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Vegetarian grilled marinated courgettes & aubergine dinner!

Peter & I are using up our aubergines & the last of our home-grown courgettes too.  My only aubergine plant is still producing many aubergines in our plastic conservatory. Since 2 weeks, we close it during the day & at night. This way, the temperature is much higher in there. There are still many chilli peppers aka Rokita, growing.

A few days ago, I made this delicious easy vegetarian dinner:


It is an easy dish to make & to gobble it all up too! I marinated my sliced courgettes & aubergines with lemon thyme, cut up garlic, a fruity extra virgin olive oil, black pepper & pink salt. Then, I grilled them. I served them with marinated feta chunks & made a lovely easy lemon thyme dressing to go with it! Yum Yum!

This is the dish before adding the oven roasted potato fries!

This is the dish before adding the oven roasted potato fries!

Let’s see how I made it all!

Recipe: For 2 persons


For the grilled courgettes & aubergines:

2 medium courgettes, cleaned, thinly sliced

2 medium aubergines, cleaned, thinly sliced

2 tablespoons chopped lemon thyme, no big stalks, please!

3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled  finely chopped

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

black pepper

pink salt in a grinder

For the oven roasted potato fries:

4 white potatoes, peeled & cut up into thicker fries

black pepper

pink salt in a grinder

that same fruity evoo, as used above

For the feta:

marinated feta chunks, drained

For the lemon thyme dressing:

6 tablespoons of that same fruity extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon chopped lemon thyme

black pepper

pink salt in a grinder


  1. Marinate the sliced courgettes & aubergines for about 2 hours. About 40 minutes before dinner, preheat your oven to 200°C ( 400 F) for 10 minutes. In a fitted oven dish, arrange your potato fries. Scatter 5 grins of black pepper & 5 grins of pink salt over it. Drizzle about 6 drizzles of that fruity oil over them. with clean hands, mingle everything together & roast for about 25-30 minutes into the hot oven.
  2. Heat up onto high heat your grill pan. When hot, brush your slices with the same marinade on one side & place them onto the hot grill. With a fork, push the slices onto the hot grill. Grill them for a few minutes & then brush this upper side with the marinade & turn them over to grill the other side. This side only takes a minute or 2. Place them onto a big plate layered with double kitchen paper to dip off the excess of oil. Place another big plate over it to keep warm. It will look something like this:

3. While the potato fries are in the oven & your grilling is nearly ending, make your easy dressing! Take a jam pot with fitted lid & add all ingredients for your       dressing in it. Screw lid on & shake your jam pot up & down for a few times. This way, your dressing is well mixed. Taste! You must taste the lemon & the chopped thyme! Yum yum!

4. Plate up, like photo above & just before serving, drizzle a  bit of the yummy dressing all over your dish, in a circle! MMMMM! This is lovely enjoyed with a crisp white wine, like this one 2009 Jacob’s Creek Riesling Reserve, South Australia. A perfect partner! Enjoy, sweeties! xxxjacob-s-creek-reserve-riesling-south-australia-10712333


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You can read it also HERE ON INSTRUCTABLES!

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Vegetarian Tasty Salad! MMM,…!

Yesterday, I invented this glorious winning tasty vegetarian salad. It is made within 15 minutes! Can you guess the yummy ingredients?

Will you join me?
Will you join me?

Yes, you are right: There is grilled halloumi in it, toasted hazelnuts, a sweet dressing & a tasty combo of green small lettuce & Belgian ground witloof. It is just the perfect combination of fine foods. You have sweet & salty in here too. Let’s see how I made it, shall we?

Recipe: For 2 persons


For the persimmon dressing:

2 ripe persimmons, peeled, big white stem on the inside removed

5 grins of finely milled black pepper

5 grins of milled pink salt

1 tablespoon of a fruity extra virgin olive oil

For the salad:

2 cups, well-pushed into the cups, (60 gr) cleaned, washed, spun dry lamb’s lettuce

1/2 cup (77 gr) whole unskinned hazelnuts

2 large Belgian witloof (chicory) cultivated into the full ground, cleaned, cut up into smaller pieces, as you like/ Just cut them up fine just before serving other wise they change color into more grey.

1 packet of halloumi = 225 gr, package opened, water poured away, dipped on kitchen paper, cut up into thinner slices with a sharp knife.


