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Mom’s famous chocolate mousse + video!

This recipe is from  my mother. She has had a lot of success with it, for more than 25 years! Whenever there was a dinner party @ my parent’s house, there was the famous chocolate mousse!😉 Ooh yes! MMM!

airy mousse

I love this recipe because, it is utterly delicious, you can prepare it beforehand & it is so easy to make too. I am lactose-intelorant & there is NO CREAM in it! It is a little bit lighter, but has a lot of flavour! The sweetness is just right, it melts into the mouth! It doesn’t have EGG YOLKS either, that can make the mousse a bit heavier. You can serve this with some seasonal fruit on top, if you want, but the dessert itself doesn’t need it.🙂

Amber said: ” Oh my gosh YESSSSS! This is the dessert I have been missing. The fact that it’s dairy free and looks just as yummy as a cream-based dessert is just so amazing!!! Please make this for me. 🙂 “

For the video, read on,…

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Black kale stoemp!

Yesterday evening, I made this delicious black kale stoemp & served it with a fried organic pork sausage. This was a very tasty & easy meal to prepare. You can make it vegan by serving it with vegan spiced chorizo sausages, equally delicious, I assure you!



In our allotment, we still have 2 black kale plants with many, many leaves attached. So, we cut off a lot, to use into this lovely stoemp. Remember, my beloved black kale plants?  Read the rest of this entry »


Leek stoemp served with cordon bleu

Yesterday, I pulled 10 Summer leeks out from our beloved garden. I wanted to let them shine. So, I invented this lovely leek stoemp.



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My husband’s bacon, mushroom & red onion quiche with a side salad!




One evening, I was too tired to make dinner! My husband had the afternoon off & offered to make us dinner! It was this lovely combined dinner! So delicious too! A Speedy tasty quiche with a seasonal side salad!🙂 Yum!

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Refreshing vanilla strawberry buttermilk smoothies!

Do you want one?

Do you want one?

This afternoon, I made these refreshing delicious vanilla strawberry buttermilk smoothies because I had buttermilk & strawberries to use up in my fridge!

I made them for my cleaning lady & myself. They were just right! Easy to make, so refreshing & ooh so delicious too!  We both agreed on that!🙂

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A warm Puy lentil, parsnip & watercress salad!

MMM! :)


This evening, I made this tasty warm Puy lentil, roasted parsnip & watercress salad. A seasonal warm salad! I topped it with shaved sheep’s Pecorino. I drizzled this tasty salad with a fitted garlic-lavender honey-mustard dressing! All of the flavours went magically together,..;You taste the sweet of the parsnip, the salty of the cheese on top, the peppery side of the fresh watercress & the dressing topped it with tasty deliciousness,…:) Oooh yeah! I know that you will love this warm tasty salad too!😉

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Spiced rhubarb compote! Vegan + Gluten-Free!

Spiced rhuabrb compote!

Spiced rhubarb compote!

Today, I made this lovely & very yummy spiced rhubarb compote. I had a lot of fresh rhubarb stalks from my parents’ garden & had to use it up! So, I made this tasty spiced rhubarb compote & used home-made vanilla extract, fresh orange juice, some coconut sugar to sweeten & speculaas spices for an added kick!

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A famous belgian beer called Duvel & a recipe using it! Witloof & Duvel soup!

Duvel is a great & famous Belgian beer! And it is vegan too!

Duvel is from the Belgian brewery Moortgat. Moortgat brewery was founded in 1871 by Jan-Leonard Moortgat. He was already descended from a family of brewers. In the 1950’s The 3rd generation of Moortgat’s took over the control of the brewery.

Ever since 1871, the 1st generation of the brewery Moortgat, brewed their first beers. They did this with a whole lot of exquisite craftsmanship and technique, a lot of patience & a whole lot of love. Duvel is a 100% pure and natural beer without additives & preservatives. And you taste that difference. This Duvel beer has a higher alcohol percentage then other beers, 8.5 %, gives this beer a huge dense head, has delicate pearls & gives a silky mouthfeeling. That is why Duvel is something special. Duvel is brewed with Pilsner malt and white sugar, and hopped with Saaz Hops and Styrian Goldings, the yeast still stems from the original culture of Scottish yeast bought by Albert Moortgat during a business tour of the U.K. just after World War 1!!!!                                                                  
Duvel Beer!

