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Kok au vin, Bruges!

Last weekend, Peter & I took a 3 day trip to the lovely medieval town of Bruges. We were there for 3 whole days. And what a blast we had!! We had fun, fun, fun & visited a few attractions & museums too. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to one of the 13 most fabulous restaurants in Bruges. Kok au vin is such a place. It has a 13/20 for 2017, in the guide Gault-Millau. This fine restaurants sits in the beginning of the less-known street: Ezelstraat. It started to rain & we arrived just in time, at this lovely restaurant. It has a lovely, cosy modern interior & feel. We had booked a table for 2 a few weeks in advance. We went there at lunchtime. This is how the restaurant looked at where we sat:

Cosy modern interior!

In Kok au Vin, you can choose different menus.

You can eat à la carte & make your own 3 course meal. Of course, this way is all becomes a whole lot more expensive. You see?

Make your menu à la carte!

We opted for this one: the 3 course lunch menu of the day at 28 Euros. You can also choose a 2 or 1 course meal. It is up to you.

Our 3 course lunch menu!

And we started with this lovely mushroom soup with croutons, blue cheese & raw sliced mushrooms: Creamy & so yummy with that melted blue cheese.

The next one, was the main course: Pork belly with a scallop, yellow carrots, normal carrots, beet crisps, pumpkin purée, yellow carrot sauce & grilled quinoa crumble. Super delicious & light!

Then, we finished with this lovely dessert. White chocolate panna cotta with mango, passionfruit sorbet, mandarin pieces & a mandarin sorbet. There was also a nice crunchy white chocolate bit. The green sauce was a verbena sauce. It was topped with a cookie & pistachio crumble. The white chocolate panna cotta wasn’t so sweet just perfect!!!

Fabulous dessert!

It was a lovely lunch with top products & the staff is also very friendly & youthful. We both gave this a 10/10! Here is their address & website.

Kok au vin, Ezelstraat 21, 8000 Brugge

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