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Vegan rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichokes with red onion wedges & garlic!

on 07/01/2013
MMM! Vegan rosemary, red onion & garlic oven roasted Jerusalem artichokes!

MMM! Vegan rosemary, red onion & garlic oven roasted Jerusalem artichokes!

This evening, I made this tasty oven roasted side dish: all vegan! I roasted well-scrubbed & thinly sliced Jerusalem artichokes, aka sunchokes & added red onion wedges & 5 unpeeled garlic cloves. I seasoned with black pepper, Maldon sea salt & dried rosemary salt. I poured a fruity evoo over it all & mingled it well with my hands! I served this with a potato mash with the same rosemary salt in it & fried herby vegan sausages! Yummy yummy! 😉

MMM! I served this tasty vegan side dish with vegan herb sausages & a lovely mash with the same rosemary salt as on the roasted veggies!

MMM! I served this tasty vegan side dish with vegan herb sausages & a lovely mash with the same rosemary salt as on the roasted veggies!

I adore cooking with forgotten vegetables. In Dutch we call them : aardperen, in French: topinambours. You can buy them in Brussels at the market or in food health shops. At the market, they are less expensive. You can store them quite well in a bag in the fridge. I do everything with them. I bake them, I roast them, I mash them & I make soup.

It is a very underestimated vegetable. I like the sweetness of them. It is also good for you. There is inulin in it . It is the oposit of insulin. This means it has the good sugars. It is a good vegetable for diabetics! When you prepare the artichokes, when you peel them with a vegetable peeler, you have to put them in acid water otherwise they will brown very quickly. You don’t need that!

Recipe: For 2 persons, with a bit of seconds


** For the oven roasted veggies:

830 gr uncleaned whole Jerusalem artichokes, ( sunchokes ), well-washed, well-scrubbed, nasty & dirty rough bites removed, thinly sliced, not paper-thin otherwise those pieces will become crisps & you don’t want that! 🙂 When you peel them, they brown quickly, so put them in cold water where you add something sour to it. I added lemon juice to prevent browning! Just before roasting, pad them dry on kitchen paper.

5 fat cloves of garlic, UNPeeled!

a fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( EVOO ): 4 tablespoons

Maldon sea salt: 1/2 teaspoon + 2 pinches extra

freshly finely grinned black pepper: 15 grins

1 fat red onion, peeled & cut into finer wedges

dried rosemary sea salt: 1/2 teaspoon & a bit extra pinches

** For the potato mash:

floury potatoes, enough for 2 persons, peeled & cut into smaller pieces

a vegan plant-based milk : I used unsweetened soy milk

black pepper

Maldon sea salt

dried rosemary sea salt

a knob of vegan butter

** For the herbed vegan sausages:

some vegan baking margarine

2 Wheaty herbed vegan sausages


1. Preheat your oven to 220° C ( 425 F ) for 10 minutes. I always use a fan oven. Adjust your oven to the right temperature.

2. Boil your potatoes until tender. Drain & mash. Season with black pepper & sea salt, but not too much. You also want to season this mash with the same rosemary sea salt as on your oven roasted veggies, for added flavour! Add a knob of vegan butter & beat smooth. Add a splash or 3 of your favourite plant-based milk, I used unsweetened soy milk. Taste! It has to taste fab! Keep warm.

3. In the meantime, lay your sliced, dept dry artichokes slices, in 1 layer in a large non-stick roasting tin. Arrange the red onion wedges all over the tin & tuck your 5 cloves of unpeeled garlic between the rest.  Add 15 grins of black pepper, scatter 1/2 teaspoon of Maldon sea salt & also 1/2 teaspoon of dried rosemary salt all over the tin. Pour 4 tablespoons of a fruity EVOO all over the veggies. With clean hands, mingle everything together. Just before going into the hot oven, add a few pinches of the rosemary salt extra over the top of the veggies & also 2 pinches of Maldon sea salt! Roast for 15 minutes & then turn the veggies round in the tin to prevent burning & to brown & roast evenly on all sides. Roast for an extra 15 minutes or until the veggies are tender. Prevent burning!

4. Just before serving, fry your vegan sausages in some vegan butter until browned & warmed up. Plate up & enjoy with a loved one! Happy eating! 🙂


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30 responses to “Vegan rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichokes with red onion wedges & garlic!

  1. The Vegan Green says:

    I love artichokes!

  2. I’m drooling over here! I wouldn’t need anything else on my plate, I think!

  3. Sophie those Rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichokes look absolutely amazingly delicious! I want to make them right now 🙂
    Awesome dinner – what more could you possibly ask for?

  4. elle says:

    nice! I’ve only just recently discovered how much I love artichokes. this looks great 😀

  5. Ally says:

    Oh my! I wish I had artichokes so I could whip this up. I will bookmark this recipe for Winter. We are having a heat wave at the moment, so I will have to refrain from using the oven.

  6. A Table in the Sun says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Jerusalem artichokes..thanks for the encouragement. I do the same thing with all of my roasted veggies. You gotta love the climate in California….I just pop outside for fresh rosemary all year.

    • Sophie33 says:

      Fresh rosemary I couldn’t get but my dried rosemary sea salt is so good too! 🙂
      Welcome to my blog too!

  7. hotlyspiced says:

    What a great way to use up leftover vegetables. I love the look of this, Sophie and the dish must have had so much flavour. xx

  8. Ina Gawne says:

    Sophie – this dish sounds wonderful! I have never tried Jerusalem artichokes, but hear they are packed full of good nutrients. I must look for them! 🙂

  9. Sounds like a delicious dinner, I’ve never cooked with Jerusalem artichokes but you’ve enticed me! 🙂

  10. lucylox says:

    Sounds delicious. I haven’t cooked with Jerusalwm artichokes before…. But I might now give them a try 🙂

  11. Norma Chang says:

    Great combo, roasting the Jerusalem artichoke brings out their sweetness, and yes they are good for you if you do not have issue with inulin.

  12. Those look delicious. I shall look for Jerusalem artichokes next time I am at the produce mart. Thanks!

    • Sophie33 says:

      You are welcome & do enjoy this tasty dish!I can only find them in goos organic foos shops or on great Farmer’s markets!

  13. boeddhamum says:

    Nice combination Sophie, did you know the Jerusalem artichokes grow nice flowers too; just put some in your garden or a pot!

  14. Koko says:

    I actually have never cooked with jerusalem artichokes…but I’m convinced that I have to now! That first picture got me, Sophie- they look amazinggggg roasted up with garlic and onion. Yum!

    • Sophie33 says:

      Thanks! The only bad thing about them is that you have a lot of winds later on, if you know what I mean.

  15. Tammy says:

    I didn’t know about Jerusalem artichokes until they came in my CSA. Now I love them.

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