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Tropenmuseum & Bar Basquiat!

Hello lovelies!

You know that I wrote in the last post about Rum Baba in Amsterdam-Oost! We went to visit Amsterdam for 1 day. Here is a map to have an idea  how big it is:


We were going to visit the Tropenmusem to see the latest exhibition of Body Art! Then, we were going to explore the region of Amsterdam-Oost. We walked 11 km that day! Through our friends, we heard that this part of Amsterdam, is the part that is up & coming! Well, then it is really up & coming in a few years from now on, we would say. A few photos of the exhibition!

The Tropenmuseum is in restoration!

This is a beautiful big large building from the outside. Inside, the staff behind the desk were all very friendly & helpful. This exhibition costed 15 Euro per person.

It was situated at the 2nd floor. You could reach it directly with an elevator. Easy!  Body Art is about body decorations in the broadest sense: from make-up and tattoos, to implants under the skin and surgical alterations, through the ages and across cultures. The key question is, why do people alter their bodies?

It was a cool decent very informative exhibition. You could read more info in their little folders that you could read & then, put back without any cost. Peter & I were there for 2 hours. It was worth the 15 Euros. Here are some photos:

Afterwards, we were a bit tired & we went to look for somewhere nice to eat, to have a late lunch. We went to Javastraat in Amsterdam-Oost. It is also called the Indian area. (Indische buurt) This part of town is known for many eateries, bars, cafés. This part of town is up & coming. We stopped here:

Cool, right?

Bar Basquiat is a lovely place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have many lovely sitting banks in front  & on the side of this cool place. We came here to have a late lunch & we were hungry. It says that this place serves Vietnamese street food but the menu said otherwise. They are also famous for their cocktails! We chose these lovely dishes of food:


I had the grilled spiced chicken salad with spiced chicken, different lettuces, rocket leaves, apple slices, fennel pieces, pumpkin seeds & raddichio with 2 toasted spelt bread slices. It came at 9.95 Euro. I also had a Heineken Beer. That was 2.80 Euro. It was super delicious & so fresh too! Peter took this:


It was the vegetarian falafel with a side salad, pita bread, red onion & some feta with a dip. He took a local beer from brewery Het Ij. It was a wit bier. A white beer. That is refreshing in this hot weather! It was also very tasty indeed. Even that the beer is local, it costed a lot, like: 5.25 Euro. The falafel costed 7.95 Euro. All by all it was a lovely place to sit & let the world go by & the food was very good! This bar has a good vibe, nice cosy interior with a lot of wood that is used here, cosy outside banks, lovely plates of food of good quality & fresh produce!!

I will drink to that!

You can read my 2 reviews also here on Google Maps:

  1. Tropenmusem
  2. Bar Basquiat

So, I hope you enjoyed this post & till next time! 🙂

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  1. Zeer informatieve tekst en prachtige foto’s, vooral van een stralende Sophie!

  2. I have been to the Tropenmuseum a few years ago. What a cool exhibition! Nice place to have a late lunch too!

  3. What an interesting morning!! Glad that you found such a bright lovely place to eat. Don’t you love vacation days away. Gives a fresh perspective and makes you ready for getting back to real life! Loved seeing your time in Amsterdam– thanks Sophie!! hugs hugs!

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