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A quick & easy pasta!

Yesterday, I made this quick tasty pasta. The last days, after having a great vacation in Berlin, I wasn’t that creative for my dinners. I made a lot of comfort foods & easy meals too. But yesterday, I had a bit of inspiration & found 1 packet = 500 gr of lovely white-brown loam cave mushrooms. They are grown in the loam caves of Limburg, the region where I am from. This is in Flanders, Belgium.  So, I had to use them, right? So, I made this easy pasta.

MMM,…Don’t you want to dig in?

Ooh yes, Let’s!

Recipe: For 3 large portions, with seconds


400 gr of pipe rigate pasta

4 to 5 tablespoons of home-made red pesto

a fruity evoo

vegan baking margarine

500 gr of blonde brown loam caves mushrooms

2 medium shalots, peeled & sliced thinly

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up

3 sage leaves, cleaned, torn in smaller pieces

200 gr of smoked bacon lardons ( with no fat attached ) I use Herta.

Allspice= Jamaican pepper  :1/2 teaspoon ground up into a fine powder

Maldon sea salt

Blonde-brown loam cave mushrooms!


1. First, clean your mushrooms with a mushroom brush, until all the dirt has been removed, cut the bottom end of where the roots are & the dirt. Slice into pieces, not too thin!

2. Bring a large cooking pot to the boil & boil your pasta according to the package. I always add a bit of sea salt to the pot & some olive oil, a fruity one. Drain well & keep warm. Add now, 3 to 4 tablespoons of your home-made red pesto to the pasta & mix well. Keep warm.

3. In the meantime, fry your garlic, shalots & sage together in vegan baking margarine until  browned & ready to eat. Season with grounded Jamaican pepper & sea salt too. Taste! Stir a lot. Add this to the pesto pasta pot & stir well. Place the fitting lid back on the pasta pot. Also, at the same time, in another pan, add some vegan margarine & let it melt on a higher heat. Add your mushrooms, in 2 batches, to the hot frying pan. Fry with a lid on for a few minutes & then, take the lid off & let the moister out & cook it off. Stir a lot & season with Jamaican pepper & at the last stage, just before they are ready & juicy, a bit of the sea salt. Do the same with the second batch of the sliced mushrooms. When all the moister is gone & evaporated, add mushrooms to the pesto pasta pot & mix carefully. Taste! You must taste the mushrooms, the pesto & the rest. If not, add some more seasoning but not too much sea salt. Mingle everything together & serve at once with loved ones! 🙂 Happy eating! Stay tuned, Subscribe by email through the link below to get my new cool newsletters aka posts! Join 1,850 email Subscribers! It is free!



Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

35 thoughts on “A quick & easy pasta!

  1. Though I’m too fat after my own recent holiday at once I feel hungry when I look at your pictures, Sophie!

  2. Sophie- cave mushrooms!? I’m so intrigued by those….I bet they are so healthy!! And Tasty!!

    1. Yes, we have those special caves over there in Limburg where these special mushrooms come alive, are grown. The conditions for the growth of the mushrooms is ideal: dark, moist & a good feeding zone.

  3. Oh definitely, you HAVE to use the mushrooms from the loam caves of Limburg. Great pasta dish, simple and easy to put together.

  4. YUM Sophie, that looks fantastic. I could almost plunge a spoon straight into that first photo. 🙂 Love the mushroom/bacon combo. Your loam cave mushrooms look divine – I think I’d have to substitute them for plain old button mushrooms here though.

  5. What a beautiful looking pasta. I would like to try this. The flavours with the pesto and mushrooms and bacon sound amazing xx

  6. I would have to take the mushrooms out, but it looks fabulous and tasty! Pasta is great for a quick and easy meal, isn’t it!

  7. Hope you had a lovely vacation Sophie. My great-grandparents were from Berlin. I would love to visit there one day. Your pasta is perfect for a comforting meal after traveling. I’m sure the mushrooms and sage brought a lot of flavor.

  8. Sophie – those mushrooms sound wonderful! I have never seen or heard of loam mushrooms. Are they flavorful like a crimini mushroom?

  9. Welcome back from vacation Sophie, hope you enjoyed your time away! (I’m amazed you still found time to blog!)

    Your pasta looks amazing! The blonde brown loam caves mushrooms sound fantastic, it’s always very nice to get specialized products that remind you of home. (My favourite food that reminds me of home is Ontario-grown strawberries!)

  10. OMG..Sophie..throughout my ‘zombie’ phase I’ve been forgetting to stop by some of my favorite blogs..including yours! Please forgive me! That said..this pasta is the bomb! I am dying to try that red pesto..and I love everything else about it! I see your traveling now..and so far your trip loks yummy and wonderful! I need to see Europe soon!!

    1. hahahahahhaha:) Thanks, my friend! Enjoy this tasty pasta & home-made red pesto too!
      Berlin is pretty cool! They call it New York in the years 1980!

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