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Beans bar in Mechelen: One of my 2 favourite special coffee bars!!!

Today, I visited one of my 2 favourite Coffee bars in Mechelen. This is one of them. It’s name is Beans bar: coffee, bagels & more,…!!!

Beans coffee bar!Cosy, yummy & friendly staff!
Beans coffee bar!
Cosy interior & yummy foods & drinks!

This lovely, cosy & not too large coffee bar is located in the historic center of our town, Mechelen. It has 2 floors where you can relax, sit in chairs, in high stools at a bar, in lovely fauteuils & indulge in tasty & deliciously foods & drinks, hot or cold! You can eat these tasty pastries, bagels & wraps all day long, from when they open until they close at 6 PM. Everything that you can drink or savour here, you can take-away too!  This comes in handy, for when you are in a rush!

yummy foods to buy & savour at reasonable prices too!
Tasty cookies, marshmallows, pralines & chocolate drops to buy & savour at reasonable prices too!

Location? Ijzerenleen, 37, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium. 015/63.91.57.


In wintertime, the coffee bar is closed on Mondays. Open From Tuesday till Saturday from 8 AM til 6 PM.

Closed on Sundays & Festive days.

Lovely coffee related gifts: all beautifully wrapped up!
Lovely coffee related gifts: all beautifully wrapped up!

Read on,…

This coffee bar is from the owner, Sarah. She is a true female barista. 

Over onsPicture from their own website.

What do they have on their menu???

So many tasty foods to choose!
So many tasty foods to choose!

** For starters, they are also famous for their tasty breakfasts. You can choose between 5 different breakfast options, example, like a small breakfast consists of choice between 3 types of coffee or tea, with fresh orange juice & a croissant. This will cost you: 5,90€. Or a larger breakfast like Beans Deluxe Breakfast, consists of a choice between 3 types of coffee or tea, a glass of fresh orange juice, a normal bagel, a croissant, ham & cheese slices, jam, chocolate spread & to top that of, a glass of a fine Italian prosecco! This will cost you: 12,90€. What a big breakfast, hey? You could also choose a lighter brekky like yoghurt with honey & muesli. This will cost you: 4,50€. There are also other Greek yoghurt with fruit options.

Beside these stunning breakfasts, you could also choose between vegan juices & healthy vegetarian smoothies like Bean’s up: A smoothy that has orange, strawberry, yoghurt & banana in it. This will cost you: 4,50€. You can also take them away, when you are in a hurry but need a healthy smoothy to start you day with!! 

You also can choose a lovely bagel sandwich. You can choose between 5 different types of bagels, like white, multi-cereal, with sesame seeds, with maw seeds or a sweeter bagel with raisins & cinnamon. The basic spread is a dairy-full cream cheese. You can choose between 3 types of cream cheese, like the normal plain one, one with fine herbs & one with dill & cucumber in it. On top of that, you also can choose between 8 sorts of bagel fillings. Not one of them is vegan but there are 2 vegetarian ones.  I tested one.

One is called: Giant Giro. It has the type of cream cheese on it that you chose, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, home-made green pesto, pine nuts & rocket leaves. This one will cost you: 5,80€. I savoured this one with a normal white bagel & normal plain cream cheese. It tasted divine! The other vegetarian one is called: Cheesy French. It has the type of cream cheese you chose on it, brie cheese, honey, walnut pieces & rocket leaves ( arugula ). This one will also cost you the same amount of 5,80€.

** They also sell: All sorts of coffees, latte based coffees, coffee specialties, Iced coffees, home-made hot chocolates & some fine teas too!

You even can get decaf & soy milk based café lattes too! Everything made with milk, you can substitute with soy milk, with NO added cost!! Just like a hot chocolate , you can choose soy milk instead of the normal cow’s milk, with a choice between : white milk chocolate drops, sweet chocolate ones & dark chocolate ones. This will cost you for a small one: 2,60€ & for a large one: 3,20€.

I normally choose a coffee speciality like Crazy Caramel with soymilk  ( = a soy based café latte with caramel in it. ) It costed me : 3,30 €.

Soy based café latte with caramel called Crazy Caramel! MMM!
Soy based café latte with caramel called Crazy Caramel! MMM!
The same soy based Crazy Caramel! View from the top: you see that lovely swirled caramel??? Yum!
The same hot drink! View from the top: you see that lovely swirled caramel??? Yum!

Every month, they sell a bagel of the month & a coffee of the month. Everyone loves these variations. They are always very yummy indeed & have a lot of success too! 🙂 Good for them & for us too!

This month, that is the BLT Bagel  (= A bagel filled with Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato with a yoghurt dressing & pine nuts. ) Costs? 5,80€.

The coffee of the month is Tiramisu Temptation  (= A latte with Tiramisu syrup with crème fraîche, cacao & boudoir cookies. ) These cookies are normally known as the tiramisu cookies that you use to make this dessert in Belgium. Costs? 3,80€.

Everything that you can drink or savour here, you can take-away too!  This comes in handy!

** You can also savour some tasty filled wraps. None are vegan but there is only one vegetarian option. Prices range from 5,80€ till 6,20€.

** They have tasty dessert too. Ranging from 5 types of special tarts each day, like a tiramisu cheesecake, white chocolate cake with speculaas, cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. You even can buy tart pieces for 1 person to savour or to take away to the home front! None of these are vegan!!! They aren’t made in this lovely house of temptation but at Julie’s House in Gent!

** Home-made soup with bread: Every day there is a fresh home-made vegan soup, served with bread. Costs? 5,50€.

So, when you are going to Mechelen, stop by this tasty address. It is a keeper!!! Then, we should meet there & catch up! Stay tuned, Subscribe by email through the link below to get my new cool newsletters aka posts! Join 1,850 email Subscribers! It is free!



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  1. cute shop! You captured everything very nicely. And yes, what a fun swirl on your latte. Mmmm mmmm mmmmm. Gotta love crazy caramel:-)

  2. Beans looks so cool! A perfect place to sit down and relax with a coffee and a light meal! I hope one day I can travel to Belgium, and I will always keep the places you’ve talked about in mind for visiting!

  3. Hallo Sophie,
    The next time l’ll be in Mechelen I would like to have a lovely drink and a tasty lunch in that nice bar. That will be great.
    I’ll take a raincheck!!

  4. Hallo Sophie,
    Sorry there was a mistake in my writing.
    It must be ….. I’ll take a rain check! (2 words)
    See you

  5. Coffee of the month = tiramisu temptation… one word comes to mind. HEAVEN! This place is so special and I wish I could book a ticket to Europe right now and go there!! Looks amazing!

  6. One day when I am in Europe next time we have to meet up and you can take me there… looks very they do a great coffee.. nice presentation 🙂 great photos too 🙂 well done

  7. I would love to be sipping a latte from that cozy coffee shop right about now. There is nothing more comforting than a frothy coffee drink at a shop like that! love it!

  8. I do adore places like this. The Giant Giro sandwich is right up my alley and I’m not a vegetarian! When I like a place I go back and back until I sample all. This is such a place.

  9. I really do miss Belgian cafe’s…I used to love going to Le Pain Quotiden when I lived there and fill up on the “nutella”. Mmmm, damn it was good.

      1. Yes, it is pretty damn good. Perhaps one day it will come to NZ! Where are you living now, Sophie?

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