornes from the outside peel of the gherkins. Now, make your sweet-sour marinade. Take a smaller cooking pot & add all ingredients for the sweet-sour marinade. Bring it all to the boil & whisk to resolve the sugar into the liquid. Once boiling, boil for 10 minutes. This method & also the water salting the night before comes from a well-known Belgian chef, called Piet Huysentruyt. 

Piet Huysentruyt
Piet Huysentruyt

3. Now, with oven gloves, take one of the canning pot with fitted lid out of the dishwasher or oven & place it onto a clean towel on your kitchen counter. Place your sliced or cut up gherkins into the fitted pot. see that there isn’t a slice that is too big to fit the pot. otherwise, slice it agin into 2. Really stuff your sliced gherkins neatly besides each other & see that there is room to pour the liquid with added ingredients into your canning pot. Take the sterilized funnel & place it into your canning pot. With your smaller ladle, ladle & pour your marinade into the funnel. See that all the ingredients are neatly divided into the 3 canning jars. Really fill them up, so that all of your liquid & ingredients have been used up. Now, screw the lid really well on & place the filled jar upside down for the day & night. Do the same with the other 2 jars. The next day, label them & place them into a dark clean cupboard for at least ….How long? I don’t know, I never made them before in my life! How long do you think, I need to let them be before devouring? Can you tell me???? Weeks? Months? Can you tell me?

Here are some photos to help you along:

Here a photo when it is 1 week old in the canning jar:

So, that is it for this post! I hope you loved it as much as I did & try the recipe, I would say! 🙂 xxx

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Home-made pumpkin puree & a recipe using it!

Hello everyone,

You all know that we grew 3 different types of pumpkins last year, yes? We grew 3 big Musque de Provence pumpkins (Cucurbita Moschata) & the tiniest one, was 5,2 kg! One of the bigger one’s we cut up open yesterday. This one was: 7,8 kg! That is right! We picked it from the plant on October the 10th before the frost so it was exactly, just over 3 months old! This is how it looked now:

It is a big one!
It is a big one!

Just look at that pumpkin beauty! I just love that melon type flesh & that lovely sweet sent & flavor of these type of pumpkins.

You really can’t find easily sugar pumpkins in our tiny country so I use home-grown pumpkins to make my purées. I also do it another way like most of you. This is how I do it:

Recipe: For 2250 ml of Vitamix roasted pumpkin purée


about 1/2 Musque de Provence pumpkin = I used 2910 gr pure pumpkin flesh (no skin, no seeds, no threads & no mushy interior)

Method: ( See pictures below!!!)

  1. Preheat your oven to 200°C ( 400 F ) for 10 minutes. I cut the pumpkin open into large wedges, scooped the seeds & threads out with help of a spoon,…it is easy this way. Then, I removed the skin with a knife. The skin has ribs & so you must cut out carefully all the flesh from the pumpkin. Cut away the hard stuff on the outside where the skin was. You won’t need that. I cut my pumpkin flesh into wedges, pieces, about 1 cm-1.5 cm thick. This way, it only needs 15 minutes of roasting into the hot preheated oven.
  2. I placed my pumpkin pieces all in 1 layer into 2 non-stick oven roasting tins. Place into the hot oven & roast for about 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pumpkin slices. Check after 15 minutes with a fork. It should be tender.
  3. Place the roasted pumpkin pieces all into your Vitamix & place fitted lid & tamper in. Blend onto high-speed & push ingredients using the tamper ingot he running blades. It took me only 10 seconds. Pour into a container with fitted lid & place into the freezer or into the fridge for later use. When I freeze the purée,..I freeze it how I like to use it , like 1/2 cup, 2 cups, 1 + 1/2 cup, etc! It is easy this way! I repeated the process all over again. So, I ended up with Vitamixed home-made roasted pumpkin purée. I got out of it: 2250 ml! 
  4. So, it is THAT EASY!! And it is also so rewarding.This pumpkin purée is the best, I believe! 🙂 And now a lovely recipe using it: I also made a few tasty pumpkin recipes on my blog & I will link to them, below my post, all right? So everybody is happy! 🙂 So, I had only used pumpkin purée in pumpkin cakes, in muffins, in carob brownies & in spiced pumpkin pancakes & that is it. So, I wanted to create something different with it. This is what I created: A delicious Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding! This lovely dessert is also vegan & gluten-free & so easy to make. Check it all out: 

Will you join me?

Will you join me?
Will you join me?

Recipe: For 2 lovely puddings


1 cup + 1/2 cup (378 gr) home-made pumpkin purée

100 gr vegan dark chocolate at least 72% or darker, if you prefer

4 pitted soft dates

1/2 teaspoon ground mixed spice ( koekkruiden in Dutch)


  1. Break chocolate into smaller pieces. Put them into a metallic bowl that you place on top of a small cooking pot filled with a bottom of boiling water. Turn heat up on low. Let the chocolate melt completely. The hot water mustn’t touch the metallic bowl. This is called au-bain-marie. This will take a few minutes on low fire. Turn heat off.
  2. Grab your Vitamix container & add pumpkin purée, mixed spice, 4 soft dates & pour your melted chocolate to this. Scrape everything of the last melted chocolate out of the bowl & into your Vitamix container. Place fitted lid & tamper on. Turn on high-speed until it is fully mixed. This will take about 10 seconds. Turn machine off & scrape the sides down & remix onto high-speed, pushing ingredients into the running blades while using your tamper. Then, pour into 2 lovely dessert cups.So, the flavors are best & really tasty, just after you made it! xxx You can really taste the yummy chocolate, the mixed spice & pumpkin! Yummmm! Enjoy, sweeties! xxx ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!

Sophies Foodie Files

My home-made pumpkin purée & my recipe is being featured on Instructables, on January, 19th, today! Ooh yes! It is my 6th featured recipe! yes!



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Seen on,… 4 recipes Featured!

A while ago, I was contacted by the lovely people behind The Australian

They published my recipe of Vegan banana avocado carob puddings! Now, a few years later, they contacted me again to ask if they could publish 4 more other recipes? And they would link back to my blog. Of course, I said yes! They published 4 f them onto their website & you will find my recipes also back into pdf !! 🙂 Yay!

The 1st recipe is this one: Raw carob red currant chocolates! Just click onto the pictures to go directly to the pages!

They published my 4 carob recipes all into the USA sections & also all 4 into the other Carob Powder, roasted carob powder sections, etc. Lucky me! 🙂 This means being well-featured! 🙂 8 times!

This is how I wrote it:

The 2nd recipe is this one: filed o.a. under Roasted carob powder: Vegan Carob Banana Bread!


The 3 rd recipe is filed under: such as roasted carob powder: Vegan Gluten-Free hot Carob Spiced Pumpkin Drinks


The 4 th recipe is filed for example under: US roasted carob powder: Vegan Gluten-free Carob Mousse with Strawberries

So, go on, make some of my tasty carob recipes, go on,..explore this yummy website & click onto my recipe links to my blog & make some tasty recipes! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you! 🙂 See you all later, sweeties! 🙂 xxxx

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