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Vegan, Gluten-Free home-made brazil nut milk & a brasil nut milk recipe!

Home-made Raw Vegan, Gluten-Free Brazil nut milk!
Home-made Raw Vegan, Gluten-Free Brazil nut milk!

I just made home-made raw brazil nut milk. This is how I made it! Easy peasy with My Vitamix & then, I strained it through my nut milk bag! I didn’t sweeten my milk because I like the soft creamy taste of home-made brazil nut milk! You always can sweeten it later in other recipes!

Yummy Raw brazil nut milk!
Yummy Raw brazil nut milk!

What is brazil nut milk?

This is a non-dairy, gluten-free milk, obtained from raw or soaked brazil nuts, drained & well-rinsed too, 3 or 4 cups water added. You can add whatever you want with it. You can add vanilla extract, cacao powder or another sweetener like pitted dates, to keep it raw or maple syrup or agave syrup. 

Mostly, people on the internet use 1 cup of nuts & 4 cups of filtered water. You choose what you like! You can add more water if you like but I love using 4 cups of water because you will end up with a lovely white nut milk, just like a milk consistency.

Most of the time, they tell you to soak your nuts at night or at least 8 to 12 hours in water in the fridge. Why? The nuts become less raw & they are easily digested in the stomach. When these nuts are soaked, then well-drained & rinsed, they become more useful to use in raw vegan cheesecakes, in dressings or in salads, in baked desserts, in muffins or in bread. Or you can make your own vegan cheese or spread.

You can make nut milk from every nut or a mix of nuts that you like & love. I am experimenting with them now. More recipes to come!
Recipe: For 5 cups home-made brazil nut milk

1 cup of raw brazil nuts, soaked in water for about 8 to 72 hours/ Mine were soaked 1 night/How to soak your nuts or seeds?  When you soak your nuts, place them in a bowl & pour water all over it, until they are all covered up. Place a lid on & place into the fridge for at least 1 night or at least 8 hours. You will see that your nuts will be swollen & are puffed up.  (I made all my nut milks with nuts that soaked for 1 night & they tasted much better then soaking for 3 nights! )

4 cups of filtered water


1. First, drain your soaked brazil nuts well & rinse them too. Discard the water.

2. Take a good power blender, aka Vitamix or Blendtech & add soaked nuts & 4 cups of water. Using the Tamper, push the liquid & soaked nuts into the running blades to make everything completely smooth. Blend on full speed on high power!!!You can pour this tasty brazil nut milk into a glass container & enjoy it straight away  but I chose to drain the nut milk, by using my beloved nut milk bag!

3. Place a nut milk bag over a large fitting pot & pour the thicker nut milk into it & directly close the bag with the string. Squeeze & squeeze until all the liquid is out of the nut milk bag. Strain again & you will end up with a beautiful white unsweetened home-made brazil nut  milk: a thing of beauty!!!

4. Pour the milk into a clean bottle & put the lid on. Now, it is ready. Keep the brazil nut pulp & place it into a fitting pot with lid. Place into the fridge for later use.

Home-made nut milk will keep in the fridge for about 3 to 5 days. When your bottle has been a while in the fridge, you will see separation of the finer brazil parts & the milk. Just shake the bottle well before using it! Enjoy! :)

Placing the nut milk bag in place in a fitting bowl & pouring the brazil nut milk mix into it!
Placing the nut milk bag in place in a fitting bowl & pouring the brazil nut milk mix into it!
Squeezing & straining more!
Squeezing & straining more!
Straining more & more!
Straining more & more!
The leftover brazil nut pulp! Use up in msoothies, on top of cereals, in banana breads, etc!
The leftover brazil nut pulp! Use up in smoothies, on top of cereals, in banana breads, etc!

How to enjoy?

1. This is a fine drink on its own

2. Pour over cereals or muesli, for added nut flavour & added nut goodness, for added nutrition! 😉

3. Add a bit of it to your yoghurt : lovely!

4. Make a dessert with it.

5. Make smoothies with it.

6. Use it in tea or coffee.

7. This is also great used in cakes, muffins & in breads for a more added nut flavour

8. You can use the pulp in banana breads, cakes or muffins like these Yummy Healthy Vegan pear & cashew nut pulp muffins! Just use the brazil nut pulp instead of the cashew nut pulp!

A tasty recipe using home-made brazil nut milk! 🙂 Vegan, Gluten-Free Almond butter maca brazil nut milk chia smoothies!!!!

