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Travelling Sophie: Mechelen, part 1! :)

Today, I went traveling in my own neighborhood, Mechelen. Mechelen is a cool city in Flanders, the Flemish ( Dutch) speaking part of Belgium. This glorious city lies 25 km north of Brussels & 25 km south of Antwerp!


Mechelen is famous for many things! It has a smaller city centre, so that you can do everything on foot or on a bike! 😉 You can find many different cool clothing shops, foodie shops, great cafés, cool coffee bars. We have great museums, lovely restaurants, old buildings with a lot of history in them, great hotels & we are also friendly people! 🙂 We, Mechelaars bike a lot.


It looks cosy, right? De Yzerleen is a square where you find many cool cafés, lovely coffee bars & cool clothing shops. You can also find here a good cheese shop, a good butcher, etc.

The lovely multi-clouted flowers that represent the colors of the flag from Mechelen!
The lovely multi-clouted flowers that represent the colors of the flag from Mechelen!



The famous Sint-Rombouts Toren. ( Sint-Rombaulds Tower!) This huge tower with added church is very famous. Mechelen has many older buildings that are an UNESCO world heritage site. We also have de Sint-Rombouts Toren. (St Rumbold’s Tower in English ) The 97-metre tower became the symbol of Mechelen.

Building work by the Keldermans family of architects on this imposing Mechelen monument began in 1452. Times and circumstances changed and as a result the tower was never completed.

The city’s most important documents used to be kept in this fortified tower, which was also the belfry. The bells in the tower served to tell the townspeople the time and to sound the alarm in the event of danger. The tower also made a good vantage point: from here you could see the enemy arriving from a long way off. Nowadays, you can visit the skywalk. There is no elevator, just a long array of steps! But it is worth it! On a good clear day, you can see the port of Antwerp & the skyline of Brussels! A skywalk visit will cost you 8€!

The famous Sint-Romboutstoren!
The famous Sint-Rombouts Toren!


After this refreshing drink, I walked further in my beloved town.


This is on the street between de Yzerleen & de Grote Markt! After a while, I was getting hungry & I thought, I will stop here & have some food!


Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery & you have a commune table over here & normal tables too where you can sit, relax & have a bite to eat. This famous bakery has spread all over the world. But its origin is Belgian! Yes! They have 16 Le Pain Quotidien in Belgium. Adresse? Yzerleen 15, 2800 Mechelen.

Most of the produce they make here is organic & of very good quality! I read about Le Pain Quotidien, that is in Los Angeles, that they have a large vegan food section. In this spot here in Mechelen, they serve a few vegan food dishes since begin February 2014. So, I thought, I am going to try them out. This is what I chose.


I chose a large Bio café latte with organic soy milk. This was 4.20€. That is a lot of money but I find that this is the best soy café latte in town! I received an organic dark chocolate with it! Yum Yum!

You can choose between breakfasts, lunch items, lunch suggestions, tartines ( these are open-faced sandwiches, but on real organic wheat bread slices, all home-made.) All of the breads, they make here, are vegan. They only use organic flours, water & salt! They serve a large variety of coffees, café lattes, teas, home-made ice-teas in Summer, fresh mixed juices or smoothies, lovely koffie koeken, buns, chocolate mini breads, tartlets, cakes & buns. You also can eat salads, evening suggestions, you can eat outside or inside. This bakery & eating area is very large. There is even a sitting-dinig area upstairs for parties!

On the list left of my coffee, this is the list where you can find out what is vegan. Vegan food items, are listed with a carrot in front of them. 😉 I looked on the list & will give you a few things that are vegan & how much it cost! In every section of the foods, there is only 1 or 2 items vegan. There is a lot more vegan in the breakfast area.

A bowl with fresh fruits, a small one: 4.80€, a bowl with fresh fruits, big: 6.80€.

Bio rice pudding with soy milk or/and apricots: 4.80€.

A bio muffin: 4.10€

I took the vegan lunch tar tine of the day: Just look at it, doesn’t it look so delicious??


It was just so delicious, but you could add a lovely tasty salad with this, but I found that these side salads are way too much for me. The dressing in the side salad is not normally not vegan though!

