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Sophie’s Foodie Files is going on Holiday!

Hello dear readers,

I am taking a break of blogging because I am going on Holiday! I am away for 16 days & will be back on my blog from Monday the 16th of July 2012!

I will do some travelling, some good dining & wining & spending my time with my loved one’s ( other loved one’s then here on my blog!!! )

I leave you with a few pictures of previous Holiday’s! Enjoy & see you all later! I hope you all, also have a great vacation!! 🙂 xxx

A lovely Spanish village, near Málaga, Spain
Málaga, Spain
Me, enjoying some good food somewhere in Glasgow!
My husband & I in front of the Conference center in Glasgow!
Me, in front of Loch Ness, Scotland!
A wonderful Scottish fish breakfast in a grand B&B near Loch Ness, Scotland!
Bye! See you all on Monday, the 16th of July 2012!!!


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Sophies Foodie Files



Hello! My name is Sophie & I love to cook & bake mostly healthily but with a twist! There is a bit of gardening & travelling in here too! Enjoy! :)

46 thoughts on “Sophie’s Foodie Files is going on Holiday!

  1. Have a great time away Sophie. I love the photos of Loch Ness but it does look freezing cold. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures on your return xx

  2. Amazing pictures, Sophie!! I hope this holiday is better than ever- you deserve a fabulous time!!!! Enjoy your trip!!! 🙂 Talk when you are back.

  3. Ooh! Those scrambled eggs look like they are done “properly”. I watched a video by Chef Ramsey who explained how to make proper, custard-style scrambled eggs with chives. Too bad I don’t eat eggs anymore, but I can still admire them!

  4. Happy Holidays Sophie! Have a wonderful time & take lots of pictures! Would love to see them when you’re back to blogging! Cheers!

      1. That’s where my people are from, but unfortunately I haven’t been back in years. Since I moved to the West Coast of Canada it is a long trip and I’m not a very good flyer. Oh well, I’m sure I will get back some day!

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