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Olive Sourdough Breads!

Today, I made these glorious Lovely delicious olive sourdough breads! I used marinated green olives that I chopped myself. I also used a white spelt sourdough starter aka desem, to make it a bit more fun, healthy & more flavoured too! 😉 And it is all about the flavour, right?

Just look at the glorious tasty inside! Great crumb, right?

Look at those crumbs!

You need 3 days to make these tasty breads!!!!

Recipe: For 2 breads, each 650 gr!!!


Day 1: Re-activate your white wheat sourdough (T 65) from your fridge! 

Sleeping white wheat sourdough(T 65) from your fridge

2 tablespoons organic white wheat flour (T 65)

2 tablespoons warm water

Day 2: Make the sourdough starter aka desem:

2 tablespoons (47 gr) very active white wheat (T 65 ) sourdough, photo above!

300 gr organic white spelt flour

300 ml warm water

Day 3: after 15,5 hours of fermenting, in the morn ing, make the final dough:

300 gr very active white spelt sourdough starter, with lots of bubbles

600 gr organic white spelt flour

300 ml warm water

1 tablespoon of a good honey (I used organic sunflower honey)

6 gr salt (or more to your liking)

150 gr marinated pitted green olives, drained & chopped (Mine were marinated with sea salt, garlic, rosemary, basil, pepper, lemon zest, olive oil)


Day 1: Re-activate your sleeping white wheat sourdough (T 65) pot from the fridge.

I took my smaller pot with sleeping white wheat sourdough (T 65) from my fridge. I screwed the lid open & added 2 tablespoons of T 65 flour + 2 tablespoons of warm water to the pot. I mixed it well together with a small whisk, to put air in it. See that everything is well mixed into the pot, for a few minutes. Turn the lid firmly on & place it on a thick kitchen towel, onto your kitchen counter to ferment. This took my sourdough 13 hours.

Fully activated!

Day 2: Make the sourdough starter aka desem:

Take a medium bowl & add all 3 ingredients to make the starter. This is 2 tablespoons aka 47 gr of the active, very bubbly white wheat sourdough. Add 300 gr white spelt flour + 300 gr warm water. Mix together with a spoon. See that everything is well mixed. Place into a closed plastic bag & leave to ferment on a thick kitchen towel on your kitchen counter for 15,5 hours!! It has to look like this:

Ready to work!

Day 3, after 15,5 hours of fermenting your starter, make the final dough:

Take Kenwood & place dough hook in. Take bowl with sourdough starter out of the plastic bag & whisk together. Now, you have many bubbles in your sourdough starter. Pour 300 gr of it into the Kenwood bowl. Add 600 gr of the white spelt flour, 300 ml of warm water, the honey & the salt. Start mixing on low-speed, aka number 2 for 5 minutes. Then, turn up to 3 & mix for 5 minutes more. Then, I turned my machine onto number 5 for 2 minutes of mixing. I oiled my dough scraper to prevent the dough from sticking to it. Take dough out of the bowl & place onto kitchen countertop. You don’t need no flour here! With your hands, knead for another 2 minutes, stretches the gluten inside!

Now, roll your dough out to a square size, about 30 cm x 30 cm. Scatter chopped olives all over the top of the dough, evenly divided. Push them into your dough, like this:

Now, roll your dough up. Then, knead the dough for 2 minutes. Oil a big bowl & put the dough in it. Place closed plastic bag over it & leave to rise for at least 3 hours or until doubled in size in a warm place.

When ready, take out of bowl with dough scraper & divide the risen dough into 2 equal pieces. Place them into their final vessel. I took 2 round silicon mounds. Place each of them into a closed plastic bah-g & leave to rise for at least 30 minutes into a warm place. When ready, place 2 oven racks into your oven. Preheat oven to 250°C for 15 minutes. I always use a fan oven! Then, remove plastic bags & place your breads into the hot oven & directly, lower your oven temperature to 180°C & bake the bread for 30 minutes or until baked through. My breads were ready after 30 minutes of baking & got a lovely brown colour on top. Remove from the oven & take out of their moulds. Place on a wire rack to cool down completely. When cold, slice & munch. Store in an organic bread bag. These breads will keep for 3 days their full flavour! 

Let’s look just a bit closer, how to enjoy it to the best:

A festive Bread!