MMM,..It was. It costed me 9.40€. I will give you some inside pictures of this famous bakery!



The area from where I sat!
The area from where I sat!



So this was part 1! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 See you all later! xxx

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

65 thoughts on “Travelling Sophie: Mechelen, part 1! :)

  1. Good morning, dear Sophie,
    now I am really keen to visit Mechelen the next time I will take the ferry from England to Hoek van Holland and drive to Germany. Well, it’s nearly on my way. Dina and I are driving back home from Berlin in the beginning of November. We consider to stop at your fine town. And we might meet?
    Really nice photos, looks so cozy.
    Have a happy day
    and the rest of the Fab Four

      1. Dear Sophie,
        just before I am off to Norwich: I sent you a mail in the morning.
        Have a happy day
        Klausbernd 🙂

  2. hello Sophie,
    It’s a wonderful representation of your hometown! From now on a part of your followers will love Mechelen, too..

  3. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for the information about Mechelen. I couldn’t agree more – it is a very cosy town!
    I have eaten at Le Pain Quotidien in Hasselt (near the ‘Grote’ Markt) and enjoyed some sandwiches with soup with my colleagues.

    Keep us posted!

  4. I love to read about your travels, Sophie, and what a beautiful town, Mechelen. I never been there, must go sometime 🙂

  5. What an awesome post Sophie! You make me want to change my travel plans and explore your part of the world!! Ah, I wish that I could. If only I had a bit more cash to burn 😉 Love your photos. Glad that you had an awesome break xx

  6. What a beautiful city! I only ever had the chance to visit Brussels, but next time I am in Belgium, I will have to check out Mechelen. I noticed there’s a “forest monkey” juice option. Funny name! The food you ate looks good!

      1. LOVED Brussels! I only spent a few days there, taking in the sights of castles and eating my fair share of chocolate. 🙂

  7. love that you enjoyed a vacation in your own neighborhood 🙂 Great photos–thanks for sharing!

  8. So lucky to live in a bike friendly city. This was a wonderful tour, loved it! The vegan tartin indeed looks appetizing, and guess what, we have at least 4 or 5 Le Pain Quotodien here in NYC too.
    Awesome post Sophie 🙂

  9. What a beautiful place. I’m sure we will return to Belgium one day because we still have so much to see there. I love the fact that walking is a possibility around these small inner city areas, but I always forget about cyclists! I need to look out for them.

  10. Sophie your town is so beautiful, it’s like something from a movie!! I would love to visit there some day. I love bike riding…it would be great to live in a city that is so conducive to that mode of transport. I feel like there isn’t really anywhere like that in North America! Your snacks and meals from the day look delicious! Tahini grilled aubergine sounds like it would be amazing…

  11. Your town is so gorgeous and clearly so steeped in history. I do hope nothing changes. How gorgeous is that church! I always find it amazing that all those years ago they were able to make such impressive structures xx

  12. Hey Sophie– loved, loved this post! Mechelen looks totally charming. Are you from there? We ate at the Pain Quotidian in Santa Monica (near Los Angeles) for breakfast and the bread was the best! We tried the basket of 6 or 7 kinds and loved the walnut raisin brad the most. I got a post card of the original restuarant in Belgium– would love to try it one day… fun post!! Can’t wait for part 2!

    1. I am not from there. I am from Sint-Truiden. It is the regio in Limburg. The region where fresh fruits comes from like apples, pears & strawberries! 😉

  13. Wow Sophie lovely clicks and beautiful city. …I had been to Switzerland and just back this morning. …so just saw your pics….cool pics and loved your narration- fantastic. ..

  14. You know that I was going to go there since one of my friends from work just moved over- she got back home simply. What a coincidence 😀 I was told it was a nice city and since we like that part of Belgium a lot it’s on my travel list. So cool to see it before we actually went there!

      1. I’m going on holidays soon for two weeks, but after that I’m pretty sure I will be going there. I will let you know 🙂

  15. What a lovely town, you live in! Thanks for the lovely tour! I also loved reading your tour in Leuven & in Berlin! So cool! x

  16. Georgous cool pics, Sophie! That Pain Quotidien sounds really good & a fun place to eat in!
    Your smoothy looks incredible too!

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