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I have got some news, recent harvests from our allotment & a sweet-sour gherkin canning recipe!

Hello sweeties,

A while ago, you all raved about one of my recent yummy posts like this one: Vegan spelt pancakes with passionfruit glaze, remember?

You know that I am a member of Instructables, right? Again, one of my posts has been featured on the main food page of Instructables! Ooh yes, that news has made me so happy & proud! Just look at this & CLICK ONTO THE PHOTO BELOW to go directly to the featured page:

And another post, the one that has been Featured for the 1st time on Instructables, has reached more than 2,000 views alone! Yes! Just 2,846 views! Nearly 3,000 views! woehoe! It is this one:


Now, for something completely different! The latest many harvest from our garden: Click onto the photos to see it all more clearly! 🙂

Harvest of 1 day!
Harvest of 1 day!

So,…what did we do with it all? More recipes on how to use them up later on in the next weeks,…

Up till now, we made 2 different recipes for sweet-sour gherkins!

1st recipe for sweet-sour gherkins:

sweet -sour gherkins
sweet sour gherkins, when it is just made!

Recipe: For 3 canning jars, each 440 ml.


For the 1st night:

about 500 gr of fresh gherkins, ( I had 538 gr) washed under a running tap of water, pad dry, left whole

1500 ml of water + 37,5 gr of salt

For the 2nd day, the next morning:

400 ml white wine vinegar

300 ml water

300 ml white wine, a cheap one, I used Cabernet Sauvignon that only cost me 3 Euro

100 gr white sugar

4 whole green chili peppers, cleaned, dept dry, left whole

40 black peppercorns

1 tablespoon yellow mustard seeds

What else do you need?

2 cooking pots

a canning funnel, sterilized, for day 2

3 canning pots & lids, all sterilized for day 2

a small soup ladle to help you

clean towels


Day 1, the evening before you go to bed. Place your fresh clean gherkins into a pot, all besides each other. Take a cooking pot & add 1500 ml of water & your salt. Bring to the boil & pour this over the gherkins in the other pot. The gherkins must be covered with all the salted water. They may float a bit on the water. Place fitted lid on & place into the fridge for the night being. This way, the gherkins will be softer, the way through. The salt will remove any dirt etc. And also the gherkins will absorb better the flavors of the next day, this is the sweet-sour marinade, of course!

Day 2: Remove excess of salted water & slice them the way you like it. Pour salted not so clean water of the gherkins. Rinse them under clean running water & dep them dry. you can really feel that the gherkins are softer now. Now, you can easily remove the black tornes from the outside peel of the gherkins. Now, make your sweet-sour marinade. Take a smaller cooking pot & add all ingredients for the sweet-sour marinade. Bring it all to the boil & whisk to resolve the sugar into the liquid. Once boiling, boil for 10 minutes. This method & also the water salting the night before comes from a well-known Belgian chef, called Piet Huysentruyt. 

Piet Huysentruyt
Piet Huysentruyt

3. Now, with oven gloves, take one of the canning pot with fitted lid out of the dishwasher or oven & place it onto a clean towel on your kitchen counter. Place your sliced or cut up gherkins into the fitted pot. see that there isn’t a slice that is too big to fit the pot. otherwise, slice it agin into 2. Really stuff your sliced gherkins neatly besides each other & see that there is room to pour the liquid with added ingredients into your canning pot. Take the sterilized funnel & place it into your canning pot. With your smaller ladle, ladle & pour your marinade into the funnel. See that all the ingredients are neatly divided into the 3 canning jars. Really fill them up, so that all of your liquid & ingredients have been used up. Now, screw the lid really well on & place the filled jar upside down for the day & night. Do the same with the other 2 jars. The next day, label them & place them into a dark clean cupboard for at least ….How long? I don’t know, I never made them before in my life! How long do you think, I need to let them be before devouring? Can you tell me???? Weeks? Months? Can you tell me?

Here are some photos to help you along:

Here a photo when it is 1 week old in the canning jar:

So, that is it for this post! I hope you loved it as much as I did & try the recipe, I would say! 🙂 xxx

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  1. These pickles are just beautiful waiting their jars Sophie!! never done this, you make it look do-able!! And love love the pictures of your “harvest!!” Those pudgy carrots are the best! It seems so satisfying to grown food and preserve it– a real touch with nature. Great post all around Sophie. hugs hugs.

  2. Lovely and varied harvest, chioggia beet is one of my favorite beets. Saving your pickle recipe, thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats again Sophie! That’s amazing and well deserved!!

    I loooooooove gherkins!!!! They are literally one of my favourite foods. What a great haul you got from your allotment!

  4. Congratulations Sophie! That’s fabulous! Am loving the produce from your allotment too! Yummy gherkins! The spinach looks great too. Makes me feel healthy just looking at the photos!

  5. Fantastic pickle recipe with no need to boil the canning jars! you are a genius! x

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