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Sourdough Blueberry Vanilla Pancakes made with leftover sourdough starter!

I made these glorious healthy sourdough blueberry vanilla pancakes with leftover sourdough starter from 2 days ago. I made an olive sourdough bread! Recipe on the blog soon! I still had 2 cups (500 ml) over. It was a white spelt sourdough starter. I used it in these tasty beauties:

Delectable sourdough pancakes!

Recipe: For 8 medium thicker pancakes


1 flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flax egg + 3 tablespoons water)

2 cups discarded sourdough starter with white spelt flour

1 + 1/2 teaspoon vanilla cane sugar

2 tablespoons of oil

1 teaspoon baking soda

125 gr fresh blueberries


1. Take medium bowl & ad first 5 ingredients. This is the sourdough starter, flax egg, vanilla cane sugar, oil & baking soda. Whisk well together with a small whisk. Finally, add the blueberries. Whisk again. Your sourdough pancake batter is now very bubbly! Ready to fry your pancakes in a medium-hot non-stick pan.

2. I used a smaller soup ladle to pour my batter into the hot pan. I don’t use oil because there is already oil in the batter. Fry pancakes for a few minutes until there are many bubbles on top & check with a fork if the pancake is already getting brown on the pan side. Carefully flip over with pancake flipper & fry for another minute or so. Keep pancakes warm with foil. Enjoy with some good maple syrup! You can really taste the vanilla & blueberries & the pancakes are a bit sweet on their own. MMM!

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Hazelnut Buckwheat Sourdough Bread!

Today, I made this glorious buckwheat sourdough bread! I used 3 organic flours in here to make this stunning beauty!!! Can you guess which one’s?


Have a slice with me, smeared with butter, of course! And to top that with a good slice of salami or young cheese,…please! 😉 My yummy bread was huge: 1221 gr! Ooh yes!

1221 gr!

Recipe: For 1 big bread


100 gr organic wholemeal buckwheat flour

240 gr organic white flour (T 65)

160 gr organic white spelt flour

150 gr active wholemeal spelt sourdough

310 ml warm water

63 gr chopped organic roasted hazelnuts

6 gr salt


  1. Take Kenwood machine, place dough hook in & to the fitted bowl, add all ingredients in this order in it. Mix on medium speed for 3 minutes. When dough has formed, take out & knead a few minutes with your hands. See that all the hazelnuts are well spread into the dough. You don’t need to add any flour. Knead until it is elastic & well-kneaded. Form a ball-shaped dough & place into an oiled big bowl. I place another big bowl over it. I place it into a preheated oven on 150°C for 10 minutes that I have turned off. Leave to double in size. This took my dough 90 minutes.
  2. Take dough out of the bowl & knock back the air out of the dough. Knead for 1 minutes & shape like you want. I made a loner thicker shape & put it into my silicon bread tin. I place an upside down big bowl over it & placed it into the warm, turned off oven to double in side for the last rise.
  3. When dough has risen, take out of the oven & heat up on 200°C for 10 minutes. Slash the top of your dough like you want & place a ceramic oven dish with just boiled water in it. Place this under your bread tin into the hot oven. This way, you create steam for a good crusty crust! Bake for about 30-40 minutes. When ready, with oven gloves on, take out of the oven. Leave into the silicon bread tin for about 10 minutes, to get a lovely shine of in your bread. Then, turn out of the tin & tap underneath the bottom of the bread. If it sounds hollow, your bread is fully baked through. Leave to get cold completely. Slice. Smear with butter & a good slice of salami! Yummy! Store in an organic bread bag. Enjoy, my friends! xxx

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Pancakes for Christmas!

Hey lovelies,

Are you getting into the spirit of Christmas yet? I know I am!!! This morning, when I invented & made these glorious Christmas inspired pancakes it started to snow,…ooh yes,…and a lot too!

So, I made these lovely Vegan Gluten-free Pancakes for Christmas! That is a mouthful hey? They are super easy to make, very delicious & are very fast eaten at our house! 🙂 They are super filling  & healthy too! 🙂

Joine me!

