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Vegan, Gluten-Free creamy green asparagus pasta!

Yesterday evening, I made this tasty & fabulous Vegan & Gluten-Free green asparagus silken tofu sauce & served it with remaining smaller cooked, cooled off & fried green asparagus. It is a divine pasta dinner. I use 100% whole buckwheat pasta tubes, to make the dinner completely Gluten-Free as well. Just look at that glorious appetizing sauce!!!!   MMM! Check it all out here:

A superb tasty healthy vegan GF dinner!
A superb tasty healthy vegan GF dinner!
A healthy creamy sauce!
A healthy creamy sauce!

Recipe: For 3 persons, with a lot of hunger


* For the green asparagus silken tofu sauce:

2 big fat spring onions, washed, cleaned, pad dry on kitchen paper, cut into smaller rings

black pepper

Maldon sea salt

190 gr of silken tofu, excess water drained off

200 gr of smaller thinner green asparagus spears, rough 1 cm cut off & I didn’t peel them because their skin was fresh & not tough/ 15 spears kept apart

1 bunch thick green asparagus, (about 15), rough end: 2 to 3 cm cut off & peeled for 3/4 with a vegetable peeler, like this:

* For the GF pasta:

350 gr 100% GF buckwheat pasta tubes / I used Castagno bio

a fruity extra virgin olive oil

sea salt

* For the 15 fried green asparagus  to top your pasta )

15 reserved, kept apart, thin green asparagus ( cooked with the rest )

sunflower oil

black pepper

Maldon sea salt


1. Cook your asparagus in 2 different & fitting cooking pots in some salted water until al dente. I cooked all of my thin asparagus for 3 to 5 minutes & drained them well.Keep warm. The bigger asparagus took me 6 to 8 minutes. Drain well too.

2. Cook your pasta according to your packet instructions in a lot of hot salted water. I also added 2 drizzles of a fruity evoo. Drain well & keep warm. In the meantime, fry spring onion rings in some sunflower oil & season with black pepper & Maldon sea salt. Set aside.

3. Make your green asparagus silken tofu sauce. Take a food processor & add cooked thicker green asparagus, rest of the cooked thinner green asparagus, but keep 15 of them apart to fry in a few minutes. Add silken tofu, fried spring onion pieces, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt & 15 grins of black pepper. Mix or blitz until the sauce is white with dots of green in them. I like my sauce, a bit thinner but not too thin. See picture above & below.You don’t want large chunks in your sauce but still, something like this:

A healthy creamy sauce!
A healthy creamy sauce!

Taste your sauce. We are not going to heat up your silken tofu in this sauce but your sauce will be warmish because of the just cooked asparagus & the fried spring onions. Taste again. Add some seasoning if you need to. You still must taste a soft creamy sauce & then, at the back of your mouth, the lovely aromas of the green asparagus & then a kick of the black pepper & some sea salt too, but not too much! Add it & pulse again. Pour the sauce into a lovely saucer, like above & just before serving, mix well with a spoon, for a nice sauce consistency! 🙂 Just before serving, heat up 3 pasta plates.

4. End, with frying your reserved 15 thin asparagus in some hot sunflower oil, season with black pepper & sea salt. Fry until crisp  & bit browned on both sides. Now, plate up instantly! Take your pasta bowl & ad cooked GF pasta.Top with 2 to 3 big spoonfuls of that lovely creamy asparagus silken tofu sauce & place 5 crisp green asparagus on top, onto each plate. Do the same with the 2 other plates.

You must mingle the sauce into the hot pasta tubes, for extra yummyness!!! Happy eating! 🙂 MMM,…I assure you this will be a huge hit! 😉 

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20 thoughts on “Vegan, Gluten-Free creamy green asparagus pasta!

  1. What a great idea of using silken tofu for a creamy healthy sauce!! It’s a wonderful meal, Sophie.

  2. Love the idea of using silken tofu in a pasta sauce (much lower fat!), and the fresh crunchy spears on top, for added texture. Genius Sophie!

  3. I like how you described servings for this recipe as be enough for three people with a lot of hunger. I often struggle with estimating servings when I do my recipes – and can’t decide what is the amount that an “average” person would eat..

  4. Hey Sophie! I hope you had a fab easter! Yes! I made your delicious pasta dish yesterday for friends & myself! We all loved it so much! It was super yummy too! xxx

  5. This Pasta looks so good. Sad we don’t have asparagus here. But I think substituting it with green peas will work-I am convincing myself!

  6. Hey Sophie!
    I made your amazing yummy pasta dish but used kamut penne! Delicious is the yummy word! xxx

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