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Home-made vanilla sugar!

Home-made vanilla sugar!An excellent food gift too!
Home-made vanilla sugar!
An excellent food gift too!

2 months ago, I made home-made vanilla sugar. It is so easy to make & so tasty to use too. Here in Belgium, we can buy it in expensive little sachets of each 20 gr.  Who knows what else they put in that vanilla sugar?

So, this is how I did this & you can easily make this too!

Tasty home-made vanilla sugar!
Tasty home-made vanilla sugar!

Recipe: For 450 gr vanilla sugar


450 gr of white vegan castor sugar = 2 cups

1 thick dried Bourbon vanilla bean


1. Take a fitting glass jar with fitting lid for your 450 grams of vanilla sugar to be!

2. Place the thick dried vanilla bean on a chopping board & slice the bean open vertically, on the long side. Scrape the vanilla seeds out & place them into the sugar. Cut your  vanilla bean in different pieces & add to your sugar. Mix well with a clean spoon. Place the fitted lid on & place into a dry cupboard. Every day or so, mix with a spoon. After 1 week, your sugar will be ready. You can leave your vanilla beans in the sugar for a long time, the vanilla flavour will develop more,… Before using, you can sieve your vanilla sugar & keep in a lovely glass jar with fitted lid to give away as a lovely & tasty food gift! Or you can process the bean bits in a food processor & not sieve the vanilla sugar. I like the black spots in my vanilla sugar, don’t you? You even can leave the vanilla beans for a few months into your sugar: it is up to you! 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

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70 thoughts on “Home-made vanilla sugar!

  1. What a wonderful idea! Much better the spending lots of money and I bet it tastes much better ;D

    1. It is great in yoghurts, waffle batter, pancake batter, in home-made pastries & cakes! I use vanilla sugar a lot, don’t you?

  2. So simple and so pretty! I think this would make a great homemade gift, too! Vanilla sugar is such a nice treat to regular sugar. The subtle hint of vanilla is so good! Can’t wait to see what kinds of recipes you use this in 🙂

  3. I always throw my used vanilla pods into sugar. It was hilarious the first time my husband came across it. He didn’t have a clue what it was and looked truly horrified!

    1. it surely will! I leave my bean bits a few months in my sugar! You can experiment with different types of sugars too!

  4. Yum! I have a confession – I have never used vanilla sugar. But reading about the ways you will use it, has inspired me.

    I do love vanilla beans, and I have used those a lot in baking and raw desserts over the years. They smell truly wonderful 🙂 So I can imagine how delicious the sugar smells.

  5. What a great idea. I use cinnamon suar so I would bet there are a lot of uses for vanilla sugar. 🙂

  6. Whenever I have a recipe that calls for just the seeds from a vanilla bean, I always throw the pod into my container of sugar. Still does the job, perfuming it wondrously.

  7. I’ve been infusing my vanilla sugar for well over a year, adding more beans as I use them, and the aroma has become really a heady now. It’s just incredible! The only problem is, it seems so precious, I’m not sure I can really bring myself to use it… It will probably become a gift for someone really special, since I can’t think of a single dessert that would be worth using it in.

    1. Allez, you make it & then you don’t use it! I couldn’t do that! 🙂 I use it in savoury dishes, desserts like rice puddings, in ccakes, in muffins, in pancake batters, etc! I use it all the time!

  8. I love vanilla sugar – actually I don’t have any sugar that isn’t vanilla scented now. I push beans into every jar. I like the pretty ribbon on yours

  9. Well done. I do the same but on a far less aesthetically pleasing scale ( I bury vanilla pods into bags of sugar).

    Yours look really pretty


  10. I always make my own and I keep my used vanilla beans in the jar for extra flavour 🙂

  11. Thanks for reminding me! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, it’s so easy, I don’t know what’s kept me… Laziness I guess :-)… I do have some vanilla scented salt though, I made it at Christmas (exactly the same process as the sugar). It’s a really interesting addition to savory dishes or sprinkled on top of caramel sauce.

  12. This is such a useful ingredient to create. Can’t wait to see what you will use it on. Lovely post my friend.

  13. Who would’ve thought it would be that easy! I love vanilla sugar, I’m a big fan of sprinkling it on strawberries and then roasting them…delicious!

  14. I absolutely LOVE that you included a recipe for vanilla sugar! In Scandinavian cooking, we use it all the time (baking mostly) – do you do the same? Anyway, I usually use confectioners sugar when making my own, as I find the vanilla flavor gets much more intense, plus it reminds me of the store bought vanilla sugar we get in the store. Anyway, thanks for the post! 🙂

    1. I use it in baking mostly too! I love tostirr it into yoghurts & use it in pancake , waffle & cookies too!

  15. Amazing isn’t it the stuff we buy ready made when they are so easy to make yourself! Thanks for sharing this!

  16. Uhuuu!!! What a nice idea. In the past I used cinnamon sugar for my recipes but now I will migrate for vanilla sugar for sure…hmmm very interesting:) I really love this topic about make by yourself. sweets:)

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