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My favourite ricotta sandwich! Archive post!

Yum Yum

This is my favourite ricotta sandwich of the moment! This is one of my beloved archive posts on my blog. It was first posted on my blog, on April the 6th 2009! When strawberries are in Season, I eat it frequently! I bet, you will do so too! 😉

What is sheep’s ricotta, I hear you say?

Fresh Sheep's milk ricotta!
Fresh Sheep’s milk ricotta!

Ricotta is originally no real cheese. It is a byproduct of cheese. It is an Italian whey cheese made from sheep (or cow, goat or Italian water buffalo) milk whey left over from the production of cheese. Like other whey cheeses, it is made by coagulating the keratin proteins that remain after the casein has been used to make cheese. Thus, ricotta can be eaten by persons with casein intolerance.

Ricotta (literally meaning “recooked”) uses whey, the liquid that remains after straining curds when making cheese. Most of the milk protein (especially casein) is removed when cheese is made, but some protein remains in the whey, mostly albumin. This remaining protein can be harvested if the whey is first allowed to become more acidic by more fermentation (by letting it sit for 12–24 hours at room temperature). Then the acidified whey is heated to near boiling. The combination of low pH and high temperature denatures the protein and causes it to precipitate out, forming a fine curd. Once cooled, the curd is separated by passing through a fine cloth.

Ricotta curds are creamy white in appearance, slightly sweet in taste, and contain around 13% fat. In this form, it is somewhat similar in texture to some cottage cheese variants, though considerably lighter. It is highly perishable. However, ricotta also comes in aged varieties which are preservable for much longer.

I find the fresh sheep’s ricotta to be much lighter & more low-fat than the cow’s one! I am lactose-intolerant & find that I can eat the fresh sheep’s ricotta without any problem!!

I have made many tasty sheep’s ricotta recipes on my blog. I have made 12 recipes on my blog using fresh sheep’s ricotta & you can find them all, in my right corner of my blog, filed under: Recipes by Ingredient, jus click onto it & scroll down, to Ricotta! You can find them all there! 😉 I linked them all up! Just click onto the recipe! 🙂 xxx

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Recipe: For 1 person, 1 slice of bread


1 thicker slice of bread, I prefer spelt or sourdough bread
a bit of unsalted butter or margarine
a thick layer of fresh sheep’s ricotta
3 or 4 fat strawberries, cleaned, culled & cut up into thicker slices
1 teaspoon of your best Balsamic vinegar
1. Take your slice of bread.
2. Smear it thinly with unsalted butter or margarine.
3. Smear a thick layer of the fresh sheep’s ricotta over the bread slice, equally divided.
4. Arrange your strawberry slices on top.
5. Take your teaspoon of the best Balsamic vinegar & drizzle it over your strawberries & the ricotta! Enjoy!!

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