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Top 10 most viewed posts of 2015 & a Happy 2016 !!

First of all, I wish all of my readers, from all over the world: A Happy 2016 filled with joy, good health, fun, love, laughter & many recipes for you to make from my blog! I also wish you for today & the next days: many tasty culinary delights! Ooh yes!


I will give you my top 10 most viewed posts from my blog from 2015! I will begin with number 10 to 1, okay? 🙂 Just click onto the photos to go directly to the tasty recipes!

10. Vegan no-bake clementine Cheesecake! 


9. My about page!

My about page photo
My about page photo

8. My vegan 5 ingredient pancakes!

A stack of lovely pancakes!
A stack of lovely pancakes!

7. Raw Chocolate Goji berry smoothy!



6. My Raw Bite Bars Review!

These are my favorite raw bars!
These are my favorite raw bars!

5. A garden update!

This garden update has been viewed the most times up till now: 10,000 views!! ooh yes!

Hi, from the garden!
Hi, from the garden!

4. Vegan Gluten-free strawberry cream cheese ice-pops!



3. Home-made red currant vanilla jam!



2. Walnut butter with a secret ingredient!


And finally, number 1, with the most views in 2015, 17,125 viewed was : 1. Travelling Sophie: Berlin, part 1! Ooh yes!


So, I hoped you all enjoyed this lovely recap post! I hope to see you all, a few days after New year, of course! I have a whole lot of new things in my planning for my blog ,in the upcoming year! Feast well & be merry! Cheers! xxxx 

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