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Le Perroquet!

A few weeks ago, we went to visit Brussels, the capital of Belgium! 🙂 We walked a lot & after a while, we were hungry & came here to eat something nice. A few years before, this was a very fancy & expensive French inspired restaurant, mostly visited by business people & way too expensive for us! Now, this neighborhood is very in with the hip modern youth & has become a pita & salad resto but one with good quality of food! They have a big front & side terrace with wooden banks & colorful seating places. It now has the same interior a before, that from a French bistro but the exterior is different. Now, there is much more color added. Can you guess which color?

Indeed, it is the color ORANGE! Ha!

We were welcomed by the friendly staff & our table was cleaned too. We looked at the menu & chose 2 lovely salads. We ordered 1/4 bottle of red wine. It was a nice one too. Let’s see, hey?

I ordered The Liège salad. It was a bunch of mixed lettuce, rocket leaves, crispy fried bacon, fried white onion pieces, cooked cold green beans & a peeled quartered boiled egg. It was topped with a nice fresh mustard vinaigrette! It was super delicious! Grilled pita halves were served with our salads. Peter took the Rock Fort salad. This salad was also a mix of different crispy lettuce, walnut halves, pieces of mild rockfort cheese & a honey-mustard dressing. He was very pleased too! I don’t know anymore how much we paid but it wasn’t that much. I think about 15 Euros for my salad. The big full bowls were enough for us & with the added grilled pita halves our bellies were full! 😉

Le Perroquet, Watteeustraat 31, 1000 Brussels.


Monday-Sunday: 11 AM till mostly till 12 PM.



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