  1. First, take a non-stick fitted pan & add hazelnuts. Toast on low-fire until they are all browned & toasted. Shake the nuts in the pan & check them often, not to burn them. Your house will smell amazing when ready. this only takes a few minutes. turn heat off & set aside.
  2. Make the dressing. Place peeled persimmons into a beaker. Add black pepper, pink salt & olive oil. With an immersion blender blend until completely smooth. Taste. The dressing is sweet but also has a yummy savory flavor. It is just perfect! Now, heat a large non-stick griddle pan on high-heat. Brush your halloumi slices on both sides with the oil. When the griddle pan is very hot, place the halloumi slices onto it for a few minutes, pushing with a fork to get the lovely browned grilled lines onto the slices. When you see them, turn around & fry the other sides too, for a few minutes. Now, you are ready to plate up. Place a lot of the lamb’s lettuce leaves on the full base of your plates. In the middle, add the chopped witloof. Arrange 4 halloumi slices on top of the witloof. Scatter the hazelnuts all around the out circle of the plates, like picture above. Finally, dollop the dressing into the middle of the plates & on the sides outwards too, like picture above. Serve at once with a loved one & eat with a big smile on your face! 🙂 MMM …♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!

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A salad to impress!

This is a lovely, easy to compose & sexy salad! This plate full of deliciousness looks amazing & the colors are just right,…Enjoy!

A sexy salad!

This is a very festive salad to enjoy at Christmas. It is best enjoyed with the company of your other half & a good glass of Champagne Brut. MMM!
Recipe: For 2 persons


* For the salad:

2 oranges

10-12 white asparagus, not too thick, peeled & cleaned

100 gr thinly sliced smoked duck slices

2 ripe figs, cut into 4 parts orso

a bag of mixed young salad leaves

* For the dressing:

the juice of 1/2 of the oranges above, measure out 1 tablespoon orange juice for the dressing

2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of tangy cranberry sauce/ I use home-made

1 tablespoon of a fruity extra virgin olive oil

black pepper, finely grinned

Maldon sea salt


  1. Cut your orange with peel on into 2. Take a bowl & juice half the part of the orange in here. Set aside. The other part, peel it & remove white skins & discard the pits. Cut into segments a remove the inner skin. Place into a bowl. The other orange, peel it; cut into segments too & discard the white bits & pits.
  2. Make the dressing. Take a small jam pot & add olive oil, orange juice from the 1/2 orange & 2 teaspoons cranberry sauce. Season with Maldon sea salt & some grins of black pepper. Place fitted jam lid on & shake your jam pot up & down & again. Taste the dressing! You must taste the tangy cranberry & the sweetness of the orange.
  3. At the same time, boil your white asparagus into hot water until cooked through & tender. Drain well. Keep warm.
  4. Take 2 clean white serving plates & plate up! Place a small handful of the young salad leaves all over the base of each plate. Place onto each plate, 4 fig wedges. Place about 5 white cooked asparagus on top of each plate. Arrange your orange segments onto each plate as well, about 6 per plate. Finally, arrange your smoked duck slices on top of your salad, onto each plate. One last time, shake your dressing up & down into the fitted jam pot. Drizzle the dressing in a circle all over the top of the salad, onto the 2 plates. Pop your champagne & pour it into 2 cool champagne glasses & enjoy with your loved one! MMMM!♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!! Get my first Free E-Book: Healthy Vegan Christmas!

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Vegetarian Seasonal salad with fresh chervil-orange dressing!

A few days ago, I invented this tasty Vegetarian Seasonal Salad with home-grown fresh chervil that I used in an orange dressing! The rest, my husband used, to make a similar soup, like I did, a few days ago. You can find the soup recipe here! My husband Peter gave it a 10/10! x It is a very colorful salad that you all will love too. I served it with a lovely white wine like a crisp cold Pinot Grigio. The wine & salad did go fabulous together! 🙂


You see all of the different veggies & ingredients that I used in here? Let’s look at that beautiful divine dressing & wine?



You can also find this tasty recipe here:

Recipe: for 2 salads


* For the salad:

enough lettuce leaves for the base of 2 salad plates, cleaned, washed & spun dry

2 fresh ground chicory, cleaned, big hard core removed, cut up horizontally into thicker strips

2 medium beetroot, cooked, peeled & cut up into round slices, each about 0.5-1 cm thick

1 big juicy orange, peeled, white bits removed, cut up into longer pieces

about 100 gr sheep’s feta, that is gluten-free, drained, pad dry & cut up into equal-sized chunks

pecan halves: 41 gr (1/3 cup)

* For the fresh chervil-orange dressing:

juice of 1 big orange or 2 smaller ones

1 handful of fresh chervil, cleaned, pad dry & cut up finely

20 grins of finely milled black pepper

a few pinches of Maldon sea salt

4 tablespoons of a fruity extra virgin olive oil


1. First, toast your pecan halves in a dry non-stick pan over low heat, in 1 layer until fragrant & toasted. Shake your nuts often & turn them over with the help of your hands or wooden spoon.  Watch your nuts! See that you don’t burn them. Lower your heat if you need to. Turn heat off & set aside.

