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Allotment & gardening update!

on 22/03/2016

As from now, my email problems have been solved! You all won’t get my old email newsletters any more, bye bye for Sophie 33 emails!

As some of you may know, we have worked hard again in our allotment in Hombeek. We bought some good compost at the containerpark & we already heave sown a lot of veggies in our cold frame. This is our beloved cold frame. We just put it at another bed this year. This year we put it where last year the cabbages where. We are going to try to use permaculture in our beloved allotment this year. We use good compost too.

The coldframe, 1 year old!

The coldframe, 1 year old!

This is what we sown in there:

I can’t wait for the first salad leaves to appear! 😉 Let’s see it all a bit closer:

I already have sown indoors & you will see a few results already here:

So, this was my update & later at the beginning of April, we are going to start our sowing season for real, into the full ground. I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did! See you all later! xxx

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31 responses to “Allotment & gardening update!

  1. Are you safe?? All I could think about when I heard the news this morning, was I hope Sophie is safe? X

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    Good work, Sophie!

  3. Bernice says:

    How exciting that you started your gardens!!

  4. lou says:

    Hello Sophie,

    Springtime is back!
    Enjoy your gardening and good luck in your allotment with a great variety of vegetables and some fruit!

  5. boeddhamum says:

    dear Sophie, I am so glad to hear some happy news from Belgium, from your place of birthing new vegetables. I too look forward to start my garden again.
    Let us all unite in peace and tolerance,
    love to you, Linda

  6. Jim Brennan says:

    Sophie, my deepest sympathies to the all of the beautiful people of Belgium and those in Brussels today. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  7. Ina Gawne says:

    So glad to hear you and your family are safe Sophie! So sad for the people of Belgium! My heart goes out to them. (luv your garden)

  8. I’m glad you’re safe and sound 🙂 I’m looking forward to the plants I started inside pocking hteir heads out

  9. Glad to hear you are okay. Horrid times. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of your allotment goodies!

  10. Norma Chang says:

    So glad to know that you and your family are safe.
    That sure is a good looking cold frame. Looking forward to reading about the progress of your garden.

  11. This looks awesome Sohpie. You’re making me want to get out and plant some tomatoes!! I know you’ll have a beautiful harvest!

  12. Sean & Linda says:

    You are already sowing a lot, dear Sophie! I can’t wait to see what else you will be growing in the year! 🙂 A cool post! I enjoyed it!

  13. Antonia says:

    Love this post Sophie! It is great that your husband built your coldframe. It looks great and what a wonderful way to enjoy freshness during the winter!

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