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There is a new lunch adres in town! Gamine!

Since April 2015, there is new coffee bar/lunch address in our beloved town, Mechelen. I only found that out a while ago. Today, was the 1st time, I went there for a visit. I heard a lot of good vibes about this new address. Doesn’t it look cosy from the outside?


It is situated on the Korenmarkt number 6. Open? Tuesday-Friday: 7.30H-15 H. Now, in October open till 17 H. Yes! Saturdays? 8.30 H-17H. Closed on Sunday & Monday. It is situated into a protected building. The entry is on the right side. Doesn’t it look fab?

Gamine, entrance

This small cool menu chart, hangs from the right side of the cool white marbled tables. Apart, right?

The small cool menu cart!
The small cool menu chart!

Let’s see,…It was 11.30 h. When I came there, the place was empty & after 30 minutes, the place was full! It is a small more tiny space but really cosy. There are white marbled topped tables with black wooden chairs. Gamine serves breakfasts, lunch & some desserts, like black mud tarts, etc too. Everything, except the breads, served here, are home-made!! The breads come from the bread brothers. You can eat only here what is on the tiny menu.

A cool classy interior!
A cool classy interior!

Specials of the day, you can read on the blackboard. There were also a few quiches, with bread & salad to choose from. 🙂

Photo from the Facebook page Gamine.
Photo Facebook page Gamine.

There are always vegetarian dishes on the menu, like a vegetarian spaghetti: 9.5 Euros + with cheese: 10 Euros. Today, I began with a home-made lemonade. Mine was redbush with hibiscus, not sweet at all,…served with some fresh mint leaves. Just the way, I liked it. It costed me: 3 Euros.

Then, later on, I craved for some good soup, because it was raining outside, all day long,…big sigh! So, I ordered the vegetarian soup of the day, which was this one:


It was served with some decent sourdough flaxseed bread & some good butter on the side! The soup was very hot, delicious & a bit spicy. The melted cheese on top & the taco chips made it into a lovely comforting soup. The bread is made not by the owner but by the bread makers.

Finally, I ended my lunch with a lovely café latte with hot soy milk. You can’t read it on the café menu, but they do have it. I thought, that this café latte with soy milk, was the best in town! I told the owner that too!

A superb soy café latte!
A superb soy café latte!

I know that this lunch address will become a real success! I will be back for sure! 🙂 So, come on & join me for some good coffee & lunch! See ya! ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!


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  1. Very nice! I was doing the currency conversion & it’s pretty much in line w/the more upscale places stateside. Looks yummy 🙂

  2. This place sounds like a cool place to hang out! The interior is pretty lovely too.
    I also like the food & drinks you have shown us,….Yum!

  3. Oh I love the look of this place! That little menu looks so cool. Everything sounds so tasty!

  4. What a cool tiny lovely place to hang out in! The next time, we come to Mechelen, we should meet there! 😉 x

  5. This sounds like a lovely café/eaterie! The coffee & foods look great & I also love the cool interior! Lucky you! 🙂

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