2. Plate up your salad plates. Place enough of the lettuce leaves on the base of your plate. See picture above.  Place your white chicory strips, like picture above. Place 4 orange segments on top of the chicory strips. Place 4 cooked beetroot on top of your salad leaves, or in a pattern that you like. Your salad has to look attractive, right? Scatter 6 to 7 sheep’s feta chunks over the salad. Do the same with your other plate. Set aside.

3. Finally, make your chervil-orange dressing.Take a larger jam pot & pour orange juice, olive oil i it. grind 20 grins of black pepper in it along with some pinches of sea salt. Now, add your cut up fresh chervil to the jam pot & screw the fitting lid on. Shake your jam pot a few times up & down until the dressing is well emulsified. Taste! You must taste the fresh chervil first & then the orange & pepper! It is a more milder dressing & that is what you need for this salad! Top your salad with the toasted pecan halves, that you crumble over the salad. Pour your dressing in a round over the salad & enjoy instantly with a loved one & with a glass of dry white wine like Pinot Grigio! 🙂 This salad really fills you up with the yummy sheep’s feta & the cooked beetroot! All of the flavors top beautifully together! MMM!  ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!


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Vegan Gluten-free Seasonal salad with black radish & tofu!

This evening, I invented this lovely salad with shredded black radish, carrots, soaked big raisins & lots more,.. I made a simple balsamic vinegar dressing & served it with fried tofu bits. It was a super delicious salad that was also Seasonal! Yum yum yum! It was very tasty! 🙂


And the special ingredient in this lovely shredded salad is: yes,…Black radish!


Read on what black radish is & how I made it! 🙂

What is Black radish, I hear you say? Black radish is a larger thicker vegetable that is family of the radish. It has a more pungent, crisp & sharper flavor then normal radishes. It’s flesh is white. It is family of the daikon, the white one, that is only produced in Summer. Black radish also known as Rammenas in Dutch is a very underused veggie in Belgium.

It has a dark, black skin. It has a diameter of 7 to 10 cm.  Depending on the type, it can be long or round-shaped. Its flesh is crisp & white.

Nutrition value?

Black radishes are an excellent source of vitamin C and also contain potassium, iron and magnesium as well as vitamins A, E and B. They are also known for their ability to fight off infection and promote healthy digestive function. The Black radish also has raphanin which studies have shown to be beneficial in treatment of both under and overactive thyroid imbalances. Studies have shown that the leaves of the Black radish additionally have a liver detoxifying effect.

How to use?

It is up to you! Raw is great, like here in my salad. You can sauté it, boil it, you name it! 🙂 I read that it is great with yoghurt, salt, parsley & in my salad! 😉 Enjoy!

Recipe: For 3 persons


* For the salad:

1 big black reddish, weighted when peeled (200 gr ), cut up into bigger chunks, will get shredded in the food processor

5 big carrots, weighted unpeeled (240 gr ), each carrot cut up into 2, will get shredded in the food processor

1/4 heaped cup Jumbo dark raisins

25 gr chopped walnuts

1 very juicy ripe orange, peeled, white bits & pits removed, cut up into smaller chunks

200 gr firm tofu, well-drained & pressed if you need to, cut up into bite-sized chunks

black pepper

Maldon sea salt

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

* For the dressing:

6 tablespoons fruity evoo ( extra Virgin Olive Oil)

2 tablespoons of a good aged dark balsamic vinegar

black pepper: 8 grins

Maldon sea salt: 1/8 teaspoon & a few pinches more


1. First, make your balsamic dressing. Take a larger jam pot & pour 6 tablespoons of that fruity evoo, 2 tablespoons of that aged balsamic vinegar in it. Add 8 grins of finely milled black pepper & 1/8 teaspoon of crushed Maldon sea salt in it.

2. Soak your big Jumbo dried raisins in hot just boiled water for 10 minutes to swell up & get warm. Drain, just before serving!

3. At the same time, toast your chopped walnuts in a dry pan on low heat until toasted on all sides & your kitchen will smell amazing! Turn heat off & set aside.