Yummmm! Vegan, Gluten-Free!
Yummmm! Vegan, Gluten-Free!

Recipe: For 2 persons or for 1 hungry person = 800 ml


500 ml of your favourite plant-based milk, I used unsweetened home-made brazil nut milk!!!

6 tablespoons pure salted roasted almond butter = 3/8 cup

1 tablespoons chia seeds

1 tablespoon maca powder = Raw Maca Power is a superfood. Maca is a herbaceous plant native to the high Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru. It is one of the only food plants in the world able to thrive at such a high altitude. Maca, and more specifically the root of the plant, has a long history as a superfood. The maca root was prized throughout the Incan empire for its adaptogenic-like qualities that enable it 1/ to nourish and balance the body’s delicate endocrine system, 2/ and to help cope with stress. 3/ It also energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine, 4/ and it can aid in reproductive function, 5/ helping to balance hormones and 6/ increase fertility. 7/ It is good for your libido. 8/ It also has a lot of vitamins in it, like vitamines B1, B2 & C.

So, start using it & add it to your daily smoothies or vegetable smoothies. I add 1 tablespoon per time. You don’t taste it in my smoothy,…. :)


1. Place every ingredient in this order in your Vitamix or blender. Put the tamper in your fitted lid & blend on full power for at least 30 to 60 seconds, while pushing the  ingredients into the running blades. Pour into a lovely tall smoothy glass or glasses & enjoy instantly alone or with a loved one! :) Enjoy, my lovely friends! 🙂 Stay tuned, Subscribe by email through the link below to get my new cool newsletters aka posts! Join 1,800 email Subscribers! It is free!

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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    1. Thanks, my dear foodie friend from New York!!

      Happy 2014 filled with good health, many foodie things to discover & a wonderful 2014!! Cheers! xxx

  1. Fantastic post Sophie! You have been so thorough in your explanations of how to make the milk itself and use the pulp afterwards 🙂 I’ve made my own almond milk but never ventured into other nuts. I’ll have to give brazil nuts a go! Yum, sounds delicious!! Hope that you had a beautiful Christmas Sophie. All the best for the coming new year! xxx

    1. Very cool indeed! 🙂 Just see on the nut milk links below my post for more home-made nut milk goodness, Sonal! x

  2. I make homemade almond milk, but have never tried Brazil nut milk – sounds like the next one on my list!

  3. Sounds healty and tasty nuts milk,
    unfortunaly i just roasted a batch of brazillian nuts Sophie, can i made this milk with it???
    ps. i love making pesto or crusted with it too….

    1. Hey Dedy!! I think you can make nut milk of roasted Brazil nuts too! Just blend them with 4 cups of water & strain the nutmilk or not! Yummy Yummy, I say! 🙂 x

  4. Amazing that you actually make something that I have actually only discovered on the shop shelves a few years ago.

  5. I’ve never had brazil nut milk. I’d like to try this but brazil nuts are very expensive here. It’s a shame because they’re one of my most favourite nuts xx

  6. I tend to think of Brazil nuts more as supplements than ingredients these days, since I always eat one at breakfast time for the selenium content… But this sure looks like a tastier way to get my RDA!

  7. I looove brazil nuts!! When I was younger my mom always used to buy these packages of mixed nuts, and I always ate all of the brazil nuts out of them right away. I bet milk made from them is amazing!!

  8. Never had Brazil nut milk before Sophie, but it sounds delicious!! Looks so fresh and I love the smoothie recipe! I’ve yet to try maca powder…. I really need to, it sounds amazing !!

    1. I don’t know, because a Vitamix is a really powerful blnder but I guess when you soak the nuts, they become more & more soft so I think a normal blender can do this mixing too! 🙂 xxx

  9. The Vitamix is on my wishlist!
    I just made almond milk in a regular blender; it works, but I would love to make nutbutters and I think a highspeed blender goes a much longer way!
    Brazil nut milk, I never tried it, will do!!
    I wish you a happy, loving and healthy New Year, Sophie!!

  10. I LOVE nut milk, making it, drinking it, it’s so wonderful. I never thought of brazil nuts, they are wonderful, bet that milk is delicious.

  11. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It makes just enough milk for one person. I don’t always drink a full half gallon of almond milk and usually end up throwing half of it away, and they don’t sell soy or almond milk in quarts at my supermarket. Tell me, do you think this recipe would work with walnuts?

    1. That is not true! I had 5 cups of milk though, using a Vitamix!

      ooh yes, with any sort of nuts & or with seed milk too! xxEnjoy!

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