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Rum Baba!

A few days ago, Peter & I visited Amsterdam-Oost aka in Amsterdam-East!  We came here to sit down & relax,… and to have some good coffee & cake, of course!

Rum Baba!

This is one lovely, cosy cool coffee bar! As you see, you have a small side & front terrace. We came here around 4 pm. It was very hot outside so we sat inside on a long lovely crafted wooden table with fun colorful chairs. You must order & pay at the counter. I had a lovely latte macchiato with soy milk & a lovely friand with pistachio, blueberries & almonds. It was superb but a bit too sweet for me.  The barista told me that the bakery is specialized in American styled cakes & pastries. So, that explains a lot! My husband had a normal coffee & a slice of red velvet cake, also very yummy but also super sweet. We paid 11.70 Euro in total. The bar has a lovely cosy atmosphere & the woman barista is also very friendly & kind! A must! They also have a coffee roastery & bakery of these American styled cakes & pastries in the beginning of the same street! 🙂

our orders!

So, the next time, you are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in Amsterdam-Oost, go there & enjoy your coffee & some cake. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Rum Baba, Pretoriusstraat 33, Amsterdam-Oost.


Monday -Friday: 08 AM till 06 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 09 Am till 06 PM

website: Rum Baba

I am also a contributor on Google Maps in English! 

You can also find my review of this lovely coffee bar in English on Google Maps HERE!

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  1. Cool that you work with google maps Sophie!! It looks like such a cozy place– Larry and I love to stop at bakeries when we travel. Fun post!! You live in such a wonderful place in the world for traveling!! xox

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