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Latest harvests from our garden with yummy recipes!

Hello, my friends!

Long time no see! Ha! You haven’t heard in a while from me, right? There is a reason,…I have worked hard in our beloved allotment. I wanted to show you our harvests from the latest weeks! Just click onto the photo recipes to go directly to the tasty recipes! 🙂

Our first 6 kohlrabis!

Dinner & lunch ideas:

We love eating them cooked into smaller chunks & eaten with a good béchamel sauce & cooked white potatoes with a nice organic chicken fillet on the side. They are also lovely grated with a sharp lemony dressing mixed with grated carrots & a salad head, of course with some sliced spring onions!

2 salad heads, cut off celery, spring onions!


first fresh strawberries!

Here is a lovely recipe with fresh strawberries! My favourite ricotta sandwich! Yum!


350 gr fresh New-Zealand Spinach!

This is one lovely recipe using New Zealand spinach: Gluten-free spaghetti with fresh spinach, garlic & smoked bacon!


2nd time strawberries!

Here is another lovely recipe using fresh strawberries:

My favourite cocktail of the moment!


redcurrants, rosemary, peas, rhubarb & strawberries!

Here is a tasty rhubarb recipe from my blog:

Rhubarb & almond muffins with cinnamon & nutmeg! Just click onto the photos to go directly to the tasty recipes! 🙂



4 chioggia beets, first peas!



A lovely tasty recipe with beetroot used in a different way: Raw Chocolate Pudding with a pink swirl!

Or eaten this way:

We love them peeled & cut up into larger wedges, roasted in the hot oven of 200°C for about 15-20 minutes with some olive oil, sea salt & some black pepper. easy! So delicious & sweet roasted!

Peeled, sliced into a lovely raw salad with other tasty veggies & edible flowers from the garden:

And what about these lovely fresh pea, smoked tofu sweet potatoes burgers? 

And another tasty pea recipe here: Pea mint Haloumi patties!

So, I hope that I inspired you a bit with these tasty recipes! Enjoy, sweeties! xxx Till next time! 😉

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Sophie!!! 😀 About half an hour ago I searched you on instagram to see when you last posted… Then hey presto an email from you landed in my box!😋👍🏼 I guessed you’d been busy growing – you’re way ahead of us (we’ve had loads of rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries & peas and there’s 2 big courgettes ready for picking today but not much else yet). What a gorgeous collection of recipes – it looks like you’ve been very busy! ☺ I moved my blog to self hosted and it’s all very different now (you might need to resubscribe to keep getting emails)! The blog is now Speak soon 😘

  2. What a gorgeous outcome from your beloved allotment, Sophie! We look forward to trying out your recipes. 🙂
    To keep an allotment requires more time and effort than expected. Sadly, many plots here are now being neglected by the once overenthusiastic starters …

  3. You are amazing Sophie!! It all looks so fresh and inviting– especially love the kohlrabi and the peas!! And all the recipes you’ve come up with from your “crops!” Hope your summer is going so well. Any travels ahead?? xoxo

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