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Vegan Gluten-Free Kicked up Pumpkin Soup!

on 14/10/2014
Yum yum yum!

Yum yum yum!

Today, I made this fabulous, easy to make Seasonal Kicked up pumpkin soup to nourish me!  A while ago, I received a big fresh pumpkin  & a big yellow courgette from our friends who have an allotment! We were happy receivers! I used dried chili peppers, that I grew myself! 😉 This soup is so smooth, because of my beloved Vitamix & so kicking too, just right!

Dried red Padron chili peppers!

Dried red Padron chili peppers!

Recipe: For 2000 ml of silky smooth soup!


550 gr peeled, seeds & mellow stuff removed, cut into cubes fresh pumpkin ( weighted when cut up & peeled )

420 gr yellow courgettes, cleaned, cut up into chunks

1 medium white onion, peeled & cut up

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & cut up

1/2 teaspoon of dulce smoked paprika

2 dried chili peppers ( stems removed & cut up ) / I used dried home-grown red chili peppers de padrón!

a fruity evoo

a few dashes of Maldon sea salt

1 liter hot vegan gluten-free stock

10 grins of black pepper


1. Take a larger cooking pot & heat up on medium-high. When hot, add a few drizzles of that fruity evoo. When sizzling, add cut up onion & garlic. Season with some sea salt & 5 grins of black pepper. Stir often. Add cut up courgette & pumpkin cubes. Add 10 grins of black pepper & cut up dried chili peppers. Stir often. Fry your courgette & pumpkin pieces for a while, like 5 to 7 minutes. Reduce the heat if you need to. Now, pour hot vegan gluten-free stock over it all & stir everything round into the pot. Cook with a lid on for about 8 minutes or until your veggies are cooked through.

2. Laddle your soup into 2 batches into your Vitamix & place the  tamper in it too! Be careful, the soup will be extremely hot!!! Blend until completely smooth. Pour the blended soup into another clean pot & do the same with the rest of the soup. Combine the 2 mixed soups. Taste. The soup was very smooth, nice color & an added kick at the back of your mouth,…That is what you want!

3. Laddle your soup into lovely soup bowls & enjoy just like that or with a baguette smeared with vegan butter on the side! Yum Yum yummy! 🙂

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40 responses to “Vegan Gluten-Free Kicked up Pumpkin Soup!

  1. Gorgeous soup Sophie 🙂

  2. mrsveg says:

    Ooh that looks lovely. I love the combination of sweet, earthy pumpkins with chilli. My mum has promised me one of the giant pumpkins she’s grown, I think some of it might end up in a soup like this.

  3. wow yummylicious soup Sophie…

  4. It looks really yum and healthy as well!

  5. apsara says:

    Yummy! Just what I need with 3 pumpkins sitting in my house waiting to be carved…

  6. lou says:

    Hello Sophie,
    The new pumkins are arrived. Your soup looks very tasty and ready to eat.

  7. Norma Chang says:

    What a pretty color soup, sounds tasty too. Great Padron chili peppers harvest.

  8. I can never get enough pumpkin recipes, love the soup and love pumpkin!

  9. Oh, I -do- like it hot! 😉 I may not have anything so special as homegrown dried chilies, but I do have a few hot peppers lying around here someplace… It’s about time they go towards a greater calling than wall decoration!

  10. Dana says:

    OMG looks amazing! I love everything about it, including the gorgeous pics of red chili peppers 🙂

  11. Liz says:

    love how you doubled up on the veggies here 🙂

  12. hotlyspiced says:

    I love how you’ve dried your own chillies. I’ve never had a pumpkin soup with a bit of heat but I think it would be wonderful especially on a chilly evening xx

  13. Yummy! I will have to try this, too!

  14. Francesca says:

    I love the idea to add chili peppers to a pumpkin soup. Never crossed my mind. Brilliant! 🙂

  15. shenANNAgans says:

    Holy YUM! Gorgeous colour in your soup, the top pic I thought was almost a clear soup, so good. 🙂 I am all about the summer dishes now, so no soup for me for awhile. But Ill bookmark for the cooler months. Hope you are well lovely Sophie. xo

  16. Steven says:

    It is a fabulous fantastic soup! I made it today! Soooo deliciousness! x

  17. Noor says:

    I just made your divine Seasonal pumpkin soup! So ideal, tasty & fab! x

  18. Yummy! I love pumpkin soup!

  19. Koko says:

    Look at those peppers!!!! Awesome!! Doesn’t it feel great to use homegrown ingredients!? I love the sound of this soup- I think it could cure any winter cold!!

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