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Mom’s famous chocolate mousse + video!

This recipe is from  my mother. She has had a lot of success with it, for more than 25 years! Whenever there was a dinner party @ my parent’s house, there was the famous chocolate mousse!😉 Ooh yes! MMM!

airy mousse

I love this recipe because, it is utterly delicious, you can prepare it beforehand & it is so easy to make too. I am lactose-intelorant & there is NO CREAM in it! It is a little bit lighter, but has a lot of flavour! The sweetness is just right, it melts into the mouth! It doesn’t have EGG YOLKS either, that can make the mousse a bit heavier. You can serve this with some seasonal fruit on top, if you want, but the dessert itself doesn’t need it.🙂

Amber said: ” Oh my gosh YESSSSS! This is the dessert I have been missing. The fact that it’s dairy free and looks just as yummy as a cream-based dessert is just so amazing!!! Please make this for me. 🙂 “

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