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It is time for,…

on 08/12/2014


Yesterday afternoon, I made this Warm







I received some fresh stalks of curly kale ( boerenkool in Dutch ) from our friends’ allotment. 😉 This is a spiced up filling good-for-you soup filled with vegan gluten-free goodness! It is more a meal then a normal soup! I didn’t mix the soup! Enjoy! 🙂 You will love it too!


Recipe: For a whole lot of soup


155 gr cut up, peeled carrot rounds ( 1 heaped cup )

45 gr red long sweet paprika, deseeded & cut up ( 1/2 cup )

42 gr red onion, peeled & finely cut up ( 1/3 cup )

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up

120 gr peeled cut up sweet potato (1 cup )

185 gr of cooked, rinsed pinto beans ( less than 1/4 cup )

1200 ml hot vegan gluten-free stock ( less than 5 cups )

coconut oil to fry your veggies in

1 teaspoon smoked spicy smoked paprika

2 teaspoons tomato concentrate

500 ml tomato passata, no seeds ( 2 cups )

2 stalks of curly kale, stalks removed, well-washed, spun dry, green parts cut up ( 3 cups, really pushed into the cups )

30 grins of finely milled black pepper

10 grins of grinned Himalayan pink salt


1. Take a large soup cooking pot & add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Let it melt & heat up on medium-high. When hot, add cut up red onion, garlic & carrots. Add 1/2 teaspoon of smoked spicy paprika & fry until the veggies are nearly tender. Stir often. Now, add chunks of sweet potato. Add some more coconut oil, if you need to. Fry for a few more minutes. Add 1/2 teaspoon of smoked spicy paprika & add tomato concentrate. Fry for a few more minutes. Now, pour your tomato passata all over your fried veggies. Add hot stock & beans & bring to the boil. Boil for maximum 5 minutes or boil until your veggies are just cooked. You must taste the tomato & the spicyness. I added 30 grins of finely milled black pepper & 10 grins of finely milled pink Himalayan salt. Finally, add your chopped curly kale & boil for about 1 minute or 2.

2. Enjoy instantly with a loved one! This is a warm soothing nourishing good-for-you soup! It really fills you up too! xxx

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32 responses to “It is time for,…

  1. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    A perfectly healthy and warming soup for the cold days!

  2. Ooh Sophie, that looks SO good! It’s 30C here, but I’d still love a bowl of that deliciousness! 🙂

  3. First, love that it’s snowing on your page – how pretty! Tomorrow is going to be a rainy, icky day – this soup will make me feel much better!

  4. Liz says:


  5. Wow! Sounds terrific! 🙂

  6. Sounds yummmm Dear Sophie. .. 🙂

  7. Definitely time for deeeeelicious, warming soup!

  8. Eva Taylor says:

    I love kale in soup, such a hearty leafy green!

  9. Yum! Love the veggies you’ve used for this soup! I’ll have to try it!

  10. Healthy and yummy soup:-)

  11. boeddhamum says:

    Boerenkool!! Yes, I love it too, in soups and stews. What a great soup, Sophie, love it!!

  12. Sean says:

    I made your lovely spiced up soup! It was superb! Really kicking too! x

  13. Sandra says:

    I made it & loved it too! It was really filling too! x

  14. Koko says:

    Ooh, what a yummy, healthy winter soup!! The perfect meal when you’re sick of all the Christmas cookies!!

  15. Saskia says:

    MMMMM,.. I made it yesterday & my husband Frank & I both loved it! We ate it with spelt sourdough! x

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