Duvel Beer! It is my husband’s favourite beer!🙂

Duvel is a strong golden pale ale. Duvel means Devil because this is the dialect for the dutch word: Duivel, meaning devil. Duvel, is the company’s best known product which is exported to more than 40 countries!!! Ooh yes! Their headquarters are in  Breendonk, Flanders, Belgium.

Duvel Moortgat was an original investor in the Brewery Ommegang craft brewery founded in Cooperstown, NY, in the late 1990s. More recently, the Belgian company took over complete control of the brewery and founded a stateside sales organization Duvel USA to handle both Ommegang and Duvel Moortgat brands and others.

                                                                  Duvel factory
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Founded 1871
Headquarters BreendonkBelgium
Products Beer
Production output 270,000 hl (2001)
Witlof & Duvel soup
I made this divine silky smooth witlof & Duvel soup, that is vegan & ooh so tasty too. This soup is a Belgian speciality. In soup, we usually use Blonde aka white beer, what beer you choose is up to you! I chose Duvel because it has that typical citrus & orange flavour in it. I served this with my twist: Sophie’s twist! Because you can taste a hint of citrus & orange in your beer, I added finely grated orange zest on top of my soup & also added raw freshly shredded witlof leaves! Enjoy!
TIP: Just before serving your soup, you need to shred finely your raw witlof leaves, otherwise they will lose their white & yellow colour!!!!😉
A tasty & silky smooth witlof & Duvel beer soup, topped with fresh raw witlof shreds & grated orange zest!

A tasty & silky smooth witlof & Duvel beer soup, topped with fresh raw witlof shreds & grated orange zest!

Belgian endives aka witlof

Belgian endives aka witlof

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Organic pork chops in a grain mustard & orange sauce, with green beans & maple syrup coated sweet potato rounds

A tasty & sublime dinner! That grain mustard &orange sauce goes so well on top of the cooked green beans!

A tasty & sublime dinner! That grain mustard & orange sauce goes so well on top of the cooked green beans & with the round sweet potato maple syrup coated circles!

This dinner, I made yesterday evening. I had some new organic coarse whole grain mustard in the house. I had to use it, didn’t I? It looks so special too, don’t you think?

Coarse whole grain mustard, organic too!

Coarse whole grain mustard, organic too!

I also bought organic boneless pork chops & wanted to make a sauce with it. So, I made this! Read the rest of this entry »


Beans bar in Mechelen: One of my 2 favourite special coffee bars!!!

Today, I visited one of my 2 favourite Coffee bars in Mechelen. This is one of them. It’s name is Beans bar: coffee, bagels & more,…!!!

Beans coffee bar!Cosy, yummy & friendly staff!

Beans coffee bar!
Cosy interior & yummy foods & drinks!

This lovely, cosy & not too large coffee bar is located in the historic center of our town, Mechelen. It has 2 floors where you can relax, sit in chairs, in high stools at a bar, in lovely fauteuils & indulge in tasty & deliciously foods & drinks, hot or cold! You can eat these tasty pastries, bagels & wraps all day long, from when they open until they close at 6 PM. Everything that you can drink or savour here, you can take-away too!  This comes in handy, for when you are in a rush!

yummy foods to buy & savour at reasonable prices too!

Tasty cookies, marshmallows, pralines & chocolate drops to buy & savour at reasonable prices too!

Location? Ijzerenleen, 37, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium. 015/63.91.57.


In wintertime, the coffee bar is closed on Mondays. Open From Tuesday till Saturday from 8 AM til 6 PM.

Closed on Sundays & Festive days.

Lovely coffee related gifts: all beautifully wrapped up!

Lovely coffee related gifts: all beautifully wrapped up!

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Vegan rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichokes with red onion wedges & garlic!

MMM! Vegan rosemary, red onion & garlic oven roasted Jerusalem artichokes!

MMM! Vegan rosemary, red onion & garlic oven roasted Jerusalem artichokes!

