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Re (visiting ) a favourite shop in Brussels!

This is my favourite artisanal Bakery in the center of Brussels!
He makes his own breads, sandwiches, cakes,tarts & tartlets! 🙂 Yum!
The view from where I am sitting & eating!

Since, my husband & I don’t live in Brussels anymore we don’t go that often to Brussels 😦 We live in Mechelen, 30km north of Brussels, In Flanders.

But Today, I had some time to spend in my beloved Brussels. I took my camera with me to take some lovely pics. The sun was shining this morning at my home but when I arrived by train near Brussels, the sky was super dark & I heard thunder! Thunder, all true the night, promise to see Jesus in the morning light, take my hand, it will be alright, come on save your soul tonight!  That Prince’s song goes through my mind! 🙂

This is one of the finest “real bakers ” in Brussels. Here, you can buy all different kinds of breads, pastries, fine tarts & filled sandwiches, all made fresh in this bakery & baked here too. The quality is excellent!

You can savour the delicious filled pastries, tarts &  tartlets over here in the shop & enjoy with a good brewed coffee or tea or take the sandwich home with you. Large tarts prices vary from 10 euro till 24 Euros.
There aren’t that many sitting places but they are nearly all the time occupied. On their website, you will find a lot more information about the sources of their bread, cakes, etc.
Here is their website: Bakery Charli!
They have 6 different filled home-made sandwiches. Most of the fillings  are organic or home-made. The baker’s don’t use any preservatives, artificial colourings or other bad stuff! They only have 1 vegetarian sandwich that consists of a traditional 5 grains baguette, fresh pesto, roasted eggplant, 18 month old A. O. C. Comté & fresh & marinated tomatoes. But I savoured this tasty one below.
It was noon & I was very hungry so I ate this delicious snack: a home-made sourdough hazelnut ciabatta sandwich, a bit chewy but crunchy, layered with fresh rocket leaves ( arugula ), goat’s cheese mixed with fresh figs, Serrano ham & pieces of grilled aubergine’s. ( eggplant) It was ooh so tasty & very filling. I drank a bottle of sparkling water with this. For 50 cl Spa red: 1.60 Euros & for the sandwich: 4.50 euros.
All the breads for the sandwiches, the breads & pastries, tarts & tartlets are freshly baked, every day in the bakery!
Don’t you want a big bite??? Delightful!!!

Later on, I savoured a lovely fruit tartlet. It was a strawberry & pistachio combo on a Breton shortbread. It was quite fabulous. Firstly,the dough underneath crumbled into your mouth, just like it should be! Secondly, on top of that, you had a layer of  pistachio confectioner’s cream. Thirdly, on top of that were lovely red  ripe strawberries & finally, on top, was a jam glaze, topped with extra crunchy fresh pistachio’s! The tartlet costed me: 4.50 Euros. That’s a lot of money! They have risen their prices up to nearly 1 till 4 Euros more than last year. But it is so worth it! 🙂

Don’t you want to dig in???
Divine, superb & perfect for me! 🙂

Bakkerij Charli, Sint-Katelijne straat 34, 1000 Brussel, 02/513.63.32.

Bakery Charli, Rue Saint-Cathérine 34, 1000 Brussels, 02/513.63.32.


In English: Monday till Saturday from 7.30 AM till 7 PM

Sunday from 8 Am till 1.30 PM

In Dutch: you can read the text on the door: see picture below!!

Opening hours in Dutch: just read it!

I hoped you enjoyed this tasty post! 🙂

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