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A Spicy Chai Latte with honey & cinnamon & a review!

We have 3 lovely coffee bars here in Mechelen. Recently, I drank a lovely soy milk based chai latte with honey & cinnamon in one of my favourite special coffee bars , here in Mechelen. I had to recreate it at home, of course!

MMM! My new Christams mug from Villeroy & Boch!
The lovely topping of hot foamed soy milk, drizzled honey & dashes of cinnamon!

Yum yum yummm,…

Because I am lactose-intolerant, I drink soy milk based drinks or soy lattes, etc. I discovered a lovely spicy chai latte brand, called Barú. It is a Belgian company, located in Diepenbeek.  Dark and pure, rich and honest,… as long as it says BARÚ on the outside, you know you’re in for a delicious treat!

They are a small company with a sense of fun and magic. Made by hand in small batches, their dedication to use premium ingredients and their traditional Belgian expertise ensures that everything they make is both full of flavour and creativity.

At BARÚ, innovation and indulgence are rolled into one. They make lovely stuff to eat or drink that makes a smile on your face. Their ultimate goal is to give feel good indulgence, a moment of swirly inspiration!

Spicy chai latte powder

The award-winning Masala Chai Latte will certainly tickle your senses. No added flavours, only real spices and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. For a hearty moment just for you & or shared with friends. It is said, that it is lactose-free on their website but on the back, I can read that it has lactose in it! ???

 This product has milk protein in it and may contain traces of soya. 
I think, it is a lovely product. It does contain lactose & milk protein. I haven’t got a problem with the lactose in it. It is in small quantities. They that you have to heat 200 milk & then, add 4 teaspoons of the powder to it & whisk well. Enjoy! I found that it was too much chai latte power, too overpowering. So, in my recipe below, I used less! 🙂
How to use?
* in hot or cold chai lattes
* In desserts
* Use it in pancake batters
* Use it in coffee
* Use it in cookie batters, muffin batters, etc.
My favourite warm drink of the moment: Spicy chai latte with soy milk, topped with honey & cinnamon!
Yummy all the way!
Recipe: For 1 large mug


400 ml of soy milk/ I use Alpro soy milk, natuur

4 teaspoons Barú spicy chai latte, dried powder

liquid honey, to drizzle on top / I used forest honey

dashes of ground cinnamon


1. Heat up your soy milk, with the method, you prefer. I heated my milk in a small sauce pan & whisked, whisked, whisked my milk. I needed a lot of milk foam too, to top my mug with. When hot & foamy, remove from the heat & add the teaspoons of the chai latte powder & whisk well. Taste. Is it to your liking, then okay. If not, add 1 or 2 teaspoons of the spicy chai latte mix. I only added 4 teaspoons in total. I found that is was okay for me. I don’t want the flavour to be over powering. Whisk well again. Pour into your lovely mug.

2. Top with your soy milk foam on top. Drizzle a bit of your liquid honey over the top. I drizzled across from one part to the other part & back again & then, drizzled all over the round side of the mug. Sprinkle with dashes of cinnamon.

3. Serve instantly & enjoy your home-made lovely hot Spicy Chai Latte! Mmmmm!

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23 thoughts on “A Spicy Chai Latte with honey & cinnamon & a review!

  1. Perfect comforting wintery drink~ I love chai spices, they are so exotic and tasty! What a nice latte! I have never seen a powdered chai like that before!

  2. Yum Sophie. I just sat down to read this with my ‘normal’ cafe latte – wish I had one of yours instead! Really love the Barú packaging – such a great design. I pinned it on Pinterest a while ago. Wish we could buy it here! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I think they sell it worldwibe through their website. Just follow the link on my blog! They sell it in 15 different countries, worldwide!

  3. This is one of my favorite hots drinks too, Sophie. It’s a good warm up on a cold, rainy winter morning. Hopefully I can find a similar product here where I live. The honey drizzle on top makes it perfect.

    1. I hope you can! You could also buy chai tea bags & let them sip into your hot soy milk & add a bit of sugar, if you need to!

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