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Crave a delicious healthy ice-cream? Make this one!

Yes, this lovely healthy ice-cream I created today! I had some ripe frozen bananas & some ripe frozen red currants from our garden last year still in the freezer. I thought why not create this lovely creamy ice-cream?

Yum! Want Some?

So delicious, So creamy,…so healthy too! Made in minutes & if you like it to be a bit more stiff, freeze for about 1 hour into a container in your freezer! Yum yum, I promise! 🙂 Only 4 ingredients! 😉

Recipe: for a whole lot of creamy ice-cream, about + 3/4 cups = + 1750 ml!


3 medium peeled frozen bananas (355 gr)

1 packet or frozen red currants from the garden from last year (400 gr)

1/4 cup (60 ml) dark agave

a splash or 2 of unsweetened soy milk


Place all ingredients into your Vitamix. Place fitted lid & tamper on. Blend onto full high-power using tamper to push ingredients into the running blades. This took my Vitamix about 30 seconds and then, on the inside of your Vitamix beker: four mounds should form.

Stop machine. Do not overmix or melting will occur. Serve instantly or place into a fitted container with lid back into the freezer for about 1 hour to firm up a bit! 🙂  Take lovely bowls & scoop ice-cream in it. Eat instantly!! MMMM! You taste the red currants & a hint of sweetness from the agave & bananas!!

After 10 minutes,…

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