Recipe: for 7 smaller fluffy pancakes


60 gr wholemeal buckwheat flour

60 gr white almond flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

a pinch of sea salt

150 ml unsweetened almond milk

2 flax eggs (2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed + 6 tablespoons of warm water, whisk together & leave to stand for 10 minutes to thicken a bit)

1 sachet of vegan gluten-free vanilla cane sugar

For the sauce on top:

2 small packets of fresh frozen red currant from my freezer

1 + 1/2 sachet of vegan gluten-free vanilla cane sugar

2 tablespoons of water


1. First, make your sauce. Add frozen red currants, vanilla sugar & water into a cooking pot, stirring often, bringing to the boil. The sauce need to thicken. I serve my sauce half warm. Keep warm.

2. In a bowl, ad all dry ingredients. This is the buckwheat flour, almond flour, baking soda & vanilla cane sugar. Mix well together. See that there are no lumps from the almond flour.

3. In another small bowl add wet ingredients. These are the flax eggs & almond milk. Whisk together.

4. Now, add bowl with wet ingredients to bowl with dry ingredients & whisk to combine. Your batter will be gray in color. Now,oil a non-stick pan & heat up on medium-high. When super hot, add some of the batter, I do this with a small soup ladle & pour into the center of the pan. Swirl it around a bit so you end up with a smaller pancake. Turn heat a bit lower. Fry until many bubbles appear on your pancake & with help of a fork & pancake flipper, carefully turn your pancake & fry the other side for 1 minute or 2. Stack your pancakes on top of each other & keep them warm. Re-oil the pan & fry your pancakes like said above. Repeat until batter is all used up. I got 7 smaller pancakes out of it! Now, serve your lovely healthy yummy pancakes with some of the warm sauce on top! Enjoy!! 😉

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Smoothy bowl!

Good morning, lovelies! Just now, I made these lovely smoothy bowls. I had some fresh raspberries that I needed to use up & also mixed frozen berries from my freezer so I made these beauties! 😉 One bowl really fills you up! Enjoy! 🙂

Recipe: For 2 big smoothy bowls


1 punnet of 125 gr fresh raspberries

500 ml unsweetened almond milk

2 peeled small ripe bananas

1/2 cup frozen mixed red berries

1/2 cup gluten-free oats

3 pitted medjool dates

to make the heart on top: chia seeds


  1. Place every ingredient in this order into your Vitamix, place fitted lid & tamper on. Blend on high-speed until it is fully mixed. This took me 15 seconds max.
  2. Our into 2 big smoothy bowls & try to make a love heart made out of chia seeds. Do this on top of the other smoothy bowl too! Sip & enjoy! 🙂 MMM!


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Wholewheat, Spelt Rye Sourdough Bread: Do you want a slice?

Yesterday, I invented & made this glorious delicious whole-wheat, spelt rye sourdough bread! And what a beauty it is: 906 gr!

See hee some yummy slices with their air holes: all whole-wheat flours , you know!!!

Look at those air bubbles: all whole-wheat sourdough!

Recipe: For 1 bread of 906 gram


Day 1: start 1 day in advance in making your rye sourdough starter.

Ingredients for this starter:

I used 2 tablespoons white T 65 sourdough from my fridge that had bubbles in it (it is an older sourdough)

50 gr organic white flour T 65

100 gr rye flour T 130

150 gr lukewarm water


Mix it with a whisk together in a bowl & cover it for 24 hours in a closed plastic bag on the kitchen counter. After these 24 hours, my starter was ready. You see this when there are many bubbles & it smells sourdough like. If it wasn’t ready, I had to let it ferment for another 12-24 hours. Now, it looked like this with the other ingredients:

Day 2:

Ingredients for the dough:

300 gr organic whole-wheat flour (T 150)

100 gr organic whole spelt flour

50 gr organic rye flour (T 130)

150 gr active rye sourdough (see above)

