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Vegan chocolate bars reviews & vegan raw cold-processed coconut nectar sweetened nibs review! Ooh yeah!

Recently, I bought a bag of raw unsweetened cacao nibs! Nearly every vegan blog talked about it. I tried & tested it & it wasn’t my thing at all: too bitter!

So, I read a while ago, that there are also coconut palm nectar sweetened raw cacao nibs. Yeah, raw! I thought I should try them. A few day ago, I went to a superb organic shop in the center of Antwerp & found these raw & organic coconut nectar sweetened cacao nibs.

Big Tree farm’s coconut nectar raw sweetened cacao nibs!
269 gr.

They are truly raw, cold-processed cacao sweet nibs. They are from the brand: Big Tree farms. They say on their website:

We take our truly raw cacao nibs and dip them in our coconut flower blossom nectar, which makes food that is like no other snack you have ever had!  Take our unsweetened nibs and dip them in coconut flower blossom nectar and what do you get?  Yup… the best snack in the world.   (I completely agree 🙂 )

  • Coconut Flower Blossom Nectar Sweetened – mm slightly sweetened.
  • Truly Raw!
  • Never been heated above 118 F / 46 C° – PROMISE!
  • Super high in Antioxidants!
  • Super high in anandamide, the bliss chemical= This natural chemical makes the body feel blissful, excited & alert too,..Just like falling in love!
  • Mild flavor makes it easy eating in anything.
  • Simply THE BEST Truly Raw Cacao Beans for snacking.
  • is organic too!

This is chocolate at its best.  It doesn’t melt, easily portable, tastes amazing, energy boosting, your heart is happy, your blood is happy, your brain is happy, your soul is happy.  ( I totally agree here too; ) 

I know they are so right! I am testing out new recipes on how to use them best!  Recipes are coming later on,…;) Check out my blog often!

This box of 269 gr costed me: 9.95 €

Vegan ombar chocolate bars:

In this lovely organic food shop in the center of Antwerp, Natuurhuis, I also bought 2 vegan chocolate bars that are sweetened with coconut sugar!  They each costed me: 2.80€. By know, you know that coconut sugar is my favourite sugar to use! I tried these 2 varieties:

1. Ombar dark raw chocolate infused with cranberries & mandarin!



Organic ingredients: cocoa mass*, coconut sugar*, coconut butter*, freeze-dried cranberry powder* (6%), cocoa butter*, vacuum-dried mandarin powder* (3%). *certified organic./ at least 60% cacao solids.
 This bar of 38 gr is a great & tasty deep dark raw chocolate bar. The taste of mandarin & cranberry is lovely & mild. This is a vegan chocolate raw bar! The bar size is great to have in your purse, to snack on, from time to time. 😉 This bar has 100% natural ingredients. Price: 2.80 € .My husband is a true dark chocolate lover & he loved this lovely dark raw chocolate so it is Peter approved!!!
MMM,..Won’t you have a big bite?
2. Ombar dark raw chocolate infused with probiotic & strawberry !

Probiotic Strawberry? This sounds a bit weird, hey? Dark 60% Ecuadorian raw chocolate, infused with delicious freeze-dried strawberry powder and enriched with probiotic healthy bacteria. Ooh yeah!

Yummy Vegan raw chocolate bar with strawberries & probiotics too!


cocoa mass*, coconut sugar*, coconut butter*, freeze-dried strawberry powder* (6%), cocoa butter*, bifidobacterium lactic (0.35%). *certified organic./ at least 60% cacao solids.


This chocolate bar of 38 gr is also another grand & pretty tasty dark raw chocolate bar. This bar is also vegan! This bar was my favourite one. It is all about the flavours! You can really taste the strawberries in here! And you end up with a deep, warm dark chocolate flavour! Price: 2.80 €. So good! Yummy yum, Sophie approved here! 😉

Yummy yum! Don’t you want a piece?

3. Vegan , hand-moulded & organic Rhokost chocolate: cashew chocolate

Raw & vegan dark chocolate cashew bar!

This is a vegan, organic & hand-moulded chocolate bar with cashews! I bought this online through a raw living sunfoodliving-webshop , here in Belgium. This bar is 70 gr & is from German origin. This has no soya in it. It is also vegan & gluten-free! This chocolate is made from un-roasted, raw & organic cacao beans. This chocolate & his ingredients are produced below 42°C in order to keep their nutrients.

The raw cashew chocolate is in a special plastic cover
Special raw chocolate with cashews!


cacao butter, cacao powder, cashew nuts, agave syrup, lucuma powder & coconut powder. All ingredients are organic too.


This is a more darker & not sweet chocolate bar at all! If you love that: that’s great! My husband loved it too. I didn’t love it that much. It is too bitter for me. You know, normally I am a milk chocolate lover. I loved the 2 raw chocolate bars above, much more! 😦 This is a dark chocolate bar, for the cashew lover! It costed me: 4.95 €

Keep it in a dry  dark place below 22°C, but not in the fridge.

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Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Wow, what a great chocolate shopping spree you had!! I have to buy some cacao nibs myself- I don’t mind the bitter flavour, but I understand what you mean!! I’m fascinated with the chocolate bar with probiotics…I’ve never seen one like that! Can’t wait to see what you make with the nibs, Sophie!

  2. Wow Sophie – the nibs and the chocolate bars sound wonderful! I have never seen anything like that here where I live….but now I will be on the look out! So yummy!

  3. That’s a great review of all things chocolate. I love the sound of those nibs. They would be great to snack on. I’ll try to find if they are available in Australia xx

  4. A whole post on chocolate, with pictures, is my dream read! Love raw chocolate too and just came across a recipe for puffed amaranth muesli bars with cocoa nibs. Quite inspired to make them now (using sweetened nibs)!

    1. Ooh yes, they are-!!! But you can go a long way with 269gr! You don’t need that much in the recipes!

  5. All very pricey but looking delicious! I have to introduce you to Hannah from – she loves chocolate (obviously) and puts up some great raw recipes too. I am going to try to do more raw too Sophie so really looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks for that link. I am so going to check her blog out, right now, Tammy!
      Raw is good but I don’t say it is better!

  6. Raw, unsweetened cacao isn’t my thing either, it needs to be paired with something sweet! The nibs you purchased look fantastic for enjoying cacao as a snack.

    1. Thanks, 🙂 You can use the raw cacao nibs to make a gret hot chocolate, just sweeten your hot chocolate with maple syrup!

  7. Oh my, you’re killing me here with all the chocolate….chocolate heaven I tell ya!! Thanks for all the info Sophie! I tried the unsweetened nibs out of the bulk section one time and yuck..too bitter! These coconut nectar ones sound amazing!

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