This evening, I made this tasty oven roasted side dish: all vegan! I roasted well-scrubbed & thinly sliced Jerusalem artichokes, aka sunchokes & added red onion wedges & 5 unpeeled garlic cloves. I seasoned with black pepper, Maldon sea salt & dried rosemary salt. I poured a fruity evoo over it all & mingled it well with my hands! I served this with a potato mash with the same rosemary salt in it & fried herby vegan sausages! Yummy yummy!😉 Read the rest of this entry »


A Happy & Fun Christmas from Sophie’s Foodie Files!

I wish all of my readers a Happy & fun Christmas filled with joy, fun & really good food! My husband & I love celebrating Christmas together. We also do that with our families!

My lovely decorated Christmas Tree!

My lovely decorated Christmas Tree!

My new ecological wooden carved out Christmas Stall!

My new ecological wooden carved out Christmas Stall!

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Sophies Foodie Files


Sophie’s festive speculaas, reposted!

Sophie's festive speculaas cookies!

Sophie’s festive speculaas cookies!

Speculaas (Dutch pronunciation: [spekyˈlaːs], Flemish speculoos, French spéculoos) is a type of short crust biscuit (cookie), traditionally baked for consumption on St Nicholas’ Eve in the Netherlands (December 5) and Belgium (December 6).
In recent years it has become available all year round. Speculaas are thin, very crunchy, slightly browned and, most definitely, have some image or figure (often from the traditional stories about St. Nicholas) stamped on the front side before baking, the back is flat.
Speculaas dough does not rise much.
Canadian moose & Canadian maple leaf speculaas cookies

Canadian moose & Canadian maple leaf speculaas cookies

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A Spicy Chai Latte with honey & cinnamon & a review!

We have 3 lovely coffee bars here in Mechelen. Recently, I drank a lovely soy milk based chai latte with honey & cinnamon in one of my favourite special coffee bars , here in Mechelen. I had to recreate it at home, of course!

MMM! My new Christams mug from Villeroy & Boch!

The lovely topping of hot foamed soy milk, drizzled honey & dashes of cinnamon!

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My husband’s succulent drunken chicken dish & a reason to celebrate!

Yesterday, I had yoga class & afterwards, my husband made for me & for us this wonderful, festive & succulent drunken chicken dish! It is great for entertaining too. Very easy to make, all in one Creuset pot with fitting lid. I hope you enjoy it  as much as we did! Check out the flavours & tasty ingredients too!

MMM! A delightful drunken organic chicken dish with apples, fennel, onion & garlic cloves drunken in apple cider & dry white wine!

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Vegan Rhubarb spelt speculaas crumble served in hot Devon custard! Yeah!

A divine & tasty rich vegan crumble but served in hot Devon custard!!! But you can make your own vegan custard here, if you want to!

A tasty spelt & speculaas crumble topping, nutty & crunchy!
I used rhubarb from my father’s garden!


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Oven baked salmon with asparagus & oven baked potato wedges

A divine & tasty dinner

Lovely cooked & buttered white asparagus! Yummy!

This is one of the main asparagus dinners I make when white asparagus are in season. White peeled asparagus are cooked, drained, browned & heated through in vegan butter. Then, scattered chives are thrown all over the dish. This is a delectable & festive meal, mostly made in the oven. I buy my potato wedges, precooked, in my supermarket. Easy does it here! Enjoy this tasty dinner with a lovely white Sauvignon wine.

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Mom’s brown baked rice & vegetables dish

This dish is a dish , I learned from my mom. It is a quick & easy to make dish. You can use whatever vegetable you have in your fridge or pantry.

This is also tasty & healthy. I served it with baked chicken pieces. It is also great with a good veggie or bean burger, Home-made , of course! Try my spiced bean burger with this tasty meal! Yummy too!😉

This is a vegetarian meal if you leave out the meat, vegan too!😉

A tasty dinner: Healthy too!

A tasty mix of great veggies

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Sophie’s Christmas menu!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

On Christmas day, I had my family & in – laws round for dinner, to celebrate Christmas.We were with 8 people. I went for a typical Sophie’s festive menu : alternative & mostly healthy but apart too. I hope you like my menu.

