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Spiced Rosemary 2 bean celeriac soup!

on 26/11/2013

Yesterday, I made this divine seasonal soup! It is like a more filling Autumnal soup, perfect to enjoy on a colder november day! Enjoy it!!! It is great on its own, topped with fried smoked bacon pieces.

A tasty & soothing rosemary scented 2 bean soup!

A tasty & soothing rosemary scented 2 bean soup, topped with fried smoked bacon pieces!

This is a very filling one pot dinner soup! Make it now!

Recipe: For 8 persons, 1 big bowl


1 can of red kidney beans, well rinsed & drained well

1 can of white butter beans, well rinsed & drained well

1280 gr of celeriac, peeled, cut into strips & cut into chunks/ the size doesn’t matter because the soup will be mixed in the end

3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & cut finely

3 medium white onions, peeled & cut finely

1 medium potato, peeled & cut into little chunks

4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary,sprigs removed, only the green needles, cleaned, well rinsed, pad dry on kitchen paper & cut into little pieces

Maldon sea salt

Grinned black pepper

Smoked paprika powder, the dulce version: 3 teaspoons + 1 teaspoon if needed

1.5 liter of a good gluten-free vegetable stock

unrefined coconut oil

100 gr of gluten-free smoked bacon pieces ( For 2 bowls of soup )


1. Take a large  steam cooker with fitting lid. Heat up on medium high. Add a few knobs of coconut oil & let it melt. When hot & sizzling, add the garlic & onion pieces. Fry until nearly golden brown. Now, add the smoked paprika, 3 teaspoons of it & fry 1 or 2 minutes further. Add your potato pieces, the red & the white beans too. Stir everything round in your pot. Adjust the heat if you need to.

2. Add your celeriac pieces  & your vegetable stock too. Stir everything round & let it come to the boil. Add some seasoning. ( P & S)

3. Then, place the fitting lid on. Let it sit on the fire until the nozzle, the valve, whistles continuously for about 5 minutes.

4. Remove the pot from the heat & be careful, with the help of a long wooden spoon, open the valve to let the steam go free.  When there is no steam left, remove the fitting lid. Taste the soup. It has to taste fab & soothing. You must taste the celeriac, the beans & the smoked paprika. If not, add some extra seasoning & another teaspoon of this smoked paprika. Stir.

5. Mix the soup until you still have red bean flakes floating in your soup. That looks quite nice!

6. This is a thicker tasty soup. Now, just before serving, fry the smoked bacon pieces in some coconut oil. Drain the fat with kitchen paper & serve instantly. Divide over 2 bowls.

Enjoy! :)  If you eat this tasty soup, on day 2, you must add some more hot stock to this soup, otherwise the soup,is way too thick! This soup also freezes well! 😉 Yum Yum Yum!

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46 responses to “Spiced Rosemary 2 bean celeriac soup!

  1. Love celeriac in soup Sophie – and with bacon too! Looks great.

  2. Tammy says:

    It looks delicious!

  3. yummy 🙂 you make me hungry *Brigid

  4. A very creamy and tasty soup!

  5. lou says:

    Hi Sophie,
    It looks nice and tasty! A creamy well filled winter soup.

  6. It looks so yummy. I love beans soups 🙂

  7. Britta says:

    Yum!! Looks delicious Sophie! As always of course.. the bacon is like the cherry on the cake! Love bacon.

  8. Fig & Quince says:

    I just want a little slice of baguette to dip into this soup please. Looks so inviting and cozy and YUM!

  9. katrina berg says:

    What a warm & cozy soup…looks amazing Sophie!

  10. Sophie, this sounds really good! So unique!

  11. Norma Chang says:

    Sounds delicious and healthy and even better the fact that it freezes well.

  12. Liz says:

    full of so many good things!

  13. Love the ingredients Sophie. This is a keeper of a recipe for sure. I’ll try it! The last celery root I bought was incredibly stringy. I’ll try again though because I certainly love celery root.

    • Sophie33 says:

      Yes, but you have to buy them fresh & organic or grow them yourself! They have to be firm on the outside. ☺️

  14. laurasmess says:

    This sounds wonderfully nutritious and delicious Soph!! Love the addition of the bacon garnish, yum! It’s great that you can freeze it for later also. I always make way too much soup and then I get sick of eating it for days, hahaa… xx

  15. Oh Sophie, your soup looks so~ good. What do you recommend to use in place of rosemary?
    Some herbs and spices are too strong for my taste buds. 😉

  16. Love bean soup Sophie! never thought of freezing leftovers. thanks.

  17. Hotly Spiced says:

    That would be a very comforting and filling soup on a cold winter’s night xx

  18. twbarritt says:

    Rosemary and bacon is a fantastic combination – Delicious!

  19. Koko says:

    So creamy and comforting! I have never tried a celeriac soup. It looks perfectly Autumnal, just as you said! I eat soup almost every day lately….I would love to experiment with celeriac!!

  20. afracooking says:

    I will be honest: soup is not my thing, but I have to admit that you make this one sounds absolutely delicipous! It really is making me think that maybe I should give this a whirl 🙂

  21. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Hi Sophie,
    It’s been a while. 🙂
    Sounds and looks delicious, as usual…
    Any news on when you are publishing your first cookbook or opening your new eatery? 😉

  22. Ina gawne says:

    Sophie – this soup sounds delicious! I must one day give celeriac a try. We just had a new soup recipe too – nothing better especially on a cold nite! 🙂

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