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I am now on Instagram & some other news,…!!!

Hello everybody,

Since 2 weeks or so, I am now also on Instagram! Ooh yay! Come on over, like & follow me! 🙂 This is how it looks like on my iMac, ipad! Click onto the photo to go directly to my Instagram page! 🙂

Cool right? Here is my direct link:

And now for some more news: I have reached more than 500,000 photo views as the local guide Sophie’s Foodie Files on Google Maps! ooh yes! See here the proof: Just click onto the photo to go directly to my local guide page! 🙂

+500,000 photo views!

So, I will pop open a bottle of fine champagne to celebrate this last news! So exciting too! 🙂

I am featured again on the Kris Carr’s website under recipes with my recipe of Cashew Chocolate Pumpkin Spread! Ooh yes! I am so happy! 🙂

rsthrhfghthJust click onto the photo to go to her website & my recipe page! 🙂

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Featured again 4 times in a day @ Instructables!

Yesterday, I added 4 recipes of my  log with photos on Instructables site! This morning, I read that I am featured 4 times, yet again! Now, I am featured 20 times in total on Instructables! That makes me very happy! 🙂 Just click onto the photos to go to my recipe on Instructables!



This makes me very happy! 🙂 Yay!


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Some news,… And A Smoothy!

Hey sweeties!

Are you all enjoying the lovely spring weather? I know, I am!

Peter & I have walked a lot lately. Everywhere we go, we have seen a lot of these beautiful flowers:


And I also got some news! I was featured 2 times on the website of Kris Carr! I am a big fan of her! I have 2 books of her. All 2 recipes of mine, were in their breakfast section. Just click onto the photo below to go directly to the recipe on their website! Number 1: Spelt Vanilla pancakes!

My yummy pancakes!
Number 2: Nut Seed Granola! They rewrote my recipe for their American readers!
My Nut Seed Granola!

I just found out that BritMums, featured a recipe link of me, a few years ago:“Can’t quite let go of some things on your new regime, like a big fat juicy burger for example? Well look no further than SophiesFoodieFiles Smoked Tofu Burger perhaps?”

Great, hey?Now, this news makes me very happy! Now a lovely smoothy to celebrate my news with:


Recipe: For 2 big smoothies
2 ripe pears, cored, well cleaned & washed, pad dry, Unpeeled, cut up into 4 pieces each
300 ml coconut water
2 tablespoons raw chia seeds
100 gr, raw, fresh cleaned, spun dry kale leaves, big stem removed, each leaf torn into pieces (My kale leaves were from our garden)


1. Take your Vitamix container & place every ingredient in this order in it. Place tamper into fitted lid & blend until completely smooth & on high-speed too. This will take about 10-15 seconds, using the tamper to push your ingredients into the running blades. Pour into 2 lovely smoothy glasses & sip straight away with a big smile on your face! 🙂MMM …Enjoy, sweeties! 🙂

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I am back & was featured a few times!

Hey sweeties,

I am back! Yay! I know that it has been more than a month of me going everywhere but being here.

Now, I am back into full swing!

Since I was away from my blog I discovered that I was featured 4 times on Instructables!

That made me very happy! It was these 4 yummy recipes! Just click onto the pictures to go directly to the pages themselves! 🙂


And finally:


My famous Jerusalem Artichokes Latkes were featured on an American website, to celebrate Hanukkah, on December 22nd 2016!!! 🙂

Just click onto the photo to go the article! 🙂 Yay!

So, you might be wondering, what I have done the last month & a half? I have baked a lot recently. I baked many breads that I invented myself & others that I made from other people. I also bought 2 cookery books where I am making dishes out off. Reviews are coming later!

These are 2 of my invented breads: The 1st: Vegan Hazelnut Bread! Soon on the blog + video!

And I also invented & made this lovely bread:

2nd: Vegan Spelt Bread topped with spelt flakes! (Soon on the blog!)


So, this was a quick update & see you all later on the blog for more creative recipes from ME to you all! I also have to say that my E-book: Healthy Vegan Christmas has been downloaded more than +500 times & that everyone loves the unique lay-out & recipes too! So thank you all a whole lot of making me so happy! So, if you like to stay updated & receive my new latest posts through cool email newsletters, Subscribe now by email. It is free! Join 1,850 email subscribers! Get my free E-Book: Healthy Vegan Christmas too!

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Vegan banana, avocado & carob pudding!

Today, I made these beauties!

Tasty vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free banana, avocado & carob puddings!

A while ago, I invented these similar puddings: Vegan banana, avocado & chocolate pudding. You can find the recipe: here!  They were superb!

I just changed 1 thing & left another thing out & made these stunning vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free puddings. They are superfast to make in your Vitamix. This recipe only takes about 2 minutes to make. It’s that easy! You can eat this right away or place them into the fridge to cool off.

Yummy yum, I say! 😉

Don’t you want to digg in?

Recipe: For 3 dessert cups = 750 ml


2 very ripe bananas, speckled with black dots, peeled

1 ripe avocado, cut into 2, big stone removed, flesh scooped out with a large spoon

4 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 + 1/2 tablespoon of carob powder

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract/ I use home-made

2/3 cup of soy milk


1. Place all the ingredients in this order in your Vitamix. Place the fitting lid on with the tamper in it. Turn your Vitamix on low-speed, turn gradually from 1 to 10 & turn on high power. Blend until it is very well mixed. Push the tamper down & up, into all the 4 sides, to push the ingredients down into the blades. Stop after 30 to 45 seconds. Turn the high power off, turn from 10 to 1 & turn lower speed off too. The machine has stopped now. If it is too thick or not to your liking, you can add more soy milk & mix again. I didn’t do that. I liked my pudding a bit more thick. Pour into serving dessert cups, place cling film over the tops & place into the fridge to cool off, a while. Mine stayed in the fridge for 2 hours. Enjoy with a loved one! 🙂 Yummy yum!

You can also find this tasty recipe shared here:

This recipe was also featured online here: Australian Carobs! I was featured for many recipes! 🙂 yes!

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