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Allotment produce from the last week & tips how to use them in your kitchen!

This is from a few days ago!
This is from a few days ago!

A few days ago, I had this produce from the garden! yes, yes! 🙂 There were 15 sugar snap peas, a whole lot of fresh strawberries about 30 of them!  yum yummy yum! We had the 1st ever beetroot, type: Bolivar, red beet. It weighted without leaves & stalks: 150 gr netto. I also used the stalks & leaves in a recipe, more to come later in the week! 🙂 We also had the 1st 13 fresh peas! ooh yes: delicious! 🙂


Two days later: I had this:


These juicy strawberries all together were: 1,2 kg!!!! Ooh yes, mama! And a part of these yummy strawberries, 670 gr to be exact, went in this lovely redcurrant-strawberry jam! I also used red currants from the garden! You can find the tasty recipe: here! 🙂 And there was also this, 3 full buckets of them:


Since the beginning of  April, my purple kohlrabi’s are growing between the rows of red beets.

I needed to cut away some beetroot leaves & stalks to get more sunshine to my kohlrabi’s 🙂


How to use them in your kitchen?

After washing & pad drying, I cut my stalks in smaller pieces & sauté them in a fruity extra virgin olive oil for a bout 5 minutes with some veggies from our garden like fresh green celery pieces, cut up garlic cloves & spring onion rings. I add some hot vegetable stock & reduce it. At the last moment, I add the chopped beetroot leaves & put the lid on. They will wilt. You can prepare them just like spinach! 😉 Season it all with black pepper & some sea salt, but not too much because the veggie stock already has salt in it! 🙂 Yum! The beet leaves are a bit more bitter, what we like & the cut up stalks taste of a mild beetroot flavor! Double yum! 🙂

Cut up beetroot leaves
Cut up beetroot leaves

And there is more harvest:


This was planted or sown by the previous owner back in October! They are small but very delicious, roasted or not! 🙂 I love to peel them & fry them finely cut up in olive oil or roast them in their skin, whole of into unpeeled garlic cloves with some sea salt, black pepper, the same olive oil & some spices, like cumin, spicy smoked paprika, etc! 🙂

And even more snow peas! 🙂 Most of the time, I cook them for 2 minutes or so, rinse them well under cold water to stop the cooking process & to keep the bright green color! Drain well. Then we eat them cold in our mixed salad or warm them up in stir fries! Yummy yum! You can find here, a lovely recipe: Pasta dish straight from the garden!


And more sugar snap peas:


And wait, there is more:


The 1st green courgette & 1st bunch of fresh spring onions!
The 1st green courgette & 1st bunch of fresh spring onions!

Yummmm! There is also the 10 th head of curly green lettuce, we grow, in our plastic conservatory. Yummy yum! The 2 of us, eat 4 days from the yummy more bitter salad leaves! 😉 Again more garlic, a few sugar peas & 1 smaller green courgette: type: black beauty! 🙂 Just look at that lovely bunch of spring onions! 9 stalks! They smelled amazing & were so bright, fresh & sharp!

Again but closer
Again but closer

And finally, the last harvest: A mix of cut away salad leaves: An Asian one & a normal bitter one, lamb’s lettuce, yellow purslane & fresh chervil ! 🙂

Cut away salad leaves
Cut away salad leaves

So, I hope enjoyed this lovely harvest post 🙂 See you all later! 🙂 ♥ Stay Tuned & subscribe by email! Join 1,800 email subscribers now!!! It is free!!!! Click the link here below to subscribe!!!



Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Waw, what a large produce from your beautiful garden, dear Sophie! Lucky you! 🙂

  2. Nice harvest especially the currants! My currants are still green but looks like there will be many (I want to try your currant jam recipes!).

  3. Hello Sophie,
    For your first saeson of having an allotment, it all looks great!
    What a variety of vegetables and fruit you really have. Well done!

    1. Like you know, I have made a lot of jam with them, or just eat them like that, or mixed in with some yoghurt, or top my porridge with them, or make more jam recipes,…I haven’t frozen them yet, but my mom does that all the time,…😀😀

  4. The harvests from your allotment are getting better and better. Love the sugar snap peas and it’s great you’re thinking of so many ways to make the most of your bounty xx

  5. You’re doing very well, with this glorious harvest. It’s such a thrill to eat the food you’ve grown isn’t it. At the moment we have an abundance of limes. We are sharing them with friends and still have more than enough for ourselves.

  6. don’t you just love growing your own vegetables??? Our beets are ready to be harvested as well….yummy, much tastier than store bought

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