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Home made fresh & dried figs chutney!

Delightful home-made fig chutney: ready to be enjoyed!

Recently, my husband & I bought our dream house.We have a lovely reasonable sized garden with a smaller fig tree. At the present moment, this fig tree is has a lot of fresh figs. So, I thought, what to do with so many figs? I came up with a few ideas. I invented a lovely fresh & dried figs chutney. There are also a few new fig recipes coming up on my blog later on, like fig clafoutis, etc.

my beautiful fig tree!
Ripe freshly cut up figs!
the chutney before cooking!
the chutney after cooking!

This chutney is best enjoyed cold or heated up with a hard cheeses platter or with some good game dishes, like venison, guinea fowl, wild boar, pheasant, & also with my wild boar appetizer. You can find the recipe here! ( filed under Sophie’s Christmas menu ! )


Recipe: For 3 pots/ 2 pots, each 350 ml & 1 pot 400 ml / So, for 1100 ml chutney


800 gr fresh figs, stems removed, cleaned with water, pad dry on kitchen paper, cut into 4 ( weighted after cleaned & stems removed)

200 gr dried figs, stems removed & cut into little pieces

Juice of ½ lemon & lemon parts cut into small pieces ( peel, white parts & seeds removed )

100 gr red onions, peeled & cut into little pieces ( weighted when peeled )

100 gr unrefined fine coconut blossom sugar / if you don’t have that : cane sugar

1 tablespoon ( 15 ml ) of apple cider vinegar

3 grinds of sea salt ( I use Maldon )

a few pinches of cayenne pepper


1. Take a large bowl & add both the fresh fig parts & the dried fig parts. Mix well.

2. Divide the sugar all over the fig parts, add the red onion parts too & mix well with a spoon.

3. Add the cider vinegar, the lemon pieces & lemon juice. Mix it all carefully together with a spoon.

4. Take a larger cooking pot & spoon the mix in it. Ad about 3 grinds of sea salt & a few pinches of cayenne pepper, not too much. Place on a medium hot fire & cook softly for about 25 minutes. It has to cook. Stir from time to time & don’t let the mix burn. The mix will thicken.

5. Rinse your 3 bottles with hot water & place them upside down on a clean towel until ready to use.

6. Fill your bottles up & immediately turn the lids on them. Let them cool down. Label them. Place them aside in a cool place but not the fridge. Once you have opened a bottle, keep in the fridge.


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