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Travelling Sophie: Bokes & Co!

Hello everyone,

Long time no see, right? 😉

Thanks for the many lovely emails I got from you all asking what had happened to me. I loved reading them all,… so thanks! 🙂

Lately, my husband Peter & I have worked hard in our allotment garden. So, that is where we were for the last weeks. The garden isn’t totally ready yet, but we are getting there! Photos will be posted shortly.

Now for something completely different! I want to introduce you to a super lovely cosy breakfast & lunch restaurant in our beloved town of Mechelen. It is called: Bokes & co & that means in my language: Sandwiches etcetera! It is about a 10 minute walk from where we live. I love coming here, so does my hubby & my dad. It is run by passionate people with their heart in the right place. It looks like this from the outside:

And now from the inside:

A fun blackboard with lovely things to drink & eat! 🙂

There are older colourful chairs & tables with a mix of different styles but overall it is very cosy & fun! The owners & staff are very friendly & helpful. I come here a lot. You can have breakfast here or lunch. You can just enjoy a pot of yummy tea with a cake or not. I love reading a book here, sip some lovely tea & watch the world go by,…

Cosy & fun!

When we go to have a sandwich here, every time, I take something else & everything (food & drinks) that are served here is all of a good quality & quantity too! 😉 A look at the bokes & co card menu:

You can choose between lovely filled sandwiches with a side salad, burgers, Panini with salad, different big salads to choose from, croquet, etc! It is up to you! The prices are good for what you get on your plate!

Today, I was alone, I took the sandwich with smoked salmon, apple, red onion slices & fresh dill with side salad! Super tasty!  I drank a lovely café latte with honey & soy milk! MMM! Most of the time, especially during lunchtime, it is super busy until 1.30 pm.

Latte with honey & soy milk!


On Sunday & Monday closed.

They are open from 9 am till 5 pm.


Korenmarkt 53, 2800 Mechelen


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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

12 thoughts on “Travelling Sophie: Bokes & Co!

  1. Gardens do take a lot of work getting them ready for spring. Your little sandwich shop looks nice.

  2. What a sweet cafe Sophie! It looks so nice and healthy. Mmm that latte looks delish, too!

  3. It’s absolutely fantastic to have such a quality and wonderful place so close to home. Restaurants in my little neighbourhood are constantly closing down because they simply can’t make enough to support the greedy landlords’ rent prices, it’s quite sad.

    1. That is too bad. Mechelen is now all hip & trendy but it was not so long ago, about 10 years, that is wasn’t!! I hope that will change where you live! Now, we have more independent stores in clothing, jewellery, food shops, brunch places & coffee bars!

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