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Vegan gingered rhubarb panna cottas! Gluten-free too!

A lovely flower patterned Vegan & GF ringered rhubarb panna cotta! :)
A lovely flower patterned Vegan & GF gingered rhubarb panna cotta! 🙂

Yesterday, I invented these tasty vegan gluten-free gingered rhubarb panna cottas! I used my flower patterned silicon baking mats to make them in! This way, when the panna cottas have set, they are easy to remove & you end up with a lovely flower pattern on the outside! Just look at this beauty! You must taste the ginger & then the rhubarb with a hint of coconut in the end. In the other same panna cottas, I didn’t taste the coconut. So maybe, next time, I will use unsweetened soy milk???? I used 5 ingredients in these beauties! 🙂 

These vegan Gluten-Free gingered rhubarb panna cottas are just right, not too sweet either!

I invented these rhubarb panna cottas & added ground ginger to them because I like the flavour of ground ginger with rhubarb, it gives an added kick, I believe! 🙂 If you want to use less ginger, you do that, but it needed it! I also let my rhubarb pieces simmer into my coconut & rice milk. This is a store-bought mixed drink & it is a bit thinner than real thicker coconut milk. I just wanted to try this mixed plant-based drink to see what it gave! If you want to use thick real coconut milk, I don’t think you need as much agar agar as I used. I will test that in the future,…:)

Just look at that delicious tasty inside!!! Do you want a big bite???
Just look at that delicious tasty inside!!! Do you want a big bite???

t was a while ago, that I made my first recipe with agar agar. That was about 2.5 years ago. It was this fine recipe:

Vegan coconut Panna cotta with vanilla soy milk served with a raspberry coulis ( Vegan, Dairy – Free, Gluten – Free & Vegetarian ), filed under Christmas menu!

Recipe: For 6 flower patterned ginger rhubarb panna cottas


300 gr fresh rhubarb, the normal green-red sort, cut up into thicker chunks, each about 2-3 cm

500 ml coconut-rice drink, no extra sugar added, I used Alpro

The no-sugar added coconut-rice drink!
The no-sugar added coconut-rice drink!

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 cup coconut sugar

8 gr agar agar powder


1. Take a fitted cooking pot & add rhubarb chunks. Pour coconut-rice milk drink in it & stir. Add 8 gr of agar agar & whisk it all through. Bring to the boil & whisk, whisk, whisk. Add coconut sugar. Lower your heat if you need to. I had to boil my rhubarb mix for about 15 minutes. It began to thicken. In the beginning, I had about 750 ml & it reduced to about 500 ml. You must end up with still cooked chunks of rhubarb in the sauce because you want to end up with these in your panna cottas. Place your flower-silicon mat on a stable rack. Fill your flower holes for 3/4 or 4/4.

I just filled the holes, ready to go into the fridge to set!
I just filled the holes, ready to go into the fridge to set!

When you spill a bit, you will see that the drops will get stiffer & begin to set. This is what you want. In the beginning, you think that it doesn’t thicken but when you spoon the mix with the cooked rhubarb chunks in the flower holes, it will begin to set. Carefully, move the filled flower holes, on the rack, into the cold fridge. Leave to set for at least a few hours. Mine were ready after 2.5-3 hours.

Set! I just removed one!
Set! I just removed one!

So, to remove one, just use your hands & carefully turn one mould over & gently push it out of the silicon mat & flip it over onto a clean fun dessert plate. Silicon baking mats will give your panna cotta a lovely shine on the outside. Enjoy instantly with a good cup of fresh tea! 🙂 MMM,…I assure you! This panna cotta is filling but light at the end! You don’t taste the red seaweed ( agar agar ) in here! 🙂 Stay tuned, Subscribe by email through the link below to get my new cool newsletters aka posts! Join 1,800 email Subscribers! It is free!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

58 thoughts on “Vegan gingered rhubarb panna cottas! Gluten-free too!

  1. Waw, Sophie! Your gingered rhubarb panna cottas look awesome, delicious & apart too! I never seen anyone who uses rhubarb in the panna cotta! Another must make, for sure! Today! xx

  2. Greetings from Oslo! Your ginger rhubarb panna cotta looks delicious, dear Sophie!!!!
    Waw even! A wonderful flower,…cute & pretty too! 🙂

    1. Greetings from Mechelen! 🙂 Flower patterned, yes, yes! I always like to make something special, you know that by now! 😉

  3. Yum yummm, Sophie! Your gingered rhubarb panna cotta looks just delectable & even FABULOUS!!!!! Yes, yes!

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  5. Oh, I like this a lot! Funny I have had panna cotta on my brain too, as I have never made it but it seems “easy” to make, adaptable, and of course gluten free. I love rhubarb with ginger too! And lovely mold!

  6. First thing I like the flower pattern…then the rhubarb panna cotta. I want to try this especially to try agar agar powder. Great recipe, Sophie!

  7. These look so cute! I love ginger paired with rhubarb…I agree, it adds a great kick!! I still need to work on my experimenting with agar agar. Vegan panna cotta is the perfect recipe for agar!

    1. Thanks, my friend & they are not heavy at all by using coconut-Rice drink in here instead of real full-fat coconut milk!. Enjoy them! Xx

  8. This is a beautiful looking dessert and your moulds are gorgeous! The panna cotta has turned out perfectly and looks so pretty. I didn’t know you could make vegan panna cottas! xx

    1. Ooh yes, agar agar is just wonderful, healthy & you don’t taste the red seaweed in here!! So much better ffo ryou than gelatin!!!.

  9. Panna cotta is such a light and tasty dessert. Yours not only sounds good but is oh so pretty…love the molds.

  10. Wow what a fabulous combination of flavours. And such a brillinat idea to use sicilone molds 🙂

  11. Hey Sophie! I made your delectable vegan Gf rhubarb panna cottas & loved them so much! They are a huge success over here! ooh yeah! x

  12. Your panna cottas made me smile! I made them & with me 6 gr agar was enough! Realy tasty too! 🙂 thanks again,…:)

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