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Vegan smoked picanté paprika, butter beans & chickpeas mixed vegetables soup! Yeah!

Yesterday, I made this tasty mixed veggies soup & added chickpeas & large butter beans to the soup, for added nutrition. I also added alphabet vermicelli to the soup. I used a GF & vegan vegetable stock & used black pepper, Himalayan salt & smoked paprika, the picanté version ( This is pimentón de la Vera, the picanté one ) as spices for my delicate & tasty soup. I mixed the soup in 2 batches in my Vitamix & kept 1/2 of the chickpeas & 1/2 of the larger butter beans & added them to the mixed soup later. Then, I reheated the soup & cooked my alphabet vermicelli in my soup. This soup screams: EAT ME RIGHT NOW & nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!!!! 🙂 You can also leave the soup un-mixed or mix it for 1/2 or according to your liking! It is tasty in every way! 😉

This is a one meal soup! I served it with crunchy French bread with vegan minarine on the side! Enjoy!

A tasty & nourishing vegan & gluten-free mixed veggies soup with butter beans & chickpeas, scented with spiced smoked paprika, pepper & Himalayan salt!

Do you want to join me for some good soup?

Recipe: For a lot of soup or for 5 big bowls of soup!


1 bag of 250 gr cut up leek rings ( white & green parts ), discard the bag

330 gr of cleaned white cabbage, cut into bite-size strips

1 medium white onion, peeled & finely chopped

3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut

1 medium potato, peeled & cut into smaller pieces

1 can of larger butter beans, well-rinsed & well-drained too ( this is 245 gr netto)

1 can of organic chickpeas, well-rinsed & well-drained too ( this is 245 gr netto)

260 gr tomato sauce Provencal

2 liter organic, vegan & gluten-free vegetable stock

150 gr alphabet vermicelli ( I use Soubry = this is vegan vermicelli ) ( To make this completely GF: use GF alphabet vermicelli )

1  teaspoon + 1 teaspoon of smoked Pimentón de la vera, Picanté ( This is smoked paprika, the spicy version: picanté version, the hotter version )

black pepper, finely milled

Himalayan pink salt

a fruity EVOO

** To serve: Crunchy French bread pieces, smeared with vegan butter & 2 torn large basil leaves, per soup bowl!!! ( To make the bread GF: Use GF crunchy bread!!! )


1. Take a large  steam cooker with fitting lid. Heat up on medium high. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of that fruity EVOO & heat up. When hot & sizzling, add garlic & onion pieces. Add 1 teaspoon of the smoked pimenton, the picanté version too. Stir often.Fry until nearly golden brown. Add your potato pieces, your leek rings & another 1 teaspoon of that spicy smoked paprika. Stir often & add a splash of the vegetable stock. Fry or sauté for about 5 minutes. Now, add white cabbage, butter beans, chickpeas, tomato sauce, about 1500 ml of the vegetable stock & few grins of Pink Himalayan salt & 10 grins of finely milled black pepper. Heat up on high. Let it come to the boil. Stir often. Then, place the fitting lid on. Let it sit on the fire until the nozzle, the valve, whistles continuously for about 8 to 10 minutes. Turn the heat off & carefully with a large wooden spoon open the valve to set the steam free, completely. When there is no steam left, remove the fitting lid. Taste the soup. It has to taste fab & soothing with hints of smoked picanté paprika on the background of your tongue! Adjust seasoning, if you need to. I added 5 grins of black pepper & 5 grins of pink Himalayan salt. Stir well. Taste again. Note: You can leave the soup like this, rustic & cook the alphabet vermicelli now. Or mix it halfway through. But I did the following thing: See below, next, number 2.

2. Now, with a large ladle, remove 1/2 of the butter beans & remove 1/2 of the chickpeas too. Set them both aside, to add to the soup later on. Mix your hot soup, in 2 batches in your Vitamix, to completely smooth. In 1 soup batch, I added the rest of 500 ml of vegetable stock in to the Vitamix. My Vitamix did it twice in about 30 seconds, on full high power. Pour the mixed soup back into the soup pot. Add reserved butter beans & chickpeas to the mixed soup. Now, heat the soup & add 150 gr of alphabet vermicelli to the soup. Cook according to the packet instructions. Stir often into the soup so that the vermicelli won’t be stuck onto the bottom of your pot. I had to cook them for 3 to 4 minutes & take the soup off the heat to let the vermicelli sit in the soup for another 2 minutes, to absorb the liquids & to puff up a bit more. You won’t see the alphabet vermicelli on top of your soup but in your soup, in your spoon when you are eating it.

3. Ladle your soup, with pieces of chickpeas & butter beans, into big fancy soup bowls & top with 2 big torn basil leaves, per soup bowl, for extra flavour! Take some crunchy French bread too & smear it with vegan butter. Eat these with this hot & tasty vegan mixed veggies soup & enjoy it thoroughly 😉 Enjoy it, my lovely ones! 😉

Soubry Alphabet vermicelli!

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  1. Now that’s a beautiful looking soup. It looks so creamy and I just love the ingredients. It must have so much flavour xx

    1. Thanks so much, dear Celia! 🙂 If you eat this soup the next day, you must add a bit of water of hot vegetatble stock to loosen it up a bit! ( because of the beans & chickpeas! )

  2. I could use a big bowl of this delicious & hearty soup — as soon as there’s a comparable weather beckoning it 😉

    1. Over here, it has been rai ing for more than 1 week! The temperature has been dropping fastly. It is only 11°C!! Really! 😦

  3. This looks delicious! I love butter beans, but never think to buy them. I am adding them to the grocery list right now, so I can try this soup as soon as possible. Your photos are absolutely stunning, by the way.

  4. This looks great Sophie, as always! Love beans and chickpeas, especially in a soup. I did have to google ‘minarine’ though – that’s my new word for the day!

  5. This sounds so healthy and looks so good. I just KNOW I’ll be making this at some point over the fall/winter. It’s been bookmarked!

  6. what a fantastic soup! the color and texture look amazing, and the ingredients are all nutritious and delicious!

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