The meat is best stuffed the day before to give more flavour to the meat. The beet appetizers & the smoked salmon appetizers are also best made the day before for more flavour! The cranberry sauce  & the deserts are best made the day before too! So, you don’t have to do a lot on the festive day itself so you can spend quality time with your guests!!!! That’s important too!🙂
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Sophie’s festive stuffed pumpkin!

Festive stuffed pumpkin ,yummy!

I made this festive stuffed pumpkin yesterday. My in – laws came to visit us. What should I make for dinner? I needed to improvise but I had enough things in my fridge, freezer & in my pantry. So, I came up with this:

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Cheesy smoked kale stoemp with fried tofu veggie burgers

Cheezy smoked kale stoemp!

chopped kale

I love kale. It is a very underestimated veggie over here in Belgium. Kale or borecole is a form of cabbage , green or purple, where the central leaves do not form a head. It is considered to be closer to wild cabbage than most domesticated forms. In Dutch we also call this: Boerekool or krul kool. Kale is very good for your health. I also love cheese so I had to combine a tasty cheese into this lovely dish.Normally, I serve this with smoked bacon, a pork chop or with chipolata sausages but today, I served it with organic bought tofu veggie burgers.

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Sophie’s gingered braised red cabbage with apples and cinnamon

Red onion, red cabbage, cinnamon & ginger! Yummy!🙂

This is a twist on the normal braised red cabbage. This is a very flavourful & festive red cabbage dish. This isn’t too sweet but just sweet enough with the apple chunks and you taste a warm ginger flavour with a hint of cinnamon.

This is great served with boiled potatoes & some chicken sausages. Read the rest of this entry »


Sophie’s hand made Kefir white organic bread

A big, tasty kefir organic white bread!

A yummy interior!

Recently, I started to make my own bread. This is the first bread I made. It is a lovely white bread with a chewy crust. It smells of kefir. It has organic white flour, 450 ml of kefir, 1 heaped teaspoon of grinded sea salt & dried yeast.
You know that kefir is good for you. So why not use it in the bread?

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Purple carrot stoemp with onion & smoked bacon

Special purple carrots!

You know by now that I like stoemp.
Stoemp is a typical Belgian & Dutch dish.

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My husband’s seasonal Belgian plate

Every grandmother makes a full plate like this in Belgium!

A few days ago, my husband made this dinner for me! I had to relax & enjoy his latest creation! 

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Belgian Brussels sprout stoemp with sausages


I made this stoemp last evening. I love it! I very the stoemp every time. So, I came up with this.

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Belgian endives with ham & cheese

Typical Belgian comfort food!🙂

A lovely warm cheesy sauce

This is a typical Belgian dish! The endives are pre – cooked & enfolded in ham slices.Then they are placed into an oven dish & submerged in a lovely cheese sauce. Grated cheese is put on top. In the last stage, the dish will be put under the grill. Usually, it is served with mash.  Read the rest of this entry »


Blueberry muesli

A tasty blueberry breakfast!

I had a packet of blueberries & wanted to have them as breakfast. So, I made this. Delicious!🙂 But wait, there’s more!


Mustard & garlic marinated lamb cutlets with spinach & potatoes

I love cooking with lamb. I also like mustard with mustard seeds in it & garlic of course!

But wait, there’s more!


Green cabbage stoemp with sausages

A tasty Belgian stoemp dish

Stoemp is a typical Belgian & Dutch dish.

This is a mix from boiled potatoes, then mashed & mixed with root vegetables or with braised leeks, or with carrots, or with all sort of cabbages, or with spinach, or with brussels sprouts,… Usually we mix it with slices of bacon or we serve it with sausages. We nearly always add a chopped up & sweated onion with it. You also can use cream, herbs or spices.
Stoemp is a typical word of the patois of Brussels. You can eat stoemp in a lot of brassieres of Brussels.
Stoemp is a basic dish. We make them a lot, especially in winter time.
It is comfort food.

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Baked apple slices with coffee


Now & then, I eat baked apple slices on my slice of bread in the morning. I adore it.

This recipe is simple & delicious!
It originates from my husbands grandmother.

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