6 gr ground table salt

320 gr lukewarm water


  1. Take your Kenwood machine & place the dough hook in. In the bowl below ad all ingredients. Mix on medium-speed to high-speed for about 5 minutes. Flour your kitchen counter a bit with rye flour but do not add too much flour!!!! Take dough out of bowl, with help of a dough scraper & knead for 1 minute extra. Oil a bowl & add dough in it. It will be sticky. Place a closed plastic bag over it & place into a warm place to double in size. This took my dough 2 hours.
  2. With help of dough scraper, take risen dough out of the bowl. Knock back the air for 1 minute or so & form into a long shape fitted for your silicon bread tin. You see my silicon bread tin in the 1st photo! 🙂 Place in here, close plastic bag & let it rise again for about 2 hours or until well risen. I work with a fan oven. So, I preheated it to 200°C (400 F) for 10 minutes. If you have a normal oven, use it at 220°C!! (428 F) I also added an empty ceramic dish onto an oven rack. After 10 minutes in the hot oven, it will be really hot & I fill it with just boiled water. On the rack below, I place the risen dough in the silicon tin. I just slice the top a few times with a sharp bread knife. Place it on the lowest oven rack & quickly, close the oven door. Bake your bread for about 40 minutes & do not open the oven door because of the created steam!!! Test after 40 minutes, to see if it is baked through. My bread was risen, brown & came loose itself from the silicon bread tin. Place onto a wire rack to cool down completely. Slice, smear with butter or margarine, top with whatever you like & eat & repeat! 🙂 Ha! Store in a cotton bread bag! MMM!

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Rye Spelt Wheat Sourdough Bread studded with Roasted Hazelnuts!

Today, I created this wonderful  Rye Spelt Wheat Sourdough Bread Studded with roasted Hazelnuts! Ooh yes! I doubled my recipe to create 1 huge, well risen, big bread!!! Just look at this beauty:

This is a really easy recipe to make. You combine every ingredient in your Kenwood machine with dough hook. Knead it for at least 3 minutes. Add in the salt & hazelnuts. Knead some more. Rise 2nd time & bake for about 40 minutes. Cool. Slice. Munch. Repeat. Store in a big organic bag.

If you think, this is one huge bread, let me tell you how many grams this really is: 2068 grams! You could easily divide the bread dough into 2 equal portions & let is rise for the 2nd time in an apart oiled bread tin. This way is an option. So, I know you like to know how the bread looks on the inside, right? Well, it looks quite fabulous even:

Will you join me?

It is delicious smeared with butter, a good slice of grilled ham or some good cheese on top!

Recipe: For 1 huge big bread of + 2 kg! (Mine was 2 kg 67 gram!)


450 gr active rye sourdough

450 gr organic white wheat flour (French T 65)

250 gr organic white spelt flour

250 gr organic rye flour (French T 130)

300 ml lukewarm nearly hot water

325 gr roasted peeled hazelnuts (I buy mine like this)

12 gr of ground table salt


  1. Use Kenwood machine & place dough hook in. In the large fitted bowl, add all ingredients except the salt & hazelnuts! So, put rye sourdough into the bowl. Add with white wheat flour, spelt flour, rye flour & nearly hot water. I placed a big towel over my machine because it has now a whole bunch of flours & to prevent smearing the walls in my kitchen with sourdough-water-flour mix! We won’t want that, do we? Begin on low-speed to mix everything in. Gradually, turn speed on higher volume. Mix for about 2 minutes & then, stop machine & spread the dough out to add the salt, evenly divided & the hazelnuts too. Mix on low-speed for another minute or so & then on medium-high speed for about 4 minutes or so. Your dough will be sticky, stretched & elastic! And that is what want! 🙂 Yes!
  2. Oil a big bowl with sunflower oil on all sides. Flour your hands a bit & turn dough onto kitchen counter. Knead for 1 minute extra your dough & make a roundish shape to fit your bowl. Place a big plastic bag over the bowl & put into a warm place to rise for the 1st time for about 3 hours! Then, take bag off & turn risen dough onto itches counter with help of a dough scraper. It is easier this way. Knock back the air!
  3. Then, oil a big bread container with oil, on all sides & shape your bread into the right size & shape of your bread tin. I used a big rectangle one. Place bread dough in it. Place the plastic bag over it & put into a warm spot for the 2nd rise. Now for about 1 + 1/2 hours. Just before baking your bread, preheat your oven to 230°C (446 F)  for about 15 minutes. Place bread tin in the lower end of your oven & bake for about 15 minutes. Now, place aluminium foil all over the top of your bread to prevent turning black on the top, to prevent it from getting burned. Now, lower your oven to about 210° C a bake for another 25 minutes. See that the foil doesn’t get blown away from the fan in the oven. My bread was fully baked & very well risen after being baked for 40 minutes in total. Remove foil carefully. Turn bread carefully out of the oven tin & place onto a wire rack to cool down completely! 🙂 Cool. Slice. Munch. Repeat. Store in a big organic bag.