4. Take your food processor, place the fitted nod in & your finer shredder-disc. But the top lid back on. Place carrot pieces into fitted funnel & push with that plastic thing on your carrots to push them into the funnel while your machine is running! I did this on full power. Repeat this until all of your carrot pieces are finely shredded & used up. Empty your food processor & place the carrot shreds into a large serving bowl. Do the same with your peeled black radish pieces, until all used up.

5. Finally, add your peeled, chopped orange parts to the salad. Add toasted chopped nuts & soaked raisins too. Mingle everything together! Add some black pepper & some sea salt, but not too much. Fry your tofu bits in that same fruity evoo on high heat until browned & crisped on all sides. Season well with black pepper & some sea salt. Shake your dressing again up & down & check one last time. It was fab! Add 3 tablespoons of that dressing through your salad & serve instantly with the fried tofu bits!

This is a fabulous Seasonal salad with a bit sweet flavor of the orange, jumbo dark raisins & carrot, a more sharp flavor with the black radish & pungent balsamic dressing. It all goes beautifully together! 🙂 Enjoy! xxx

You also can find this tasty recipe on instructables here:

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My husband’s bacon, mushroom & red onion quiche with a side salad!



One evening, I was too tired to make dinner! My husband had the afternoon off & offered to make us dinner! It was this lovely combined dinner! So delicious too! A Speedy tasty quiche with a seasonal side salad! 🙂 Yum!

Recipe: For 1 quiche, 4 large pieces


* For the quiche: 

1 prerolled sheet of puff pastry, ( dairy-free )made with margarine

250 gr of white mushrooms, cleaned & sliced into thicker slices

3 medium red onions, peeled & sliced thinly in wedges

100 gr of bacon pieces ( salted )

a bit of Maldon sea salt

Grins of black pepper

2 large eggs, my husband used Omega 6 eggs, loosend with a fork

150 ml soy cream or sour cream

1 sheet of parchment paper

tart tin with removable base: 24 cm diameter

* For the tomatoes:

3 large Kumato tomatoes, cleaned & finely cut up into little pieces home made or bought chili oil : a few splashes, according to your taste

Chili oil is made by using whole fresh chili’s, dried or not, cut open, green er red ones, about 10 of them, by putting them together in a small bottle. Then you pour a neutral olive oil over them. Put a lid or a pouring tip on it & place into a dark place for about a few weeks. Stir from time to time, the chilli’s around. You can use the oil after a few weeks of waiting. Lovely stuff & it is so easy to make!

* For the mixed salad: 2 or 3 sorts of your favourite salad leaves, well washed, spun dry & cut up into little pieces I used Red radicchio, frisée & lamb’s lettuce 10 sprigs of chives, cleaned & cut into little pieces 2 long sprigs of fresh garlic leaves, cleaned & cut up into little pieces The young garlic leaves have a lovely garlic flavour… MMMM…

* For the home made cocktail sauce: Home made mayonaise or store bought: 60% Heinz tomato ketchup: 40 % Worchester sauce: a few dashes, according to your taste a bit of salt a bit of sugar


1. Take your roll of puff pastry out of the fridge, 20 minutes before use.

2. Preheat the oven to 200°C , ( 392 F ) 10 minutes before placing the quiche into the oven. Take a large non stick pan & pour liquid margarine in it. Heat up on high. When hot & sizzling, add the slices of mushrooms to the pan. Fry until lightly golden, but not completely cooked trough otherwise the mushrooms will get dry when cooked into the oven. Grind some black pepper over them according to your taste. Take the mushrooms out of the pan.

3. Heat up on high again. Add baking margarine. Add the 3 medium sliced onion wedges & fry until golden & cooked trough. Take out the onion parts & set aside. Heat up on high. Add the baking margarine & when hot, add the bacon pieces. Fry until golden. Turn the heat off. Drain on 2 kitchen papers. Set aside.

4. Take your tart tin & line with parchment paper. Place your prerolled pastry in the tin & let the pastry hang over the sides. Now, with your fingers, with your tumbs, line the pastry neatly into the tin. Cut the excess pastry off. Roll with a rolling pin over the tarte tin. The excess of pastry will fall off.

5. Prick with a fork several times into the dough. You haven’t got to prebake the dough.

6. Spread the onion wedges all over the pastry, evenly divided. Add the mushroom slices, also evenly divided. Now, add the bacon pieces. Pour the mixed eggs with the cream all over the tin. Grind some black pepper & some Maldon sea salt over the top.

7. Now, place carefully into the center of the oven & bake for 15 minutes on 200° C until golden & baked trough.

8. Take out of the oven. Place a large cup under the removable base. The outer tin side will fall off. Now, place the tart onto a plate & remove the base with a palette knife. Place onto a serving plate & cut into 4. Then remove the parchment paper. Don’t forget this!

