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Lovely Salad for you!

A few days ago, I invented these lovely salads & served them with a simple home-made olive oil-white wine vinegar dressing!

Will you join me?

Recipe: For 2 persons


For the salad:

2 big Belgian endives (witlof), washed, cleaned, big hard core removed, finely shredded/ 1 endive per plate

2 handfuls snipped fresh garden cress/ 1 handful per plate

1 big carrot, peeled & shredded into longer slices, see photo above/ 1/2 carrot per plate

2 juicy apples, washed, cored, sliced thinly / 1 apple per plate

12 juicy raspberries or other red fruit / 6 per plate

For the dressing:

4 tablespoons of a fruity extra virgin olive oil, the best one you have

1 + 1/2 tablespoon of a good quality white wine vinegar

sea salt

black pepper


  1. Arrange each plate with the top ingredients. Arrange them the way you like it, see photo!
  2. Make your dressing. Take a smaller jam pot & add olive oil, white wine vinegar, a pinch or 2 of sea salt & some grins of black pepper. Place fitted lid on & shake jam pot & few times up & down. Taste. It must taste super!
  3. Drizzle some of your dressing over the top of each plate, in a circle! Leave to stand for 5 minutes & dig in, best with a loved one! Enjoy! 🙂 Simple but excellent flavours!



Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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