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RAW Bite Bars: Review! :)

Today, I finally found some Raw Bite bars from Denmark! I saw these bars a year ago when I was visiting Veganz, the Vegan supermarket in Berlin! I took pics from these lovely coloured packaged bars & wanted to take them with me but unfortunately, I already bought other great vegan edibles. So, when I visited my old food health shop in Brussels today , I could finally buy them & test them out! They look super cool, don’t they?

Colourful packaged Raw Bite bars!
Colourful packaged Raw Bite bars!

I bought these 4 different bars:

1. Raw Bite: Raw cacao, 2. Raw Bite: Spicy Lime, 3. Raw Bite: Vanilla Berries & 4. Raw Bite: Raw Protein

All of these bars are mostly raw bars, that are Vegan, Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free too! 🙂 These bars are only sweetened with the natural sugars of the fruits that are used! Yes, please! 🙂

All these bars are each 50 gr. In my food health shop, they came, each 1.89€. I saw them online for a lot more!

I found this stated on their own Raw-Bite website: RAWBITE, A COMPANY BUILT ON A RAW PHILOSOPHY

Rawbite was founded in Denmark by Morten, Nikolaj and Rolf.

The idea behind Rawbite was to create a simple, honest and healthy product easy to bring along and enjoy anywhere. This idea resulted in the organic fruit and nut bite, Rawbite.

Since the first Rawbite was created on the kitchen table, the interest for the product has not stopped growing in Denmark, as well as in the other 24 countries where Rawbites are now available. Everything in Rawbite is driven by simplicity, joy and enthusiasm for the product. Even though the kitchen table can no longer fit the production, recipes are still developed here and no one stops until the taste is amazing. The product itself is created with the utmost respect for the natural ingredients which are processed carefully with no use of heat at all.

 1. Raw Bite: Raw Cacao:

It has dates (54% ), a combo of almonds & cashews (36% ) & cacao (10%.) These ingredients are all organic!

A mild chocolate flavour with almonds & dates!
A mild chocolate flavour with pieces of almonds, cashews & dates!

Normally, I don’t dig dates as much but in here you didn’t taste them, I thought! The bar was mildly chocolately with added pieces of almonds & cashews. I liked this cacao snack a lot! A fruity flavour with cacao & mixed nuts! This bar was a great healthy snack & it was just what I needed. I ate it with my daily café soy latte. Yum yum,….:) I will surely buy this one again!

2 .Raw Bite: Spicy Lime:

Very Cool packaging! :)
Very Cool packaging! 🙂

It has dates ( 55% ), lime juice ( 4% ),  cashews, almonds & coconut (45% ), ginger, chili & lemon oil in it. These ingredients are all organic!

The spiced lime bar!
The spiced lime bar!

I loved this tasty bar a lot because you can really taste the lime in here with a hint of chili, ginger & lovely mixed nuts!! 🙂 MMM,…!

3. Raw Bite: Vanilla Berries:

Raw bar Vanilla Berries!
Raw bar Vanilla Berries!

It has dates ( 48% ), almonds ( 40% ), berries like cherry, cranberry & mulberry (12% ) & vanilla in it. These ingredients are all organic!

I love this tasty bar a lot! You can really taste the vanilla, mulberries, cherries in here & also the cranberries! 😉 Yummm! The almonds in here are very crunchy & yummy too! A great bar!

4. Raw Bite: Protein:

The inside of the protein bar!
The inside of the protein bar!

It has dates  (28 % ) , almonds (25 % ), 10 gr of organic rice protein, pumpkin seeds & raw organic cacao in it! These ingredients are all organic!

It has a mild chocolate almond flavour with 10 gr rice protein per bar!!!! You can also see the pumpkin seeds but you can’t taste them! 😦 You Can taste the rice, dates, cacao & almonds in here. I don’t like the general flavour in this bar at all! 😦 It is too bitter for me!

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46 thoughts on “RAW Bite Bars: Review! :)

  1. These sound amazing! I’d love to try them – I’m going to see if we can find them in the states!

  2. I feel like I’ve seen these in the states. I’m in Pennsylvania. I’ll look for them! Now I know which flavors to try! My daughter likes to bring things like this to swim meets, especially those that last several hours over lunch time.

      1. I don’t like coconut, but I’ll try the other ones if I find them!! Thank you Sophie 🙂

  3. I’m also hoping to find them in the US, I love how the chocolate bar sounds, I am a shameless chocoholic!!

  4. They have not made it to Amsterdam yet, but I will keep my eyes open!

  5. Those sound just like Larabars! We have them in the states and combine raw organic ingredients into delicious bars. I think they have like 15 different flavors and they are amazing!

  6. They all look fantastic and delicious, love the packaging. From the photos and descriptions the Raw Bite: Raw Cacao: would be my favorite though I would like to try all 4.

  7. I’ve never seen those bars before Sophie, but they look delish!! I guess I’ll have to come for a visit so I can share some with ya!! Celeste 🙂

  8. What a great RAW bar! These do look super cool! I think I would love the spicy lime flavour. I have never seen a bar with such a unique blend of flavours. Thanks for letting us know about these!!

  9. Since I read your tasty reviw, I bought them too & love them so much! Thanks again!

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