9. Serve on a large plate with the mixed side salad, the chili Kumato tomatoes & the home made Cocktail sauce. Enjoy!!

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Vegan, Gluten-free grilled raddichio & red witlof in a pink grapefruit maple dressing, topped with toasted walnut crumble, pink grape fruit parts & smoked tempeh!


Yesterday evening, I made this fantastic vegan & gluten-free salad! It is so rich in different flavours but ooh so good too! It is a combination of raw foods & grilled foods, like grilled red witlof & grilled radicchio leaves, mingled with a pink grapefruit & maple syrup dressing, topped with a toasted walnut crumble, served with pink grapefruit pieces & fried smoked tempeh rounds! Delish! 🙂 A very festive vegan & Gf salad! The more grilled bitter leaves go so well with the more sweeter pink grapefruit maple syrup dressing!

A salad to impress!!! xxx Noor said: “I made it yesterday evening & loved every crunchy bite, was so delicious too! xxx”


Recipe: For 2 persons, with seconds


** For the pink grapefruit & maple syrup dressing:

juice of 1 big pink grapefruit = 150 ml to 200 ml

4 tablespoons maple syrup, grade C

10 grins of finely milled black pepper

1/2 teaspoon of Maldon sea salt

** For the grilled red witlof & grilled raddichio:

2 medium red witlof, cleaned & big hard white parts removed

1 head of radicchio, outer 2 leaves & hard white bottom removed, cut into 2 & then into thicker wedges & each wedge leaves took off, to grill them all separately!

sunflower oil

black pepper

Marinating the grilled red witlof & grilled radicchio, after grilling, in that tasty pink grape fruit maple syrup dressing : 60 ml of that dressing

** For the rest of the salad:

1 big pink grapefruit, peeled & cut into wedges, then into 2, peel, white parts & pits removed

125 gr of smoked tempeh, cut into thicker rounds

sunflower oil to fry the smoked tempeh rounds in

1/2 cup of walnut pieces, toasted into a hot pan on medium fire, until fragrant & browned on all sides, toasted ( Do not burn the walnut pieces!!! ) When the nuts are a bit less warm, place into a food processor & pulse until it resembles a crumble: very finely!

2 medium normal white witlof, cleaned & big hard part in the interior removed

shreds of that raddichio, a few shreds torn up


1. Cut your 2 normal white witlof finely but not too fine. Shred a few radicchio leaves into smaller pieces. Mix these up nicely. This will form the middle & base of each plate.

2. Make your dressing. Take a smaller bowl & add the freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice. Add 4 tablespoons of maple syrup. Now, add 10 grins of finely milled black pepper & 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Whisk together with a smaller whisk. Taste! It has to taste yummy & a bit more sweet but not too sweet. You still must taste the pink grapefruit! Pour this dressing in a fitted jam pot with fitting lid & set aside. Do not place it into the fridge!!!

3. Preheat your grill pan on high. Smear your radicchio wedges & your red witloof wedges in with sunflower oil. You do this easily this way with a silicon brush. When your grill is very hot, place your wedges of the lof onto the hot griddles. See that every leaf is grilled well. Do not let them burn!! Grill on each side well until grilled, warmed & cooked through. It only takes a few minutes on each side!! Test a few. Place all the grilled pieces together in a big bowl. Now, pour 60 ml of that tasty fruity pink grapefruit maple dressing over it all. I added 8 grins of finely milled black pepper to it. Mingle well with 2 large spoons. Leave it for a few minutes.

4. At the same time, fry your smoked tempeh rounds in some hot sunflower oil, on both sides, for a few minutes until browned on both sides.

5. Now, instantly, plate up 2 plates! I used 2 longer white clean plates & placed onto each plate the raw mixed white witlof & radicchio shredded leaves. Then, I placed the grilled red witlof & radicchio mix over the top, in a mountain shape. I topped that with the toasted walnut crumble. I served my 5 pink grapefruit pieces around the center & placed onto ech plate 5 thicker smoked tempeh pieces, neatly besides the pink grapefruit bits. When my husband & I devoured our tasty salad, we added more of that tasty dressing over our salad: you need to do that when you are starting to eat the raw bottom of this powerful fabulous seasonal salad! Vegan! Gluten-free too! 🙂 Serve at once with a loved one! xxx Stay tuned, Subscribe through the photo link below to get my new cool newsletters aka posts! Join 1,800 email Subscribers! It is free! Click onto this link below!